RVing Adventure: On The Road for the Summer with Elsie the Cat Again

 RVing Adventure: On The Road for the Summer with Elsie the Cat Again
Camping for two nights on the Oneida Reservoir. Sweetly alone.

Sunday, May 17, Miss Elsie – the cat – my Roadtrek, and I left San Diego for many points known and unknown. I am planning to be traveling for the rest of the summer. It has been almost two years since I have taken an extended trip in my Roadtrek.

Leaving home was harder than I thought it would be. I had all my lists and I felt organized but it was hard to leave the house. Of course there were a few incidences in the few weeks prior to departure that did not help.

Many of you readers know about me dropping a sponge down the RV toilet. On a sunny Mother’s Day afternoon, my friend Nancy tried to help me get it out. It was not successful but we sure had a great afternoon. We laughed a lot and got splashed by a little black and gray water. She told me that everything she does with me is an adventure. I hope it was a compliment. I finally was able to have a local RV repair shop remove the sponge.

I kept finding things to do that Sunday before I left. Finally, I gave myself a lecture and decided to take a shower and leave. I get in the shower and the shower head falls off in my hand. Arrgh!!
I spent the next 20 minutes transferring the shower head from the front bath to the back bath. With some frustration I took my shower, put Elsie in the RV and left. Leaving home can be hard for me.

Although I have had my Roadtrek for two years, it is still new to me. I am continuing to discover things about my Roadtrek. My feeling, at this time, is that this is an on-going process of learning. I may never know everything about this machine. I know more than when I first bought it. I also am more comfortable with this mode of travel. I still get nervous when I hear a strange noise, only to find that if I secure something down the noise goes away.

Elsie enjoying the afternoon at our campsite
Elsie enjoying the afternoon at our campsite

I am feeling more comfortable boondocking. I have stayed in one RV campground on this trip. What I enjoy about dry camping is the freedom it gives me to camp in unusual and quiet places. I have only been gone six days and I have found some very pretty places to camp.

One advantage is that I can choose quiet places. When you are riding with the original scaredy cat, quiet helps. One place I stayed for two nights, I was the only one there and Elsie came out and explored on her leash. Tonight I am camped in the parking lot with the bathroom right next door and I have shore power. Sweet. Everything will get charged while I am here.

After wandering through Utah and Idaho, I have reached my first know destination, the Hells A’Roaring Ranch. Rain has been a companion of mine this week. As I type this it is raining. When I first arrived at this amazing ranch in Montana it was raining. I was told that at 4 p.m., rain or shine, we were going on a ride. About 15 minutes before we saddled up, the sun came out and we (there were four of us) rode through the most amazing country, full of vistas and grand views. Tonight there is dinner and music. I can hardly wait. Tomorrow we ride, running the horses through Gardiner, Mont. to the ranch.

Ready to Ride
Ready to Ride

I don’t personally like the phrase “bucketlist” but if I did use it then I can guarantee that this weekend would have been on it. I love horses. I love adventure and a sense of adventure. I love this country that I am in right now. There is something so special about the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. I have been exploring this country since the 1970s and never seem to be able to get enough. This is like heaven for me, and to see it on horseback. Nothing better.

I am settled in for the next few days. I am dry and warm and ready for fun. My adventure is just beginning. Oh what a beginning this is.


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