On Being Mechanically Challenged

 On Being Mechanically Challenged

UnknownNot all of us are mechanically inclined. I am one of those that struggles with mechanical things. Although Jim and I felt that we did not have a traditional household when it came to rolls, jobs that required tools or mechanical ability seem to fall into his hands. Since his death everything is my responsibility. It amazes me how much we helped each other out. It is good to be part of a team.

Now my team is me and Elsie the cat (she listens to me whine) and the guys at Home Depot. I have found that trying to figure out all the mechanical stuff with my RV sometimes makes my head hurt. Below is a small and partial list of what I do when issues arise.

  • Attempt to narrow down the issue. Figure out what the real problem might be.
  • Now that I have identified the issue ask myself the loaded question “can I fix it?”
  • Post it to the Roadtrek Facebook Group and hope that someone might have an answer.
  • Ask myself the right questions. Do I have the proper tools? Is this in my realm of know how? Can I learn to do this?
  • Post it to the Roadtrek Facebook Group again.
  • Sometimes I find a book in Jim’s collection that will help me out.
  • Post it to Roadtrek Facebook Group.
  • Have a knowledgable friend come over and have them put their expertise to work. Laugh a lot.
  • Call in the big guns and make an appointment with or without an attempted home fix.

Now this might sound humorous and I meant to add some of that to the situation but really it is sometimes hard to see solutions. I also find it hard because I don’t want to hurt my Roadtrek, intentionally or unintentionally. Even though I have been told that this RV will handle a lot, I am not always sure how much that means. This was no small investment for me and I want to treat my home on wheels with respect, just like my house.

I wish that I could be like many of you and dive into the do it yourself philosophy. I am envious of those who can fix the problem, mechanically. I also love to see what you do with the interiors of you Roadtreks. It amazes and makes me a bit envious. I read both the Roadtrek Facebook Group and the questions that come from Roadtrek International. Sometimes the answers posted there help me as well.

IMG_4876For now I have done almost no modifications to my SS Agile. A bit of the reason is because I just love the way it looked when I bought it. There are a few modifications I would love to have done to it. I have thought about them for a long time and I am not sure whether I could do them.

Here is my two top of the line wish list.

  • A pocket screen door for my side sliding door. I have made two screens so far. Both have helped a little but I really want that pocket screen door. I found a place in San Diego County who told me they could put in any door. When they found out I had an RV, they said “oh no we can’t do that”. So much for the advertisement that they could do any door.
  • Someone posted how they had made a drawer in one of the cabinets. I have thought about this one for a while. I think that it would be so much easier getting the pots and pans that I store in a lower cabinet. Eventually I might not be able to bend down and get on my knees as easily as I do now. I like the idea of the convenience of this. I know that the Home Depot guys could help me figure this one out but I am a little nervous about the unseen parts of my RV. What is below that floor or behind that wall?

This past June I made the trek to the Roadtrek Factory in Kitchener. I was going east anyhow so it seemed it was a good idea to meet these people in person and let them fix that nagging water leak I had since I bought the Roadtrek. When all else fails take it to the “Mothership”.

I really do enjoy my Home on Wheels and want to make sure it is in the best shape it can be. I have found that it is OK to admit that I don’t know. I have also found that there are times that I can admit that I don’t know enough and take it to those who do. When I do take it in for repairs or concerns I always learn a little bit more than the last time. It tends to be an good educational experience.

And lastly I have to say that I appreciate the wit and wisdom of many people who are willing to share of themselves and their time on the Roadtrek Facebook and Cyberally. I learn often.

Oh Look the Sun, Corney Bay, Cape Breton

I have about a month to go before I am back in San Diego. I am exploring Nova Scotia and today the sun came out. I am so happy. It has been almost a week and a half of gray and rain. Gray skies and rain get old for this southern California girl.