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15 Coolers Like YETI but Cheaper (2024 Alternatives)

| Updated Mar 18, 2024

YETI sure makes an amazing cooler, but boy, does it come with a big price tag! Here are coolers like YETI but cheaper...

YETI makes a great cooler, but the brand sells some of the most expensive coolers on the market. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a cooler, you can consider high-end coolers that make excellent, affordable alternatives.

Cheaper options can still do a great job of keeping your items cold for long periods of time.

The following is my list of excellent coolers, but for a smaller price point than YETI, and what to look for when picking out your cooler.

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

Why Are YETI Coolers So Expensive?

15 Coolers Like YETI but Cheaper (2024 Alternatives) 1

Before we jump into the YETI alternatives, we thought it'd be helpful to first answer the big question, “Why are YETI coolers so expensive?”

YETI's small hard coolers start around $250, small soft coolers around $200, and lunch boxes around $80! There biggest cooler is $1,500!

YETI coolers are so expensive for two reasons: they live up to their promise and have great marketing. YETI coolers really are great at keeping things cold for a looong time and the company successfully marketed their improved technology.

Their smart marketing and effective technology have convinced people to invest in their brand. And, it is arguably a good investment. You do get a premium cooler that will last many years (if not decades).

However, you can also argue that you can get comparable quality in less popular brands for much less money. We're going to list those brands out for you now.

Making It Easy to Compare YETI

To make it easier to compare coolers, we've included Amazon link boxes that show the current pricing for each brand's cooler that is closest to 40 quarts. (You can always click on the link to look at other sizes, too.)

Here's an Amazon link box for a 45 qt YETI cooler to compare the rest to:

Preview Product Price
YETI Tundra 45 qt. Cooler YETI Tundra 45 qt. Cooler $300.00Amazon Prime

What Brand Cooler Is as Good as YETI?

We'll start our list with the two brands that are usually considered as good as YETI. Cordova and RTIC are great YETI alternatives that can be cheaper depending on the model and current deals.

We think we should list these ones first because, quality-wise, they are the best coolers comparable to YETI. But in the next section, we will also cover YETI alternatives that are typically significantly cheaper than YETI.

1. Cordova Coolers

Cordova Coolers

This is considered one of the best YETI alternatives you can find.

No longer using rope handles, this incredible cooler offers durable, metal ones. They have a sleek design and are easy to carry!

It is made from high-density foam enclosed in a hard-cell structure, almost three inches thick. The foam is also eco-friendly.

Not only are they made right here in the USA, but you can purchase them for about $5.41 per quart (at present time). YETI, on the other hand, costs about $7.55 per quart. That is a savings of about 20%!

They also come with a lifetime warranty.

2. RTIC Coolers

RTIC Coolers

RTIC has been YETI's biggest competition since the beginning. They even like to claim that they are half the price, and hold more ice!

These coolers are well-known for their excellent ice retention, which is measured in days. You can expect ice to last for over one week for their medium coolers and 10 days for their larger coolers!

RTIC uses over 2′ of insulation made of polyurethane foam which gets pressure-injected inside the hard mold of the body of the cooler. The result is dense insulation that can prevent ice from melting for more than a week.

RTIC also has a lightweight model that is 30% lighter than rotomolded coolers. If you've ever lifted a rotomolded cooler, you'll appreciate this lightweight alternative!

13 More Coolers Like YETI But Cheaper

Cordova and RTIC coolers are the most comparable to YETI, but are still quite expensive. So, you might still want to consider more alternatives.

The following options basically have the same features that appeal to people looking for a long-cooling cooler. They are thickly insulated with a high cooling capacity that can last up to days. Their coolers also come in several sizes, colors, and styles.

Since the descriptions would mostly be the same, we'll simply provide quick descriptions with notable features from this point on…

(NOTE: the difference between a quart and a liter is negligible. There are 1.057 quarts in a liter, so don't fret if the sizes alternate between quarts and liters.)

3. Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly 40 Qt. Cooler

Grizzly Coolers is a brand that stands out for delivering high-performance coolers designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. They are equipped with Ecomate polyurethane foam with no global warming or ozone depletion potential.

They are made without VOCs and are IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty.

Preview Product Price
Grizzly 40 Qt Cooler Grizzly 40 Qt Cooler $299.99

4. Orca Coolers

ORCA Cooler 40 Qt

The most notable ORCA feature that differs from other brands is the cargo net for extra storage space. It is also certified bear proof and has a convenient drain spout.

It comes in several sizes, from 20 quart to 140 quart. It's pricing can be as expensive as YETI, depending on the cooler you get.

Preview Product Price
ORCA Cooler 40 Qt ORCA Cooler 40 Qt $288.95

5. Pelican Coolers

Pelican Cooler 30 Qt

Pelican coolers do not have a 40-quart carried option (only a 30 or 50 qt). For the purposes of comparison, we've linked to the 30-quart below.

However, Pelican also has a line of coolers on wheels. That line includes a 45-quart wheeled cooler that's, of course, a bit pricier for its convenience.

Preview Product Price
Pelican Elite Cooler 30 Qt Pelican Elite Cooler 30 Qt $229.95Amazon Prime

6. ENGEL Coolers

Engel Cooler 35 Qt.

ENGEL Coolers have more traditional latches compared to YETI. And, if you've every pinched your hand latching a YETI, you'll be grateful for that.

Like several on this list, ENGEL hard coolers are IGBC Certified Bear Resistant. It also boasts up to 10 days ice retention.

Preview Product Price
ENGEL Cooler 35 Qt. ENGEL Cooler 35 Qt. $215.99

7. Coleman

Coleman Xtreme 50 qt

Coleman is one of the most well-known brands in the cooler industry. They mostly specialize in affordable options and easily made our list of the best coolers for camping.

They offer a couple of insulated coolers that can keep ice for up to 5 days, including the large 316 Series (62+ qt) and the Xtreme 50 qt.

They're one of the cheapest you'll find, which means you should carefully consider how flexible *up to* 5 days is. But hey, the price makes it worth considering.

Preview Product Price
Coleman Xtreme 50 Qt on Wheels Coleman Xtreme 50 Qt on Wheels $54.46Amazon Prime

8. Canyon Coolers

Canyon Cooler 35 qt

The Canyon Cooler is a small business brand that boasts 6-18 days of retention for its rotomolded coolers. It has a recessed cam latch and no-lose drain plug.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and is also IGBC Grizzly Resistant Certified.

Preview Product Price
Canyon Outfitter Cooler 35 Qt. Canyon Outfitter Cooler 35 Qt. $250.00

9. K2 Coolers

K2 Coolers Summit

The K2 Cooler has excellent reviews as a YETI alternative. Its main features include an ICE vault lid gasket and POSITRAC latches.

Its warranty isn't as good as other brands that offer lifetime, but it does have a 7-year warranty.

Preview Product Price
K2 Coolers Summit 30 Qt K2 Coolers Summit 30 Qt $229.99Amazon Prime

10. Siberian Cooler

Siberian Cooler

Depending on which cooler you get, Siberian coolers can be as expensive as YETI. However, they're worth considering for their nifty accessories.

This Alpha Pro Series 45 qt, for instance, comes with a divider, cup holder, and wire basket. Plus, reversible E/Z slide or non-slip rubber feet.

Preview Product Price
Siberian Alpha Pro Cooler 45 Qt Siberian Alpha Pro Cooler 45 Qt $349.99

11. Igloo

Igloo IMX cooler

Igloo is certainly one of the most well-known cooler brands, with a huge range of coolers. That range includes IMX injection-molded coolers.

There is a 24 Qt option, but we decided to list the 70 Qt option. Why? Because it's half-again the size of our comparison YETI and still cheaper!

The Ultratherm insulation provides up to 7 days of ice retention and weighs 40% less than coolers with similar performance.

