An RVing “Adventure” in the Desert

 An RVing “Adventure” in the Desert
Linda, Mary, Phyllis & Janet aboard one of the many mental sculptures near Borrego Springs
Linda, Mary, Phyllis & Janet aboard one of the many mental sculptures near Borrego Springs

This past weekend I met up with Roadtreking pals Mary Zuschlag and Linda Peden in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. A friend of mine joined us for Friday night. It was fun. It was  a first time meet-up with Linda. We all got along famously. I would travel with any of these women again.

The desert is in bloom right now. The lack of rain has made the flowers smaller than usual but they are out there. The flowers bring the caterpillars. The caterpillars bring the Swainson Hawks. It was a pretty amazing weekend nature wise and human wise. Here a few highlights from my weekend in the desert.

  • The Indigo Bushes were in full bloom and smelled marvelous.


  • The temperature was perfect, high 70's to low 80's.
  • The wind was wicked. It was blowing a lot. I am still finding sand and dirt in my Roadtrek RV.
  • Watching the Kettle of Swainson Hawks take off from the ground and soar in the air was a pretty amazing site. Last night on the news there was a video of at least 400 in the skies over Borrego Springs.
  • Having 2 Roadtreks, a Subaru, and a truck gave us a lot of flexibility.
  • The company was the best I have experienced in a long time. It is good to be with fellow-travelers and lovers of the desert.
  • It was so much fun to introduce people to the slot canyons in my back yard.
  • Exploring is fun.
My new accessory
My new accessory

On the last hike of the day, just as we were heading back toward the roads and Linda's RV I had a mishap. With one small slide on the soft dirt on the road, I fell. I am now sitting at home with a pretty purple cast on my right ankle which is broken in two places. No weight bearing for 6 weeks. As I laid in the middle of the jeep road, catching my breath, a jeep came up behind us. With the help of the driver I was able to make it into the jeep and travel the 2 miles to the road. I will continue thanking my lucky stars for that jeep and the two kind folks who helped me out.

Upon arrival to Linda's 1998 RV, I crawled inside, got two iced bottles from the freezer, laid on the floor with my “toes above my nose” for about an hour. Thankfully Linda and Mary continued the hike through one of the most beautiful slots in the desert. I am so glad they did and I am sorry to have missed that part of the hike.

Having Linda's RV at the trailhead was a blessing. I turned on the Super Fan and was comfortable inside this delightful environment. Having those two frozen water bottles handy was a Godsend. The cool drinks in her refrigerator also helped. If I had been in my car it would have been a whole different story. I am finding many uses for my Roadtrek. This use for a Roadtrek was the best one yet. It is so good to be comfortable in an emergency. I was out of the heat and the sun. The RV was cool and comfortable.

When we arrived back at the primitive campsite, my sweet little Roadtrek Agile was also waiting to help me out.  With my foot aced and raised high I was able to enjoy the rest of a wonderful visit with two amazing women. I am glad that I could be comfortable after a major fall in the desert. The Roadtrek made that possible and easier to handle.

How did you get home?, one may ask. With my ankle double ace wrapped, Linda and Mary followed me as I  drove my SS Agile down the dirt road to the paved highway. Amazingly enough my ankle did not hurt. I drove the 2 hours home where my friend, Phyllis, picked me up and drove me to the ER. The doctors will never know I drove home, trust me on this. The ER was filled with many weekend warriors, bumps, bangs and bruises and at least one fracture. Sigh.


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Now I have time to reflect on this adventurous weekend in the desert. It was wonderful. It ended on a bit of a down note yet that is OK. I have learned some valuable lessons from this trip and I was glad I was mostly prepared for an emergency in the back country. There are certainly a couple of items that I will add to my more than ten essentials that I carry in my back pack, an ice pack being one of them.

I look back on this weekend with such joy. The four and then three of us women got along so well. We learned from each other and enjoyed each other's company. The desert was perfect and I saw events I have never seen before (Swainson Hawks). Having the RV's certainly helped immensely when the going got tough.

Would I do this all again? Yep, well maybe not the broken ankle part.

Waiting to get on the trail again.