Biking & Riding the West Coast

 Biking & Riding the West Coast
The Sag Wagon, Cat, the dogs, Janet and the invisible Elsie the Cat.

As of four days ago I have begun my official duty as the “sag wagon” for my friend and compatriot, Cat. She and her dogs are bicycling the Pacific Coast Route from Vancouver to Mexico. Several months ago she asked if I would join her so she could have some extra support along the way. She has some physical issues so did not want to ride the route alone.

IMG_1895Since my house sold, and I had no idea what was next, except that I was moving into my Roadtrek, I told her yes. After meandering up the coast from LA for a few weeks, the two of us met up in Crescent City. We took some time to talk together about what our expectations were and decided that, yes, we could give this trip a try.

The first thing I had to realize was that I had not paid too much attention to the route. I thought we were going from Vancouver to Ashland, Oregon. When I found out that Cat was going to the border of the USA and Mexico I had to ponder this. Then I thought, what the heck, I need to be in San Diego in November anyhow and her trip gave me a goal and some purpose.

This past Saturday found us ready to begin the trip south. Cat has altered the route at the beginning. Instead of heading directly south we ferried to Vancouver Island. For the past five days we have been moving south from Nanaimo to Victoria.

It is a unique way for me to travel. Monday Cat biked 39 miles with her pups. For me it was a quick and easy distance. Sometimes I take the side roads. Sometimes I stop and hike and sometimes I head directly to the campground to insure that we have a place to camp for the night.

Shawinigan Lake
Shawinigan Lake

Yesterday I performed my first official act as a “sag wagon”. Cat had a flat tire after running over a 1 inch roofing nail. That little sucker meant business. Elsie and I had to leave our relaxing perch at Goldstream Provincial Park and drive to the rescue. The bad news was that she had a flat. The good news was that she had a flat at Shawinigan Lake and was able to wait in the shade with the dogs for the sag wagon to come to the rescue. The lake was beautiful. I might have stayed and gone for a swim except we were on private property and I am not sure how appropriate that would have been.

Once my job was done it was back to relaxing at the park.

My Roadtrek is having fun. Do I have enough room? Sometimes it is tight. We are learning to make do. It takes time to get into a rhythm. We are doing well so far.

Is this going to be an easy trip? I am not sure. I think that both of us will tackle issues together and I have no doubt that we will each have our own issues arise as well. It is called personal growth and it continues to happen for the rest of our lives. Do I feel that Cat and I can make it through the three months that we will be living together? Yes because we both want this. I want to see Cat succeed. It is important to her and therefore, as her friend, it is important to me.

Here is a link to Cat's Blog –The Silver Hooligan and Her Hounds

I am having fun. I am seeing areas of this world that I have never seen before. It is a new way to travel for me. Slow and easy. I know that I can stop and take pictures along the way, I have plenty of time. If I want to stop and take a casual stroll on the beach, I can. I have time. And, if I want to take a nap in the afternoon I can do this too. I have the time

Today we will be crossing to Port Angeles on the ferry. We plan to wander through the Olympic Peninsula before we start to head south along Route 1 and 101. I look forward to each new day and see what delightful discoveries I will find along the way. Always, Elsie and I will root Cat on as she makes her way south, being thankful for each day.




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  • Your friend is so lucky that the stars aligned and that you are able and willing to be her safety backup. And what a great trip!! It’s on our bucket list, but my husband still has “away from home” issues, so a trip longer than 2 weeks is a gift to me. Enjoy!!

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