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How to use the convection oven in your RV

For some reason, many are reluctant to use the convection ovens in their RV. They're fine with the microwave functions but aren't sure how the convection part works. Actually as Mary Jane Curry, our favorite RV chef explains, convection ovens are extremely efficient. And to prove it, she shows Jennifer how to prepare a delicious […]Read More

How to Use the Convection Oven in your RV

So many RV people only use the microwave part of the ovens that come as part of their motorhome or trailer's galley. Most such appliances, though, are also convection ovens. We get questions all the time from RVers asking how to use the convection part. We could think of no better person to demonstrate its […]Read More

Convection Oven Tips

Understanding how your convection oven works will reward you with delicious results that are easy to attain while preparing meals and snacks while on a Leisure Travel Adventure. Want more recipes like this?  Check out my Leisure Adventure cookbook at: https://smallkitchenbigflavors.blog/   The convection oven differs from a traditional oven in some great ways enabling you to […]Read More

Baking in the RV with the High Point Convection Oven

A year and a half ago, we upgraded from a 2003 Roadtrek Popular 190 to a 2014 CS Adventurous, and some of the main differences we enjoy are the larger galley and appliances. Compared to the 3-cubic-foot under the counter refrigerator in the 190, the CS's 7-cubic-foot refrigerator is HUGE – it even has a […]Read More

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