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Our interactive RV Lifestyle Travel Map

This is our interactive map showing our favorite campgrounds, boondocking spots, attractions, things to see, and even places to eat. You can add your own favorite spots, too.

Search by location or click the full-screen symbol in the lower-left corner to widen out the map to see the various “Steps” we and our community have located that relate to the RV Lifestyle. In this view, here on our website, you can see all the various places, but to ADD a spot (or what is called a “step” on this map) you'll need to get the FREE app and add it from there.

We will continually be adding new locations, as will others like you, so it will become more and more valuable over time. Think of this as a group travel journal!

Here's a video we prepared showing how it works:

To add your own locations, you need to get the free app for your smartphone so you can add spots and share them with others as you travel! Click the link in the lower-right corner of the map below. And it really works best in the app.

Together, we can make this a huge resource for the RV community! Enjoy!

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