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eBikes for RVers: What you need to know!

| Updated Mar 12, 2024

This week on Episode #488 of the RV Podcast:

  • What you need to know about eBikes for RVers: Where you can ride them, where you can’t, and why they are so popular.
  • There’s some serious price gouging going on by campgrounds along the path of next month’s total eclipse.
  • GM is recalling 820,000 of some of the most popular trucks for a major safety issue, many if which are used as tow vehicles by RVers.
  • All this plus the RV News of the Week and your questions coming up in Episode #488 of the RV Podcast

You can watch the video version from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel by clicking the player below.

If you prefer an audio-only podcast, you can hear us through your favorite podcast app or listen now through the player below.

RV INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: Lectric eBikes CEO Levi Conlow

eBikes for RVers: What you need to know! 1

Recently we asked our RV Lifestyle Community about electric bikes, and nearly 80 percent said they either had one or planned to buy one!

It is amazing how ebikes and RVing increasingly go hand-in-hand, and there are many reasons why.

To talk to us a bit about this, along with important things you should know about ebike safety, maintenance, and more, is the CEO of Lectric eBikes, Levi Conlow.

Summary of the Interview eBikes for RVers

Levi Conlow, founder of Electric Bikes, discusses the popularity of e-bikes among RVers and why they are a perfect fit for the RV lifestyle.

He explains that RVers see the potential of using e-bikes to explore campgrounds and nearby areas without the need to tow a vehicle. Levi also highlights the welcoming and supportive community within the RV community as a major factor in the popularity of e-bikes.

He then discusses the regulations and restrictions on using e-bikes in different states and national parks. Levi explains the different classes of e-bikes and their capabilities. He addresses the weight of e-bikes and the challenges in making them lighter.

Finally, he talks about the availability of hitch racks for e-bikes and the potential for future innovations in the industry.

Takeaways about E-Bikes and RVers

  • E-bikes have become popular among RVers due to their convenience and ability to explore campgrounds and nearby areas without the need for a towed vehicle.
  • The RV community's welcoming and supportive nature contributes to the popularity of e-bikes, as RVers share their positive experiences with each other.
  • The regulations and restrictions on using e-bikes vary from state to state and within national parks, but in general, e-bikes are treated the same as bicycles.
  • E-bikes are classified into different classes based on their capabilities, including throttle and pedal assist speeds.
  • The weight of e-bikes is influenced by factors such as motor power, battery size, and frame material, and while there have been improvements, significant weight reduction remains a challenge.
  • Hitch racks for e-bikes have become more readily available, but cost and engineering considerations still pose challenges.
  • The e-bike industry is still in its early stages, and future innovations may include lighter weight designs and improved efficiency.

And you might want to see what Lectric has just released right here.

RV Social Media Buzz: from Wendy Bowyer

eBikes for RVers: What you need to know! 2

Wendy Bowyer reports on the hot issues most talked about this past week on social media and our RV Lifestyle Community group.

n the RVLifestyle Community under the Mods & DIY Tweaks Space we asked folks to share a common problem in RV living that they found a unique solution for.

For Don, the solution was to always carry a compressor to fill the trailer, truck and bicycle tires. And he uses it for cleaning the filters and refrigerator burner.

Terry has a 9-year-old Class A, and said he needed a place to hold his GPS, Tire Pressure Monitor Unit and a Dash Cam. Since he enjoys woodworking, he built a wooden stand to house these devices. He said it worked so well, he has been using it for three years.

And Jeff said his wife created a better way to organize their RV freezer. She made cardboard boxes to fit the freezer for maximum storage, and has lists of what is in each box for easy access. She also put a thin, flexible cutting board on the back of the freezer to collect any frost that may build up.

Also in our community, in the Crafters Corner Space, Rosemarie asked: Crafters! What craft do you do in your RV

For those who have this as a hobby, lots of fun ideas in this thread – with pictures – that you need to check out.

Nancy knits dishcloths and Kathi makes several things such as little cute gnomes (she included a picture) and she paints designs on rocks that are quite attractive.

And Susan crochets blankets and animals – she also included some pictures of her animals that were adorable.

Meanwhile over on our RVLifestyle Facebook Group, Angela asked:

When a campground asks for the length of your camper do they want what’s listed on the door or do they want the actual bumper to tip length? I ask because my camper says it’s 30 feet, but if you measure the bumper to tip of the 5th wheel it’s 35 feet.

Quite a few people said this was an excellent question, and it is something they often wonder about, too.

Michelle said she always gives the end to end size, so that way the campground can put you a spot you'll actually fit in. Milo, a former campground host, said this was what he was always instructed to request.

