Year: <span>2020</span>

Our 3 Favorite RV Camping Chairs

When it comes to RV accessories, Camping Chairs are at the top of every RVer's must-have list! Here are 3 of our favorites: One of the most asked questions we get has to do with the portable camping chairs we carry around with us in our RV for outside seating. We have tried a bunch […]Read More

11 Easy steps to Sanitize the RV Fresh Water Tank

Once a year every RVer needs to sanitize the RV fresh water tank. Here's how: Your RV's fresh water tank can get stale and sour and a little sanitation will ensure good tasting water all season. In fact, we do ours about three times a year… in the spring when we de-winterize, in early summer […]Read More

Climbing Pikes Peak in an RV: Is it safe? [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

Ever wondered about climbing Pikes Peak in an RV? It can be done! But it's not for the faint-hearted.  Yup. You can do mountain climbing in your RV! We drove our RV to the top of Pikes Peak, some 14,114 feet high. And then we drove down. In this article, we'll take you with us […]Read More

4 of the Most Spectacular and Longest Roads in the U.S.

The longest roads in the U.S. make for an RV road trip that will make a lot of memories during an awesome journey of adventure. Whether making plans for the near-term or already plotting out next summer's RVing adventures, it's always a good idea to be aware of what's out there.  We aim to deliver […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Weird and Strange Monster stories from across North America

Half the fun of camping is telling monster stories around the campfire. Off-the-beaten-path reporters Patti and Tom Burkett share tome of their favorites collected in their travels across North America. One of the best things about sitting around a campfire, to our way of thinking, is telling stories.   And ghost stories and other scary tales […]Read More

RV Recipe: Creamy Ricotta Asparagus Tart

This week's RV Recipe is a mouth-watering creamy Ricotta Asparagus Tart that you can easily warm and serve in your RV.  Tis the Season Fa la la la la to add a tasty side dish to your main meal or make this the main meal offering paired with a delicious salad.  I'd serve this with […]Read More

A Used Class B RV for Every Budget [essential advice for 2021]

Is the cost of a new Class B RV way beyond your reach? Despair not, there is an affordable Class B RV out there for every budget! This article is an update to one that originally came to us from Roget and Lynn Brucker,  who know more about finding and then keeping used class B […]Read More

The Fabulous 2021 Florida RV Supershow is ON for Jan 13-17

After a year of RV show cancellations because of COVID, the RV Show season is set to roar back next month with the 2021 Florida RV Supershow in Tampa Jan. 13-17. Here's what to expect: Because the Florida RV Supershow is mostly outside, organizers say they are confident that social distancing, wearing masks inside the […]Read More

10 Best Christmas Towns for RVers

When it comes to RV road trips, it's hard to beat visiting some of the best Christmas towns in the U.S. But there are a lot of choices. And everyone seems to have their list of top destinations for Christmas-themed fun.  To help you make a plan, we put together a list of 10 that […]Read More

RV movie: We can all relate!

When it comes to the RV Lifestyle, the RV Movie can sometimes resemble truth more than fiction. We've laughed many times over this hilarious movie called RV and starring  Robin Williams. The movie was released in 2006 – the year of our very first RV. You just know we watched it a lot before we […]Read More

The 12 Best RV Products of 2021

We love RV gadgets and gizmos! So here's our list of 12 of the Best RV Products for 2021. We use them on just about every trip and can wholeheartedly recommend them. We've built-in links to each of these products so you can find more information. Most of them are our Amazon affiliate links, which […]Read More

3 Super Delicious Holiday Candy Making RV Recipes

This week's selection from our file of RV Recipes will satisfy the urge for a holiday sweet candy or cookie to enjoy with coffee or cocoa. I'm sharing a few simple treats that our family enjoys during the holidays and the beauty of these selections is that they can be prepared in an RV kitchen! […]Read More

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