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10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs

| Updated Feb 12, 2024

Save money and enjoy perks with the best RV campground memberships & clubs!

Are you interested in joining a campground membership or camping club?

Campground memberships and clubs offer exclusive access, discounts, learning opportunities, and unique experiences to their members. They often come with a host of benefits but do come at a cost. 

First, we discuss what you need to consider before purchasing a pass. Then, we share the 10 best RV campground memberships and clubs that will save you money.

Plus, we have a couple of great DISCOUNT CODES for you to use on some of these memberships!

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

10 Best RV Campground Memberships

We originally created this post with 5 memberships, but we decided to add an additional FIVE campground memberships, clubs & passes that will save you money. That way, you have a total of 10 great money-saving memberships to choose from. Chances are, you'll use multiple!

1. Escapees RV Club

best rv campground memberships

Escapees RV Club is about more than just camping. Their membership services include not only discounts to members but also other support services, including RV training programs. They have seven of their own Escapees Park locations and have partnered with an additional 1,000 commercial parks to offer discounts to their members.

As you know, I am passionate about educating fellow RVers, which is why this club wins my attention. This membership is great for new RVers, as it will help you learn all about RVing and connect you with fellow RVers. 

It also nurtures a great sense of community, which is ideal for RVers looking to make friends and build connections.

In Episode 161 of our podcast, you can meet a young couple who are helping to lead the Escapees community and discover just why this club may be the perfect fit for you.

2. Boondockers Welcome

10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs 1

If you are a fellow boondocker like Jennifer and me, then this is the club for you! It definitely has my vote for one of the best RV campground memberships around.

Boondockers Welcome is a unique camping membership compared to others out there. Its website offers a directory of fellow RVers offering a free place to park for a night or two, all on private land. The directory matches you with potential hosts from over 3,300 locations worldwide.

Users message their potential hosts through a private and secure messaging system to secure a spot. While there are no campground fees or limit on how many times you can use the service, stays are usually limited to one or two nights. 

This membership is a great, inexpensive match for anyone needing to travel a long distance and needs overnight stays along the way. You can travel cheaply, meet interesting people, and get information about local attractions in all the spots you stop.

It pays for itself with only one or two overnight stays!

You can get 15% off your Boondockers Welcome annual membership using the discount code: RVLIFESTYLE15

3. Passport America

10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs 2

Another one of the best RV campground memberships is Passport America. This club offers its members up to 50% off camping fees with over 1,100 participating campgrounds.

Before you decide to join, you can look at participating campgrounds to view their current prices, amenities, and discount restrictions. 

This membership pays for itself after a two-night stay in most cases. You can save a lot of money throughout the year!

Passport America members also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Free trip routing and mobile apps
  • An online subscription to RV America Magazine
  • Special offers from MyRVmail, Passport America Caravans and Rallies, RV Insurance, and DriveQuest Extended Warranty and Roadside Assistance

4. Thousand Trails 

10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs 3

Thousand Trails is the next club to make my list of the best RV campground memberships. It makes the cut because of its “zone passes.”

Members can purchase a pass to 1 of their 5 different zones and gain access to all the campgrounds in that zone for a single price. You can also add zones for just $90.

As their website says, “Camp all year from less than $45/month* & no nightly fees!” The asterisk on that price is for a monthly payment option that's available with a 2-year agreement. But, whichever payment plan you choose, you basically get to camp for a month for the price of one standard night at a campground.

This club is a good fit for RVers that camp mostly in one general area. Each level of membership has its own set of rules, so I would advise researching the membership you are interested in before purchasing. 

5. Harvest Hosts

I would like to highly recommend another very unique camping club, which is one of the best RV campground memberships around!

Harvest Hosts is a network of over 2,000 participating wineries, breweries, various farms, and museums, that offer members a free overnight stay on their property.

In exchange for the stay, you purchase something from your host to help support their local business.

What a great trade! You get a place to stay and an experience in exchange for purchasing a desirable item!

This membership is a great match for any RVers that enjoy unique camping experiences, supporting local businesses, and making new friends. Not to mention the gorgeous locations you can stay! 

It might not save you a lot of money in the long run, since your purchase might cost the same or more than a night of camping. But if you enjoy tasting and purchasing a bottle of wine, and are likely to do that during your camping adventures, then the value remains! 

Using this link and the discount code RVLIFESTYLE15 to get 15% off Harvest Hosts annual membership.

I must say that narrowing the list down to five of the best RV campground memberships in the above video was difficult. There is a huge variety of memberships available, and they're spread out across the country. Now we've added FIVE more!

6. Good Sam / Camping World

Camping World's Good Sam Membership is a popular camping membership because of its variety of benefits, including discounts on camping fees at participating campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts.