Sherrie agreed and said she found out how important this was the hard way.  Her rig's paperwork says 30 feet, but actually her rig is more like 38, and once by going off what the rig says, she was assigned a campsite that was just too tight.

So good advice there about giving your rig's actual size.

RV News of the Week

eBikes for RVers: What you need to know! 3

 Price of campground/RV packages spike for April 8 Total Eclipse 

Remember how we told you last week that the April 8 eclipse was turning into a HUGE event for RVers?

Well, with so many campgrounds filled, many spots that remain in the path of totality are charging as much as $625 per night for an “Eclipse package” with a minimum of two nights. (See listings here). Included in that package is an RV to camp in, a campsite, and various other things varying per location.

RV rentals on RVShare are up 700-1,000% percent (depending on location). And if you are still on the fence trying to decide if you want to head out in your rig, campsites do remain but they are getting harder and harder to find.

The 2024 eclipse will travel from Texas up through Maine, at a northeastern angle, and will be the last total eclipse in North America for 20 years.

Harvest Hosts, HipCamp, KOA and many other sites have special links to help folks find a spot. We suggest booking that reservation soon if haven't yet.

Thor Industries cuts its projected 2024 sales and earnings projections causing RV stocks to drop

Stock values dropped for several large RV manufacturers and related businesses after Thor, the largest RV manufacturer in the world, cut its 2024 sales and earnings guidance.

Shares of Thor dropped about 11% in early trading last week, Camping World dropped 1.6% and LCI Industries dropped about 4% after Thor's announcement.

Thor's chief executive told the Wall Street Journal the company is cautious going into its prime selling season believing dealers will have a tight control over inventories until demand firms. Thor is the owner of many RV brands including Airstream, Heartland, Dutchmen, Jayco, Keystone and more.

Our sources tell us the industry is concerned about sales in 2024 with inflation, high interest rates, the election, international tension and more adding to consumer uncertainty. And recently Forest River announced it was laying off 83 workers in April. 

If you are looking to buy an RV and are in the position to do so, this might be a good time. Check out our book RV Buying Secrets here.

GM recalling nearly 820,000 Sierra and Silverado pickup trucks

General Motors is recalling nearly 820,000 Sierra and Silverado pickup trucks with dealers beginning to notify owners March 18.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is issuing the recall because of a potential safety issue with tailgates opening, potentially spilling contents on the road that could lead to a crash. 

The issue is the electronic gate-release, that unlocks the tailgate. It can open while the vehicle is in motion and it can unlock when the truck is in park, causing items to spill out on the road.

The models and years affected include: Chevrolet Silverado, 2020-2023, Chevrolet Silverado HD, 2020-2024, GMC Sierra, 2020-2023, and GMC Sierra HD 2020-2024.

Dates announced for 2024 synchronized firefly viewing event at Congaree National Park

Time to mark your calendars for the 2024 Synchronized Firefly Viewing Event at Congaree National Park in South Carolina – an item on many RVers' bucket list.

The event will take place May 16-25, with the lottery used to determine which lucky few get to attend. (Lottery registration opens at 10 am April 4 here.)

For those who don't know, there is a particular type of firefly that lives in this region of the country that synchronizes its lights for about 2-3 weeks a year, lighting up the night sky.

This firefly can also be found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which also awards spots by lottery to visitors. 

The male fireflies do this during mating season, flashing in unison for about 5-8 flashes, followed by a 8 second pause, before they flash again. The result is a dark forest magically penetrated by the synchronized flashes.

To learn more see our story here.


eBikes for RVers: What you need to know! 4

QUESTION: At 5:30 am I walked into the living room of my Travel Trailer and a tiny mouse ran across the room and underneath our theatre seats. How do I get rid of it? Fred

ANSWER: Mousetraps… ASAP. Then get someone under your RV and plug up any holes that they can crawl into. Mousetraps… ASAP. Then get someone under your RV and plug up any holes that they can crawl into. 

Get the traps set by the time you go to bed. Mice are most active after dark when people aren't moving around.

You may also want to consider getting a product called Grandpa Gus’ Mouse Repellent Pouches. These are small pouches filled with an all-natural material soaked with cinnamon/peppermint oils. Mice hate that smell and will avoid the area.

We bought a ten-pouch assortment pack on Amazon –

We’ve used them and my only complaint is the odor is quite strong if you get too close to the pouches.  Put them around any place in your RV where mice could get in, especially around the plumbing where pipes come up through the floor, like the bathroom, the toilet and under the kitchen sink. People swear by them. 

Mike Wendland

Published on 2024-03-13

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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