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How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More)

| Updated Feb 25, 2024

RVers need to know how to find RV friendly gas stations depending on your RV’s fuel type, height clearance, and length. Here’s how…

Whether planning a trip or on-the-go, it's imperative that you know how to find RV friendly gas stations. After all, not all gas stations are designed to accommodate the specific needs of RVs. 

To ensure a smooth refueling experience, it's important to know how to locate gas stations that cater to your RV's fuel type, height clearance, and length. 

In this guide, we'll share resources that will help you find RV friendly gas stations, and some additional tips along the way.

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5 Apps for Finding RV Friendly Gas Stations

 RV Friendly Gas Stations

Google maps and other mainstream GPS platforms can help you find gas stations that can accommodate your RV. However, we have more reliable resources that are easier for RVers to use.

The following websites and apps cater better to RVers.

1. RV LIFE Pro

RV LIFE Pro is our GO-TO trip planning resource. It’s a suite of four RVer resources packaged into one. 

RV LIFE Pro comes with:

  1. RV LIFE Trip Wizard
  2. RV LIFE Campground Reviews
  3. RV LIFE App (RV-Safe GPS)
  4. RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is especially helpful as an RV trip planner tool. It can create unique routes based on your rig’s height and weight, helping you avoid dangerous low clearances, steep grades, propane restrictions, and weight limits. Using the built-in satellite view and street view, it can help you choose RV-friendly gas stations too!

We’re such long-time fans of RV LIFE Pro that we partnered with them in order to save our followers money. You can save 25% with our discount code RVLIFESTYLE.

2. RV Safe GPS

How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More) 1

RV LIFE Pro includes the RV LIFE App, which is an RV-safe GPS. Unlike mainstream GPS apps, an RV-safe GPS routes you based on your RV’s specifications. 

The app can help you find popular truck stops known to feature RV-friendly gas stations, or you can simply follow the trip you already carefully planned in Trip Wizard!

Never trust a GPS completely, and always self-verify that the gas station clearance height, etc. is safe for your RV. 

3. TSD Open Roads App

How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More)

If your RV runs on a diesel, you can win-win with the TSD Open Roads App. Open Roads is a fuel discount card that can save you $0.30 – $0.40 per gallon. 

PLUS, it can help you locate RV friendly gas stations in your vicinity. Since the app is designed for truckers, it’ll direct you to easily maneuverable gas stations.

BY THE WAY, we have an entire article on RV Fuel Discount Cards & Programs to check out.

4. Mudflap

How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More) 2

Like Open Roads, Mudflap is an app designed for truckers and is thus useful for diesel RV owners, too. Also similarly, Mudflap can save you about $0.40 per gallon!

Mudflap’s network is relatively small, with only about 1,500 partnering truck stops nationwide, but it’s a free resource! So, why not give it a try?

It can save you money and direct you to diesel stations that can easily accommodate your RV.

5. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is another fuel discount resource that RVers can use to find RV friendly gas stations. However, Gas Buddy is designed for all types of vehicles, not just large vehicles.

So, you will need to use its search filters to find an appropriate gas station for your RV. 

This app is limited in its ability to help you find places based on your RV size. But it can help you find diesel, truck stops, propane, and more. 

Gas Guru and IExit Interstate Exit Guide are similar apps that can help you plan refueling stops by using their search filters. IEXIT is great for finding clean public restrooms, too.

RV Friendly Gas Station Chains

How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More) 3

Instead of looking for individual gas stations that can accommodate your RV, you can search for RV-friendly gas station chains along your route.

Any truck stop can accommodate RVs (although some only offer diesel), but there are also travel chains you can use, too.

Some go-to travel chains are (links take you to their Locations page):

*Love’s also has Loves RV Stops with RV hookups for a safe, clean place to stop on your journey.

All of the above travel stops are also known for their clean public restrooms. It’s nice to know how to find those, too…

How to Find Clean Public Restrooms

RVers can’t always use their RV’s bathroom, nor do they always want to. Sometimes slide-outs prevent you from easily using it. Sometimes you’re trying to minimize using your black water tank until you reach camp. Sometimes you just like to use a big, clean bathroom.

Whatever the reason, it’s helpful for every RVer to know how to find clean public restrooms near your current location.

In another article, we share the best places for clean bathrooms and the best resources to find them. Keep reading…

Plus, there’s a new trend in RV toilets! A no water, no odor solution…

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7 Unwritten Rules for Parking Overnight at Truck Stops

7 Unwritten Rules for RV Parking Overnight at Truck Stops

Speaking of truck stops, There are often heated debates between truckers and RVers on whether it’s okay to park RVs overnight at truck stops. Technically, yes, it is okay, but only if you follow these unwritten rules.

Many of these rules apply to using truck stops, even if you’re not staying overnight. 


Do not pull up to the gas pump, start pumping, and then go inside for a snack. Wait for your pump to finish filling your tank, then pull through to a parking spot. Only then should you leave your RV to go into the store or restroom.

Breaking this rule is a sure way to tick off a trucker. After all, they’re on the clock! They shouldn’t have to wait on you to get back out on the road.


Never park in a truck parking spot at truck stops, even if many are available. Truckers come in and out at all hours, and they may need that spot.

Only park in designated RV spots. You’ll thank me for two reasons for this advice. Keep reading…

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How to Find RV Friendly Gas Stations (5 Apps & More) 4

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Published on 2024-02-25

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July 29, 2023at9:48 am, Roy Bever said:

RE: “How to find RV Friendly Gas Stations.”
I use one of the Gas Apps to find stations that I want to use to fill my RV, but in addition to that, (you may laugh) I use Google Street View and Google Earth to determine where the station is located, as well as the ease of entrance and egress.


July 31, 2023at1:49 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Roy! Team RV Lifestyle


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