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Dash Cam Captures instant Truck Smashes into RV

Don Bell was cruising down a rural county road near Burleston, TX, just south of Ft Worth, listening to an audiobook in his 2015 Roadtrek 190 Popular Anniversary Edition, on his way to his Grand Prairie, TX home from New Mexico. He was going about 45 miles and hour. Then, in the blink of an eye, […]Read More

RT016: Making 2015 the Best RVing Year Yet!

Happy New Year Roadtrekers! In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast, Jennifer and I share what is needed to make 2015 the best RV year yet, reviewing our travels and the lessons we learned in 2014 with an eye towards what we can do in the New Year as we continue our Roadtreking RV […]Read More

Documenting Drives: Why I Use a Dash Cam

A lot of weird things happen out there on the road and there also is some great scenery. So I'm now making a record of it all with a dashboard camera (dash cam). A dash cam was the very first accessory I bought and installed in our new Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL and now that […]Read More