You can stay at any of the 2,000+ Good Sam RV Parks and Campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada and save 10% on the regular nightly RV site rate.

Some of the other main perks are:

  • Save 5 cents on gas and 8 cents on diesel at select Pilot Flying J locations
  • Online access to coupons for dining, shopping, travel, entertainment, & more
  • Front-of-the-line assistance for members that are also members of Good Sam Roadside Assistance

The reason Good Sam didn't make our list of the Top 5 in the video is because of their hit-and-miss customer service reviews. Some people swear by Good Sam, while others have sworn off Good Sam.

7. KOA Rewards

KOA is another very popular campground rewards membership mainly because there are SO MANY KOA campgrounds throughout the U.S. and Canada.

If you camp at KOA campgrounds 2-3 times a year, then it's worth enrolling in the KOA Rewards.

KOA Rewards gets you 10% off your daily registration rate, reward points that accumulate for cash off on future stays, and more.

8. America the Beautiful Senior Passes

The National Parks Senior Pass - America the Beautiful

This pass is a NO BRAINER if you are 62 years or older. Seniors gain access to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by six Federal agencies for one low price.

Seniors can choose between the $20 Annual Senior Pass or the $80 Lifetime Senior Pass. Jennifer and I have gotten our money's worth on our annual pass 10 times over!

With this pass, you enter the parks for free and can then stay at free or low-cost campgrounds in the parks. Read our post all about this excellent pass.

9. America the Beautiful (Other Passes)

If you're not a senior citizen, there are other America the Beautiful passes that can save you BIG money. You can benefit from one of these other passes (a questionnaire at that link helps determine which pass is best for you):

  • Access Pass
  • Lifetime Military Pass
  • Annual Military Pass
  • 4th Grad Pass
  • Volunteer Pass

All of the above passes give you free or discounted access to thousands of recreation areas for one low price.

10. Togo Roadpass Pro

Roadpass Pro INCLUDES access to all 14,000+ free boondocking locations in the app! Roadpass Pro also includes new RV GPS navigation that considers weight limits, low overhead clearances, grades of terrain, and propane restrictions to give you turn-by-turn directions specific to your RV.

Just select a destination, add your vehicle size, and use the turn-by-turn in-app navigation. And it includes Roadtrippers Plus, where you can plan trips with up to 150 stops, collaborate with friends on route planning, and get real-time traffic along your route. Check it out – highly recommended! 

You can get $10 off your Togo RV Roadpass Pro annual membership using the discount code: RVLIFESTYLE21

Another Way to Save: Reciprocal Memberships!

Have you heard of reciprocal memberships before? If not, get ready to learn how to save a lot of money while visiting more educational and cultural centers across the country.

So, stay tuned if you like to visit museums, aquariums, zoos, and science and technology centers during your RV travels.

In this article, I explain what reciprocal memberships are, how they save RVers money, and list the best ones for RVers… KEEP READING…


Before running out and purchasing a membership, there are a few main considerations to take into account.

1. Usage Rules & Restrictions

Every membership club has different usage rules, ranging from how many consecutive days you may use the pass to how many people are included in the discount rate. You want to be sure to read the rules and restrictions before committing to a specific club.

2. Location

Most camping clubs have an online directory of their campgrounds available online. Check out their website ahead of time to see where their campgrounds are located. If they aren’t near you or a place that you want to visit, you may spend more time and money traveling to their locations than you'd save with their membership club. 

3. Contract & Fees

Each camping club has different contract rules and fees. While some have only yearlong commitments, others offer contracts that extend several years. In addition, some clubs have one-time payment schedules while others have monthly membership dues. So, be sure to read the fine print before committing. 

4. When Will You Break Even?

The more you use your membership, the more value it holds. Will you really use the pass enough to make the membership worth the cost?  Remember, even the best RV campground memberships aren't worth it if you don't use them!

We always do quick math on how many times we would need to use the pass to break even on the cost. Then any use beyond that is BIG savings!

Your Vote for the Best RV Campground Memberships

Are you a member of any of these memberships? What would you put on the list of best RV campground memberships? We'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations in the comments below!

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10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs 4

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2024-02-11

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

23 Responses to “10 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs”

October 17, 2023at1:27 pm, Scott Mohnkern said:

Boondockers Welcome has been purchased, and is now part of Harvest Hosts.


October 19, 2023at3:55 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Scott – this is true, but since they each still require a separate membership we listed them separately. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


November 11, 2022at10:04 am, Douglas Lee said:

Limited income travels require wise spending. We boondock almost exclusively. On long trips we will RV Park about every 4th or 5th day, time to refresh, refill and drain. The combo membership in Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome has served us well. Met great hosts, visited some otherwise unavailable sites and had some remarkable experiences. We’re always recommending membership for RVers who don’t require the Resort.


