Being Prepared-In Case of Emergency

 Being Prepared-In Case of Emergency

Ah, my broken ankle mishap in the desert is almost behind me. I am starting to plan an extended trip in my Roadtrek. I am finding that getting ready to go can be fun. I am cleaning and making lists and dreaming of adventures to come.

After breaking my ankle I have been giving some thought to emergency preparedness when I travel, especially since I travel solo most of the time. What do I need to have that will make even the most uncomfortable situations a bit easier to bear?

I really like creating lists. It helps me from being overwhelmed. Here are a few list of what I feel is necessary to carry with me at all times. Before I share my lists, here is the most important thing I carry at all times.

19191f98957e91d37735d8b852dfb39fDuct Tape

  • Instant repairs minor holes.
  • Tapes my boots together when the sole starts to unravel.
  • Holds anything.
  • Use it to hang things.
  • Holds Roadtrek doors closed when the latches fail.
  • Secures broken things until I can get them fixed.
  • If I am desperate…I can wrap my broken or sprained ankle with it. ?

Below are a few lists of what I carry with me, in case of an emergency.

The Sierra Club introduced me to the “10 Essentials”. These are items that I take with me whether on a backpack or day hike. You don't have to be very far from the trailhead when any of these items may be useful. Trust me they come in handy.

My Hiking Essentials.

  • Waterproof Matches and Fire Starter in a small Baggie (can be small kindling or even lint from the clothes dryer).
  • Some of my more than 10 Essentials
    Some of My More Than 10 Essentials

    Compass (know how to use it)

  • Swiss Army Knife.
  • Mirror
  • Maps of the area you are hiking. These don't have to be elaborate. I make a small copy of one and tuck it into the top of my pack. Even better, take a picture on you smart phone.
  • First aid kit – band-aids, different size sterile gauze, antibacterial ointment, moleskin, adhesive tape, Tylenol/Advil, sterile alcohol pads, gloves,
  • Flashlight-extra batteries
  • Space Blanket-to keep warm in an emergency.
  • Rope
  • Whistle
  • Instant ice pack
  • Aqua Tabs
  • Energy Bars
  • Duct tape. I take a small pencil and wrap a good length of duct tape around it. It makes it small and compact so it does not take up much room.

RV Emergency Items

  • First Aid Kit-Small but holds the essentials. I believe this kit is to hold myself together until I can get to a hospital or urgent care or doctor.
  • Utility Knife
  • ED flare
  • Emergency Help Banner
  • Sturdy Work Gloves
  • Solar Hand Cranked Radio and Flashlight – I have a solar flashlight that also has a USB port.
  • Jumper Cables
  • Emergency Food Supplies, Drinking pouches, Extra Water, Energy Bars, Food
  • Aqua Tabs-Water
  • Outdoor Extension Cord.
  • Trowel
  • Clippers
  • Duct Tape (there it is again)

Tool Kit
I had one I liked. Unfortunately I left it behind in a campground last summer. I have been adding and changing it ever since.

My Tool Kit
My Tool Kit
  • Different size screw drivers, Phillips, Flathead and Keyhole wrenches. I have a small and medium size all-in-one. I love it. Keeps it compact and takes up less room.
  • Pliers including a Needle Nose.
  • Hammer
  • Small clamps
  • I also carry medical clamps that I used in the hospital.
  • Adjustable Wrenches at least 2 different sizes
  • Socket Wrench, for my bike rack and locks.
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Snaps, screws of different lengths, nails-a few of each. No need to be over zealous.
  • Extra Latches
  • Duct Tape (get the idea)
Miss Elsie the Cat
Miss Elsie the Cat

Miss Elsie the Cat's Kit

  • Advantage, she gets this every month we are on the road.
  • Extra Water
  • Food, dry and wet. However in an emergency the dry food is more important.
  • All up to date records.
  • Spare collar-with tags
  • Spare locator-with batteries.
  • Toys and fun stuff.
  • Soft sided cat carrier.


My Hiking Essentials, fits in the bottom of my daypack.
My Hiking Essentials, fits in the bottom of my daypack.


None of these kits are large. I have included photos of a couple of them. I am always updating and changing them, as I see my needs change. The one that has remained pretty consistent over time is the hiking essentials. That has been refined over many years of hiking and backpacking.
The tool kit is still a work in progress, right now it is in a first aid box I found camping, years ago before I had to consider the potential that it could be a geocache.

My tool kit is not bigger and more plentiful because if I have anything major happen I am taking my unit somewhere. I am not a do it yourself kind of person. That would definitely be a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes, knowing my limits is a good thing.

Now that I have the essentials set, I can sit back relax and enjoy life, RV'ing. If along my travels I see my needs change, I know I can change it up and travel on.

What do you, the reader feel is essential to have with you? Please share your thoughts and ideas. I am always learning something new.


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  • Those are great lists. Right now I can only think of a few things to add. First, my cane. I don’t need it now, having healed from my two broken hips, but I now worry about walking mobility issues. I did need it once when I discovered I had a muscle spasm when I tried to get to a rest stop. ACE bandage(s), Epsom salts, rice or corn bag to heat or chill as needed for feet warming or compress.

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