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Where to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank (5 Places & Apps)

| Updated Apr 10, 2024

Don't forget! You need to know how and where to fill your RV fresh water tank before you set off on a road trip OR when you get close to your destination. Here are common locations and useful apps to help you find where to fill it up!

Filling up your RV water tank is always at the top of RVers To Do Lists. If you're filling up before you leave for your trip, it's no biggie. You can always hook your hose up from home and go.

However, to save on gas, many RVers prefer to only put the minimum amount of water in their tank at the start of the trip. Then they fill up the tank either at or near their final destination.

Of course, you need to make sure there is fresh water available wherever you're headed. You don't want to end up relying on store bought jugs of water!

So, here are the most common places where you can refill your freshwater tank, and helpful apps to help you find them.

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How to Refill Your Fresh Water Tank While Camping

There are a few easy ways to refill your freshwater tank while camping. You can click on that link for more information but the most common ways are to use a faucet, a pump, or gravity.

Since I've already written an article on the “how” that you can refer to, I'm going to focus on the “where” in this article.

Where to Fill RV Fresh Water Tank

Where to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank

Thankfully, looking for fresh water in America isn't like looking for gold. It's relatively easy to find wherever you're traveling. You just need to know what kind of places normally offer it.

There are also helpful apps to help not only find where but also to direct you straight to them. I'll get to those at the end.

1. Fresh Water Hookups at a Campground

Campgrounds are in the business of serving RVs. So, it's no surprise that they're one of the best places to get fresh water. Many campgrounds have water hookups at every campsite. Others offer a water fill station.

Note that if you're using fresh water hookups at a campground, it is highly recommended to attach a water pressure regulator to your RV water hose. It's a part that will save your RV plumbing system.

You simply park for your stay and connect at the side of your RV, or pull through the station like you would a gas station. Thus, campground hookups are the easiest way to ensure you have a full fresh water tank.

Even though it's the easiest, it's definitely not the only option. And it's not the best option for people who like dry camping. Boondockers like Jennifer and I tend to rely on a combination of the following locations.

2. Truck Stops and Travel Centers

Truck stops often have a potable water spigot where truckers and RVers can fill their water tanks. Some large gas stations and travel centers on highly-traveled highways and interstates also offer drinking water fill stations. Though, this is not nearly as common.

It's important to note that every RVer should be considerate when using truck stop facilities. We must remember that truckers are on duty, traveling for work and not for pleasure. So, it's common courtesy to give them priority when using their parking spaces and any amenities offered at truck stops.

3. RV Dump Stations

Wherever there is an RV dump station, there is usually a water fill station. This is true at campgrounds and truck stops, but also at other types of locations where you can empty your black water tank.

It's logical on these locations' behalf to provide a way for you to both dump and refill any tanks, getting you ready for the next leg of your journey. A GPS search for ‘rv dump station' may help direct you to a freshwater station.

4. State Parks and National Forests

Public parks, both on a state and national level, usually have freshwater stations available for RVers and campers. They have countless travelers coming through every day so it only makes sense to make sure they have water available.

To confirm its availability and location, you can check each park's website. Or, it's a good idea to call or stop in at the park's visitor center.

Jennifer and I always recommend stopping at the visitor's center anyway. You'll always learn about something you would've easily missed otherwise!

5. Privately Owned City Connection

Really, any place connected to city water that is potable can serve as a refill station. This could be your private residence, a friend's house, or wherever you can connect your fresh water hose. Some businesses offer it for a small fee.

Of course, you don't want to be a water bandit! You should never take someone's water without their permission and it's always a good idea to offer to pay for it. That's true even if it's family. The last thing you want to do is take advantage of someone who has to pay for that water on their next utility bill.

App to Find Potable Water for RV

It's no surprise that there are some very useful apps for finding potable water for your RV on the go. Most of these apps are the same great camping apps you’ve probably heard of, including but not limited to:

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How to Sanitize Your Fresh Water Tank

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The above video shows you how to sanitize your fresh water tank. Learn how to flush out the winterizing fluids and start fresh for the next journey!

Where to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank (5 Places & Apps) 1

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Where to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank (5 Places & Apps) 2

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Published on 2024-04-10

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Where to go to get brakes changed on a Roadtrek camper van?


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Since that is vehicle related I would go to the dealer or the firm that I use to service my Mercedes-Benz 2500. Brakes are not related to the Roadtrek modifications.


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We cannot find where to fill the fresh water tank on our RV. We have a 2004 Forest River Cardinal. Any suggestions or guidance would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks y’all!


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A lot of manuals can be found online for older rigs. Also some brands have owners groups online – that might be another resource to find someone who can help. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


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How do you repair dump valves?


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