Preview Product Price
Igloo IMX Cooler 70 Qt. Igloo IMX Cooler 70 Qt. $191.99Amazon Prime

12. Dometic Ice Chests

Dometic Patrol 55L

Dometic is mostly known for the (pricey) electric coolers. They even have a portable refrigerator with an ice maker! But they make good ice chests, too.

The Dometic Patrol comes in 35 L and 55 L with about $100 difference between the two. We've linked to the 35 qt below. It doesn't have a lot of Amazon reviews at the time of this writing, but other reviews we've researched show excellent results!

Preview Product Price
Dometic Patrol 55L Dometic Patrol 55L $279.99Amazon Prime

12. Arctic Zone

Arctic Zone Titan

The Arctic Zone Titan is comparable to YETI in quality, but it only comes in two sizes: 20 qt and 55 qt. Nonetheless, we think it deserves a spot on the list because of its deep freeze insulation.

We have included the link for the 55 qt below, which is 10 quarts more than our comparison YETI. By the way, the 20Q Titan is just about $100 cheaper than the 55 Qt.

Preview Product Price
Arctic Zone Titan 55 Qt Arctic Zone Titan 55 Qt $275.00Amazon Prime

13. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler

We're going to stray from the hard coolers with this one. We wanted to provide a unique alternative that can still stay cold up to 36 hours.

This Hydro Flask 20 liter soft cooler backpack does just that. And, instead of awkwardly lugging around a hard cooler, you can comfortably carry this on your back.

Granted, it's not as big or can stay as cold as long as the other options. But we thought it's worth including for its convenience and smart, effective design.

Preview Product Price
Hydro Flask Soft Cooler 20L Hydro Flask Soft Cooler 20L $182.58Amazon Prime

15. A Used YETI Cooler

coolers like yeti - yeti cooler
Or maybe a YETI?

If you are not convinced about getting an alternative brand, you could always get a used YETI. There are usually plenty listed on Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

But you can also check out my other list of the Best Coolers for Camping. It lists 5 great coolers that serve different purposes and budgets.

What to Look for in a Good Cooler

coolers like yeti
So many types of coolers.

There are certain features that you should pay attention to when shopping for a quality cooler. Sometimes, it's the little things that make all the difference!

Cooling Capability

When it comes to ice chests, the most important thing to think about is ice retention. In other words, how long does it keep things cold?

If you're shopping for coolers like YETI, then you're definitely looking for something with maximum cooling capability. In some cases, YETI coolers can keep things cold for days, and so can some YETI alternatives!

Bottle Opener

Some coolers come complete with bottle openers, which can come in handy when you are camping. It makes sense since your cooler is likely going to be holding drinks! It is also one of those overlooked items people forget to pack.

Waterproof Zipper

If you opt for a soft cooler, then look for one that has a waterproof zipper. That way it won't leak if it accidentally topples over. It can also help to maintain the internal temperature of the cooler more efficiently.

Shoulder Strap vs. Handles vs. Wheels

Many coolers come with a shoulder strap, rope handles, or metal handles. You may think a handle is a handle until you're lugging a fully loaded cooler around. So, be sure to consider which handles you think will be most comfortable.

Larger coolers often come with wheels, but you can look for that feature in smaller carriers, too. Even a small cooler loaded up can be quite heavy. So, wheels are always a nice option.


Coolers, of course, come in many different sizes, but don't stop at looking at the exterior! If you've ever opened a YETI, you'd be surprised at how much smaller the inside is than the outside. That's because they have a thick layer of insulation.

So, be sure to look at the interior size of a cooler.

Also, be sure to consider the weight. YETIs and coolers like YETI tend to be heavy! Again, it's because of the extra insulation. You'll have to decide if the extra cooling capacity is worth the heft of the cooler (in many cases, it is).


I imagine that finding a lower-priced cooler is why you are looking for a YETI alternative. There are many affordable alternatives to choose from. And an affordable price does not mean good quality!

Cup Holders

Cup holders are a nice feature that can come in handy. I'm sure it's pretty obvious why, so I'll leave it at that!

