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RT017: Yes, You Can Camp and RV All-Year-Round!

In this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast I share tips on how to camp all-year-round. It's easier than you think! Plus, lots of RV news and traveling tips to make your RV adventures more enjoyable. [spp-player] Shownotes for episode 17 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast I start out by recapping our recent trip to […]Read More

My new Roadtreking Tech Tool: A Phantom 2 Drone

I've messed around with some low end flying helicopters before and found them to be lots of fun. But I've just, gulp, added a big ticket item to my photographic and video arsenal of tools to be used while Roadtreking: A Phantom 2 drone. I'll be using it for AVC, or aerial video cinematography. It's […]Read More

I now have my own drone

One of the benefits of being a tech reporter is getting cool new tech toys to test out. To that end, check out the video above. It's the first test video I shot with something called the AR.Drone 2, a personal quadricopter drone that sells for ls than $300 and is controlled by your iPad […]Read More

An RVer with his own personal drone

Across the globe, military and law enforcement agencies are using drones for security and surveillance purposes. But did you know that there are now personal drones that tech savvy consumers can use? I found an RVer who uses one as his hobby David Bott is one of a growing number of radio control hobbyists who […]Read More

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