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13 Best RV Kitchen Storage Ideas, Tips, and Hacks

When you have to make meals on wheels, you need to maximize storage space so you can cook with maximum flavor. Here are some of the best RV kitchen storage ideas to get you cooking up a storm.

In an ideal world, we would have all our favorite kitchen items on hand. But there’s no question about it – RVs have a small kitchen, at least compared to a normal home’s living space.

There’s limited room for food items and all those small things like coffee mugs, especially in the RV kitchen cabinets.

But with little space comes creativity, and our RV Lifestyle community has it. They created a huge list of their favorite storage ideas in our Facebook Group.

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RV Kitchen Storage Ideas, Tips, and Hacks

rv kitchen storage ideas
Take a look at what you already have.

Here are 13 of the best RV organization ideas for your tiny kitchen. With the right storage solutions, you can make your small RV kitchen work for you on all your travels.

1 – Take Stock Of All Your Usable Space

To take advantage of the many RV organization accessories, it helps to measure everything first. How long exactly is your counter space? What are the different sizes of your drawers? How deep are your cabinets?

Then consider the heavy items you absolutely can’t live without, like a blender (margaritas, anyone?). Maybe there isn’t enough room for it in your RV cabinets.

There are lots of great solutions for small items, but you’ll have more limited options with the big stuff. To find inspiration, take a look at the rest of your RV space. How do you use that space?

Maybe you only use your RV’s dinette set to entertain. This means the space under the seats and table are available for extra storage of those things you use in that scenario. There’s the added bonus of these items being tucked away out of sight all other times.

2 – Mount Things On The Walls If You Can

Speaking of taking stock of available space in your camper kitchen, how much wall space is available? The wall is a great place to create some extra space.

With a little bit of shopping and installation, you can create more storage room. Plus, since they’re out in the open, easy access to them is maintained.

The company Organized Obie offers many super easy and affordable ways to maximize kitchen space.

Here are some specific RV kitchen storage ideas for the wall that will free up much room…

3 – Wall Hooks

An easy way to hang those extra pots and pans on the wall is a simple hook. Some hooks can hold more weight than others. So if you’re looking to hang your cast iron pan, be sure to buy the right one!

The more available wall space, the more stuff you can take with you on your trip!

4 – Magnetic Spice Racks

rv kitchen storage ideas

If you maybe want to limit the amount of wall damage, here’s a great option that mounts using magnets. This shelf has some handy hooks and can keep your spices and pan holders ready to use, and out of the way.

There are many models of this kind of shelf so you can buy the one that fits your space.

5 – Magnetic Knife Strip

If you’re bringing your fancy knife set, they don’t need to take up any precious counter space. They can be magnetized to the wall!

It also helps to know that no matter how much your RV swerves, those knives are staying put.

6 – Paper Towel Holder

rv kitchen storage ideas
Maybe one of these?

This paper towel holder mounts on the bottom of a cabinet. This is a great way to save space on the counter, in an out-of-the-way place.

Kudos to whoever invented this!

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7 – Cabinet Shelf Rack

rv kitchen storage ideas
Stack me up!

One of the least obvious RV kitchen storage ideas is putting another shelf on your shelf. If you only have so much room horizontally, might as well try vertical!

8 – Magazine Holders

Speaking of creating vertical space, many use magazine holders to accomplish this.

They can hold anything from pans, pot lids, a cutting board, or any kind of kitchen accessory that’ll fit. You can find them at just about any Dollar Store.

9 – Clear Plastic Bins for Cabinets

This is where all that careful measuring comes into play. Tip: Don’t forget to measure the lip on the shelf.

You can then buy the exact size clear plastic bins that will fit your space. The benefit is keeping food stacked and easily seen in the pantry.

By placing a rubber shelf liner beneath them, they will stay in place. However, it’s possible that you can buy bins that will perfectly fit the space and won’t move regardless. It will look great too!

10 – Fabric Boxes

Instead of clear plastic, you can also go with fabric boxes that have handles. The cool thing about fabric boxes is that they are easy to take out and with you.

Take them camping with you and conveniently return the boxes to their spot when you return home.

11 – Buy Stackable Things

Mixing bowls, pans, and pots are easy to find in stackable form. Plus, pots can usually fit stacked under the sink.

However, while the RV moves the pans could rub on each other and damage them. To prevent this, place dish towels or squares of felt between each pan.

Bowl tip: If you buy oven-safe bowls they can double as oven pans.

You can even store these pots and oven-safe bowls in the oven themselves. Just remember to take out the towels before using the oven!

12 – Collapsible Colanders

rv kitchen storage ideas

Colanders can be so pesky and bulky even in a regular-sized kitchen! Luckily the collapsible kind exists now, making it possible to store away easily.

Collapsible colanders often come in sets of 2 or 3, but you really only need one on the road. Leave the extra ones at home or give them to a fellow RVer.

13 – Instapot

rv kitchen storage ideas
Don’t have one yet?

One of the most recommended RV kitchen storage ideas is the Instapot. Its versatility in cooking methods (including air fryer!) makes bringing other appliances unnecessary.

It’s also not too bulky, making for easy storage.

Remember, Less is More

After all these RV kitchen storage ideas, it’s worth mentioning that the top advice is the mantra “Less is more.” On the road, it can be taxing to be always swimming in your stuff. Plus, you’ll want to save some room for souvenirs!

Do you have any tips for kitchen storage you would like to share? Please feel free in the comments!

Also be sure to check out these other great ideas from our FaceBook group members: How Do I Organize an RV Kitchen?

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