November 11, 2022at11:02 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Mike and Jen couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing – Team RV Lifestyle


November 11, 2022at8:46 am, Victoria Andrich said:

Re: Harvest Hosts

While on an 18 state, cross country trek (during Covid, of all times) we joined HH and had a couple exceptional stays. We spend a night at a winery and another at a llama farm. Highly recommend!


November 11, 2022at9:35 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this, Victoria! Mike and Jen have had excellent experiences with Harvest Hosts, too. Appreciate the feedback! Team RV Lifestyle


March 06, 2022at8:19 am, Should I Weigh My RV? | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] you are a member of Escapees RV Club (one of the RV memberships we recommend) you can use SmartWeigh to get this four-corner […]


February 25, 2022at2:03 pm, Roger Wilson said:

This is a very help site and I wish we had it 30 years ago when we first started. We learned slowly over the years and our 20 years of continuous full timing helped greatly. Best of luck to people just starting. We are members of the Airstream Club and Escapees. We have enjoyed and benefited from the fellowship, the training seminars, rallies and caravans run in each club. We also took leadership roles in these activities.


March 11, 2022at8:31 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you for the kind words for this site, Roger. I bet you have learned a lot over the years! Mike and Jen are enjoy this lifestyle so much – and a big part of that is the sharing and true community here. Thanks for taking the time to write- it is appreciated. Team RV Lifestyle


November 23, 2021at6:15 am, Are RV Campground Memberships And Clubs Worth It? | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] Remember in the intro I mentioned a recent article on this subject? It was on the 5 Best RV Campground Memberships & Clubs. […]


November 14, 2021at8:24 am, Dwayne pitre said:

I’m in coast to coast, it’s a great club. Did you check into this one? It is very cheap to stay for a night, 5 dollars that’s all, I fine that pretty good for myself.


February 12, 2024at9:58 am, Laurie McKinley said:

We just bought this. Now wondering if we made a mistake. Are you successful at getting places you want to be?


August 28, 2021at9:04 am, Donald Chamberlain said:

Of those listed Harvest Hosts has been our go to as we have traveled across the country. They are nearly every where and as long as we don’t expect to need electricity we choose for one night stands. The hosts without exception have been fabulous and we have learned a lot. For instances did you know there are rice farms in California.


August 28, 2021at8:07 am, Jacques Bernatchez said:

Enjoy your emails and am not a RVer YET. But all that insight will come in handy soon enough. In your long future you should visit Quebec, any info you have would be very helpful and for un NEWBIES it’s a good place to start, thanks again for all the insight.


August 28, 2021at6:28 am, Top 5 Camping & RVing Memberships said:

[…] Narrowing down the list to five of the best campground memberships is difficult. There is a huge variety of memberships available, and they’re spread out across the country. Watch and see what camping and RVing memberships we think might fit your RV lifestyle. To see the accompanying blog post with links to everything we show in the video go to […]


August 04, 2021at10:42 am, Ashley said:

Definitely KOA Rewards! With over 500 locations across North America, there’s plenty of opportunities to save!


November 23, 2021at10:13 am, Cami Rodgers said:

We love KOA because as members in addition to the 10% off fees you get no fee cancellations. And you earn points with each stay for free nights. KOAs vary in how nice they are but overall we’ve been very happy with our stats and the people have always been excellent!


March 11, 2022at8:32 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing your experience with KOAs, Cami! Team RV Lifestyle


March 05, 2021at10:33 am, KT's said:

Very silly to even say that the campgrounds will close…there are no longer enough campgrounds for all the thousands of newbys out there…Also many cities, counties, and states are taking away the privilege of boondocking in their woods because of the messes people are leaving.


March 04, 2021at9:44 am, scott raudebaugh said:

What do you think of Sunrise Resorts?


March 04, 2021at9:18 am, Harry Salit said:

If you keep encouraging people to boondock, eventually there will be no demand for campgrounds & they will go out of business.


March 05, 2021at8:11 am, said:

No worries about campgrounds, parks or rv resorts going out of business, right now some are booking 1-2 years out. Now that RVing has become glamping, you won’t see many people ‘roughing’ it.


September 01, 2021at10:53 am, Will Belden said:

Agreed. I don’t think we’re going to have that problem. But I will also say that the “overcrowding” that’s been touted on the Internet in the past couple of years is a bit overblown. There are PLENTY of campgrounds to stay at. Yes, I’m sure Yellowstone is booked out forever, but there are lots of smaller campgrounds, out of the way, that are perfectly nice. If you need waterslides and family entertainment, then I can’t speak to that. In addition, as fulltimers, I don’t want to have to pay $90/night so I can have a putt-putt golf course! 🙂


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