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Buying an RV: Seven Hidden Costs to Consider

There are lots of “hidden costs” in buying an RV similar to when you buy a house and then need to also buy that couch, dining room table, lawnmower, or other appliances on top of everything else. When you are buying an RV, on top of the large ticket price, there are several “hidden costs” […]Read More

Why do people buy an RV?

There are as many reasons why people buy an RV as there are places to camp. We love talking to people, online and in person, about why they bought the particular RV they did. And we love seeing their RVs.  Thats what we do in this video. And some of those reasons may surprise you. […]Read More

What to Know About RV Financing

Buying an RV is the second most expensive purchase most of us will make in a lifetime, second only to the cost of a home. Financing an RV, be it new or used, is the way most people can swing it. But there are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to RV […]Read More

The truth about RV Dealers

This week we get the inside secrets about RV dealers…how much they should be willing to discount, how much your brand new RV depreciates the moment you drive it out of the lot, why it can sometimes be so hard to find good service and what upsells they’ll try to talk you into like extended […]Read More

RV Podcast 216: Our Absolute Top RV buying Tip

Thinking about buying at RV? Hold up. Don’t do it until you follow our advice. What advice is that? Simple: Try before you buy. Unless you are an experienced RVer and know – from experience – just what you want, RV newbies should try out an RV for a couple of days to make sure […]Read More