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Zion Canyon by Bicycle

Nearly everybody who travels has heard of Zion Canyon National Park in Utah. It's in the south west corner of the state and displays one of the most spectacular, colorful vertical canyon environments in the world. Nothing “off the beaten path” about the park itself, as attested by anyone who has seen it. However, we […]Read More

Trips: Zion National Park is Indeed a Holy Place

Zion National Park is so spectacular and beautiful that the early pioneers called it Zion, like the Holy Place in the Bible. And indeed, standing under the soaring, multi-colored sandstone cliffs, gazing down into the canyons or hiking upstream in a the strong current of the Virgin River to get deep into where Zion canyon […]Read More

Getting Ready to Roll-Grand Canyon Country Here I Come

This past week has been a busy one for me. I have been sorting out, packing up and checking that all systems are go in my cute little RV. I am heading by way of somewhere in the desert (I don't know the destination yet) and Flagstaff, to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. […]Read More

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