Year: <span>2020</span>

Small town tales: The Headless Chicken of Fruita, CO

Off the Beaten Path, there's a lot of fascinating small town stories in America. Take the case of Fruita, CO, and a headless chicken named Mike. This report comes from Tom and Patti Burkett, the RV Lifestyle's roving off-the-beaten-path reporters Every small town has a story Did you know the most common town name in […]Read More

The 10 Most Important RV Features We Can’t Live Without

Listing the most important RV features you're looking for is one of the best things any RVer can do when shopping for an RV. Here's the list of our “must-haves!” But understand, this list is ours. Meaning, the RV features you choose for your needs will be different than ours. The most important RV features […]Read More

The Nine Best Class B RVs for 2021

Small RVs are all the rage. Here is our list of the nine Best Class B RVs for 2021. Life has generally been impacted in many ways by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the ability to get out and see the latest and greatest RVs at RV shows. So we decided to help by bringing you […]Read More

7 Amazing National Parks in Winter

Many U.S. National Parks in winter make great destinations. So cold weather doesn't mean you have to park your RV! There's some spectacular scenery to see. Reasons are aplenty: less crowds, beautiful landscapes, and weather conditions (and way less bugs) in some places that are actually more desirable during winter, as noted by Travel + […]Read More

The 2021 Federal National Parks Senior Pass – America the Beautiful

Hands down, the best value in the RVing world is the National Parks Senior Pass, officially known as the America the Beautiful Pass [Note: This article has been updated for 2021] One of the consolations of old age is the America the Beautiful Pass, which like most Federal entities has undergone a name change – […]Read More

RV RECIPE: Silky Creamy Stovetop Polenta [Delicious!]

Making tasty polenta while RV Adventure camping is definitely simple and achievable.  What's Needed for Polenta? All you need is a stovetop or grill, and a saucepan then add a few simple ingredients.                                              […]Read More

ToGo buys RVillage but Thor is the real owner [Breaking News]

Thor Industrie's ToGo buys RVillage, the social media RV app and website that wanted to be the Facebook of the RV Lifestyle world. Some big RV breaking news today…. The big only get bigger. RVillage links up RVers in campgrounds, allowing them, and the campground, to communicate via its app. That means the ToGo Group […]Read More

Is RV Boondocking right for you? [UPDATED for 2021]

RV boondocking holds lots of appeal what with so many new folks embracing the RV Lifestyle and many veteran campers looking for an alternative to crowded campgrounds. Here's a complete guide. Let's start with a recollection of how Jennifer and I first experienced RV boondocking. Remembering our First RV Boondocking Trip It was the quiet […]Read More

The Uncertainty of RV Travel in 2021

What a year 2020 has been. We can’t wait till 2021 begins. But that said, there are no guarantees on what RV Travel in 2021 will be like. It promises to still be challenging. Very challenging in certain places. In fact, as we review all the growing travel restrictions, lockdowns and restrictions as we experience […]Read More

End Cold Weather Lithium Battery Problems in 2021 with This Awesome New Feature

Many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers who like winter camping adventures are worried about cold weather lithium battery problems — the notion that low temps will leave you powerless. Fear not, however, because there’s a good option out there: Battle Born Batteries has just released its new heat-integrated 100Ah 12V battery, the BB10012H. It's exactly […]Read More

Expert Advice on finding a Class B RV on a Budget in 2021

Perhaps the most challenging question we regularly get from our followers is how to find a Class B RV on a budget. It's not easy. But we have some tips that will help in the search for your dream campervan. RV's are in tremendous demand and the prices of new Class B RVs are through […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path RV Trip: Colonial Beach, VA

There's lots to see for the RVer in Colonial Beach, VA, as our off the beaten path reporters Tom & Patti Burkett report on the area known as the “playground of the Potomac.” If you get off US Highway 17 in Port Royal, Virginia, cross the Rappahannock River, and head toward the Potomac, you’ll eventually […]Read More

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