Drain Plug

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to drain your ice chest without a drain plug. You have to try and tip the ice chest on its side to let out the water without disturbing the ice and food. It is always a good idea to look for a cooler that comes with a drain plug.

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Published on 2024-03-18

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

11 Responses to “15 Coolers Like YETI but Cheaper (2024 Alternatives)”

March 21, 2024at7:09 pm, Brian Ehresman said:

Don’t get a Vevor they won’t warranty it


March 19, 2024at8:17 am, Kendall Turner said:

To correct Pam Shook, Yeti simply, due to rising costs of material, terminated its discount program with almost all their organizations (if not, all). The first amendment is the most important, which implies truth to its principles.


October 06, 2023at1:23 pm, Mindy Morin said:

I found a brand that I am quite impressed with, Moosejaw. I ended up buying the 50qt, it has a bin for things you don’t want in the ice. One thing I like, is I can open it with one finger, it’s not the pull-down rubber thing, it’s a latch style. I live in Texas, so if we leave things like that out, the rubber will dry out faster.
We had the cooler full of ice & drinks for 2 weeks. The ice was all melted, but the water was still ICE cold! The cooler was filled with 4 cases of soda & topped off with ice. I was so impressed with it I bought the 25 qt as well. They have 3 hard side as well as 3 soft side options.


October 07, 2023at12:27 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this, Mindy, and adding to the conversation! Team RV Lifestyle


October 02, 2023at4:04 pm, Pam Shook said:

Having using the hose method for years. Please that most people drain all the water out of their cooler which is a big mistake! Brought a large white 3 day cooler Coleman cooler in Council Bluff IA and kept it in a black horse trailer for a week on a wagon train to Des Moines and still have gallon jugs with ice and water in them when we got there. As the jugs melted, used the water for drinking and cooking since we boondocked in mowed hay fields in the late 90’s. I just left the water in and kept food in tall Tupperware. Then had to put a hay bale on the lid since there was no lock to keep it closed and the excess water would spill out on the horse trailer floor and out on the ground.


September 29, 2023at6:45 am, Dan Diego said:

We quit using yeti coolers a few years back after they declined to support a certain organization.

And whether or not it was just bad timing on yeti’s part, we just decided to pull all support from that company.

I haven’t supported Yeti and other companies that were anti-Constitution since.

Thank you for this list of alternate coolers.


September 29, 2023at9:28 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Glad it helps! Team RV Lifestyle


December 30, 2021at10:45 am, Pam Shook said:

To drain a cooler without a drain, simply go the the hardware and buy a clear hose that is 1/4 to 1/2″ diameter (the bigger the diamenter the more space it will take up however it will drain faster) the length is from the cooler to outside the door plus the out side height and inside depth of the cooler. Stetch the hose out. Put the hose in the cooler and close the lid, then suck until you see the water in the hose and lower it to drain. I pull my cooler to the the door so have a shorter length of hose. Discovered this when I hurt my back and couldn’t lift the cooler. Besure to leave about 6″ water in cooler to keep it to keep it cold. Also the items in the cooler are not disturbed. Then store the hose inside the cooler so you always know where it is. Also always keep a frozen quart jug in the cooler and switch it with the one in the freezer after draining the cooler.


December 30, 2021at8:35 am, Tina Penney said:

Great article with lots of good information! I wanted to add one more to your list. We recently bought a Lifetime brand cooler as an alternative to the expensive Yeti. It is made in the USA and keeps ice frozen for days. It kept our moose meat frozen for the 5 hour ride back from the butcher. We are new to RVing and expect this to come along on our trips. Thanks for all you do! I’ve found it very helpful as we prepare for our RV adventures in 2022!


December 30, 2021at7:58 am, Shirley Watkins said:

I purchased a YAKA cooler from Scheels this past summer ! $150 bottle opener and drain !! Keeps ice up to 10 days


December 30, 2021at7:45 am, Randy Brunk said:

Another great alternate for a cooler is ICER.


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