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5 Best RV Backup Cameras for RV & Trailer

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

Want to make backing up your RV easier than ever? These are the best RV backup cameras to make parking your RV a one-person endeavor…

Learning to back up an RV is a challenge for almost every new RV owner. Even if you have been doing it for a while, it can still be challenging at specific campgrounds. 

When I first started RVing, backing up made me nervous. Jennifer would have to get out of the rig and holler, use a walkie-talkie, or give me hand signals so I could park just right. 

While you could just camp at places that offer pull-through spots, that will not offer you a wide range of camping choices. 

One thing to consider is to invest in an RV backup camera. That way, you can see exactly what is behind your rig when backing into a spot. 

This is not a review of these cameras, we are just giving you some suggestions to try out on your own. These cameras have been suggested by others and have good ratings.

Wired vs. Wireless Backup Cameras for RV

RV backup cameras are now available in two different ways: wired and unwired. So how do you know which is right for you? 


Wired RV backup cameras can work on most any RV, including trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. 

These types of cameras get hard-wired into your RV. That means you will not worry about losing a signal when backing in. 

If you have a long RV, you might have an intermittent signal with wireless, which can be a pain if dropped. 

You will likely have to pay extra for the wired version. They tend to cost more than their non-wired camera counterparts. This is especially true if you are not equipped to install it yourself and have to pay a professional to install it.

Wireless (AKA Pre-wired)

Many people like the option of wireless cameras because they are easy to install. 

All you have to do to operate these cameras is plug them into the DC (12-volt) inside your RV. Talk about simple!

Then the monitor gets plugged into the DC (12-volt) in your motorhome cab or vehicle. (Some of us oldtimers call these cigarette lighters!) Then mount the camera onto the dash, or use a suction cup to mount it temporarily. 

While wireless cameras are easier to install, they have a downside. They do not have the most reliable signal, depending on your rig's length.  Make sure you test yours out ahead of time.

5 Best Backup Cameras for RV

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Jennifer and I recently went to driving school to learn how to drive and backup our new 5th wheel trailer. It was quite the experience and I learned the value of RV backup cameras!

I also recently wrote an article for RVers that are learning how to backup their RVs. I included a list of items that can help you become an expert backer-upper and called it the “Backing Up an RV Learners Kit.” It’s quite helpful if you haven’t checked it out yet!

We also have an ongoing post in our Facebook Group collecting the types of backup cameras real RVers use. You can see it right here.

The following are the five best backup cameras for your RV. I’m going to start the list with the product I recommended in the learners kit.

Hey, if you buy something through my links, I might get a little something-something as a thank you. No extra cost to you, promise! Read our full affiliate disclosure here.


The AMTIFO A8 wireless camera easily connects to the 1080P output in the front of your rig to help you navigate the road quickly. 

It comes complete with a large HD-quality, 7” rearview monitor. The image is very clear, keeping distortion to a minimum. 

It has a very high IP rating of 69. That means it is waterproof and weather resistant. It will be able to handle most weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at it.

Since this is a wireless camera, the monitor mounts on the surface of your dashboard. 

There is a newer model of this backup camera if you want an even bigger screen (10” instead of 7”). However, the newer model is considerably more expensive.

2. DoHonest V23

The DoHonest V23 boasts a strong and stable signal, so you will not get stuck when trying to back into any campsite. 

This model is highly waterproof and can withstand temperatures of -4 degrees F to 149 degrees F. Let's hope you do not have to experience either of those extremes! 

The camera can also accommodate 4-way video input. You can watch one single image or up to four different angles at once!

You will also never have to worry about the image quality. It comes standard with 1080P so that every image is displayed clearly. 


This is another excellent backup camera system for you. This wireless camera takes very little time to install. You should be able to have it ready in under five minutes!

It comes complete with a 1080P picture, giving you a clear, crisp field of vision. 

It also has 18 infrared lights for those that arrive at their campsite in the dark. 

The ZEROXCLUB IP69 also offers an IP rating of 69, meaning it is highly waterproof. It will have no problem standing up against wet, rainy conditions. 

*This camera has wired options, too.*

4. Yakry Y28

A member of our RV Lifestyle Facebook group named Debi recommends this brand. She says, “We have a Yakry and they’re awesome. Use it while driving and doing the back-in dance.”

This backup camera is also a highway observation system with a loop recording feature.

Like the other options, it’s a 7-inch camera with a split screen option for up to 4 cameras. It has a guidelines option that you can turn on or off to help you back up straight.

5. Wireless RV Parking Sensor

This is not a backup camera but rather a parking sensor. I wanted to include it on the list because it’s a fraction of the cost of backup cameras. You’re looking at less than $50 instead of about $150 or more.

Instead of seeing how close you are, this sensor audibly and visually alerts you. It beeps to warn you when an object is behind you. 

It also has a progressive light display that turns from green to red as you grow closer. If that’s not enough, it also displays the distance between the sensors and the detected objects.

The system has a wireless option, so you don’t have to worry about running a line to your cab and can use it with travel trailers.

Be sure to select the wireless kit, as a wired kit will not work for RVs! The kit comes with a drill bit to drill holes in your bumper to insert the sensors. 

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