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More RV Lessons from the Road

Since I released the post on the 10 lessons we've learned in our now over 110,000 miles of RV travel over the past five years, several readers have asked for another installment. So here it is. This one, though, has 12 things we've learned from the road. 1) GPS units are all unreliable – If you […]Read More

Winterizing Part 4: Black & Gray Systems

This is Part 4 of our series on winterizing an RV. Part 1 covered draining the fresh water system, Part 2 was bypassing the water heater, and Part 3 was running antifreeze through all the fresh water lines. Now that the fresh water system has been winterized with antifreeze, only a couple things remain.  If […]Read More

How We Roll in our RV – Taking a shower

In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, reader Jacob Matthews from Leesburg, GA asks us how we manage to shower in our 23-foot Class B Roadtrek eTrek motorhome (actually 22'9″). So… we show him. Sort of. But people are often surprised that our RV has not one, but two showers. There's a […]Read More

Janet: Parking the Roadtrek With an Inch to Spare

There once was a woman (me) who decided to change up her life. Due to circumstances beyond her control, change came whether she was ready or not. She went out and bought herself a small, very cute Roadtrek Agile SS RV, packed it up and took off to see the country. She wanted to meet […]Read More

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