Year: <span>2020</span>

Our 10 Top 2021 RV Travel Resolutions

It's time to make our 2021 RV Travel Resolutions! We challenge you to make as many of them yours, too. Who would have thought that 2020 would have been the kind of year it was? But with growing optimism that 2021 will once again see RVers on the road in close to pre-pandemic numbers, now […]Read More

eBikes in National Parks [IMPORTANT NEW POLICY]

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is okay to bring and use eBikes in National Parks.  It wasn't always so. When eBikes first started showing up in National Parks, they were not always welcome. Each park seemed to have its own rules. There were some unpleasant confrontational between eBike riders and park rangers. […]Read More

Driving an RV in high winds [VIDEO plus 10 Important Tips]

Being in an RV in high winds can be very scary. I found out the hard way. I have a video to prove the point. And 10 tips for driving an RV in high winds. People ask us all the time, what's the scariest thing that has happened to you while driving your RV.  In […]Read More

The Best Internet for RV Nomads in 2021

Finding the best Internet for RV Nomads is a daunting task but we have advice for you from two experts who know more about this than anyone else you can find. With the help of Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, the RV Lifestyle’s top Internet experts, we’re going to tell you what companies and what […]Read More

The Tupperware Museum: Off the Beaten Path in Florida

It seems there's a museum for everything. Have you heard of the Tupperware Museum? It's a pretty fascinating place. This article on the Tupperware Museum in Florida is from Tom and Patti Burkett, who report on off the beaten path spots they discover as they travel the country in their RV. You can hear them […]Read More

Mail Forwarding for RVers

The question of Mail Forwarding for RVers is one of the most common ones we get from people hoping to go full time or planning long RV trips away from their sticks and bricks home. We talked to Amber Hobert, the President of Dakota Post, one of the largest of the various mail forwarding companies […]Read More

Trips: Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail – A Great RV Tour

Looking for a fascinating and fun RV Road Trip? Camp and taste your way along Bourbon Trail! In the heart of central Kentucky – not far from its famed bluegrass country – is an area known as the Bourbon Trail, a confluence of numerous distilleries that produce the bulk of the world’s Bourbon.  The distilleries […]Read More

The RV Superbag: The Best RV Bedding We Have Found

The best RV bedding we have found is the RV Superbag. What is more important than a good night's sleep in your RV? Not a lot. Some people use old fashioned sleeping bags. Some throw down mattress pads and use fitted sheets and blankets. For Jennifer and me,  the system we found at the start […]Read More

7 Most Beautiful Churches in the U.S.

Houses of worship make great places to experience peace and beauty. Here are seven of the most beautiful churches in the U.S. As RV Lifestyle fellow travelers know, we're always looking to deliver great destinations to visit while out there RVing – from quirky roadside attractions, the best places for stargazing, and just about everything […]Read More

Using a house sewer for RV Dumping

Visiting family but need to empty your RV black tank? It is possible to use a house's sewer clean-out for dumping. Here is how. Remember that scene in the Christmas Vacation movie where Cousin Eddie emptied the black tanks of his Class A wreck of an RV into the city sewer outside Clark Griswald's house? […]Read More

RV Recipe: Apple Pear Compote

This week's RV Recipe is Apple Pear Compote, an awesome side dish for any meal…in the Rv or at the home kitchen table. The practice of preserving apples by cooking them down in a sugared water solution and a little lemon juice or vinegar to make a sweet yet savory chunky compote actually dates back […]Read More

RV Podcast #325: Thor Buys Tiffin and Christmas Wishes from our Audience

The RV Podcast's big new this week is the announced $300 million purchase of Tiffin Motorhomes by the giant Thor Industries, which already is the largest RV manufacturer in the world. The purchase absorbs one of the few remaining independent family-owned RV makers, run by the Tiffin family of Alabama whose luxury motorhomes are known […]Read More

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