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Roadschool Classroom Supplies & Organizers for Your RV

| Updated Aug 8, 2022

Roadschool is homeschool on wheels! Here’s a list of useful roadschool classroom supplies, organizers, and desks for your RV…

Are you planning on hitting the road for the school year? If so, you’ll want to make sure your children have everything they need to have a successful school year while on the go. 

The following outlines everything you need so your kids are ready to learn from your RV! I cover everything from basic supplies to storage solutions and desks.

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What is Roadschooling?

Roadschooling is a growing trend, especially ever since the pandemic introduced a lot of parents to homeschooling. 

Some parents certainly did not enjoy homeschooling their kids, but others realized they thrive at it. Add an RV, and you can homeschool your kids while learning about nature and the world first-hand.

Roadschooling is a wonderful way to bring lessons to live, by incorporating your travels into the lesson plan. For instance, students don’t just read about the Civil War, they get to tour historical Civil War sites and museums.

If you’re interested in learning more about roadschooling, I recommend this great article by Time4Learning: Roadschooling Brings Flexible Learning to a Whole New Level.

Roadschool Classroom Supplies & Organizers for Your RV

Must-Have Roadschool Classroom Supplies 

If this is your first time “roadschooling,” then you might not know exactly what you need. Afterall, when you travel by RV you don’t want to overpack. But you also want to be sure to have what your kids need to be successful. 

There are a few essentials you need to ensure that your kids are properly prepared for school from the road. Let’s break it down for you…

Basic Supplies

The first thing that you need is a cache of basic school supplies. Some great items to have are: 

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Paper- white and lined

These are items that you would find in any normal classroom, from elementary through high school. You can find some pre-made Back to School Supply Kits on Amazon that include these basics.

Computer & Printer

Another consideration in this day in age is to have digital technology such as a laptop (&/or) tablet and printer. 

If your student needs to stream schoolwork digitally or attends virtual school, then a computer is a must. Many schools use affordable Chromebooks as school laptops, so they’re great for virtual use, too.

A printer is also good to have on hand, even in a tight-spaced RV. Many people bring lightweight, portable printers when they travel in their RV. There are good options out there that can make conducting learning from the road much easier. 

You also need to ensure you have Internet access if your kid needs to attend live sessions. Thankfully, SpaceX Starlink is making this much easier these days.

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While using a digital device to find information is very useful and common, do not leave behind the books. 

It is beneficial for children to read text from books. It doesn't always have to be informational. In fact, you should have a wide variety of books on hand for your kids. 

The following types of books are important: 

  • Workbooks: Having some curriculum in a workbook is good for kids. You can find all different types of workbooks online, in just about any subject and for any age group. 
  • Reading Books: It is also good to have a variety of books that your children can read for pleasure. You can pick up some books online from their favorite genre. Or, depending on how long you stay in one location, visit a library and let them choose. Or, find a little free library to swap books.
  • Location Field Guides: What better time to have your children read field guides than when traveling? It is an excellent way for your children to enhance their literacy skills while also learning about the place you are traveling. 

If you are worried about storing books, don’t be. I will cover storage solutions a little later. 

Art Supplies

Traveling is such a great time to help your children advance their creativity. 

For instance, you could help your children keep a nature journal where they can write and illustrate their outdoor adventures. 

To be creative, kids do need a few basic supplies. Consider getting: 

  • Journal or sketchbook
  • Colored Pencils or another art medium
  • Paint or watercolor
  • Sketch set

As your child gets creative, they might ask you for different supplies to make their art. It also might change over time as your child gets older or you move to a new location. 

Here are some of the Best Travel Journals and Notebooks.

Roadschool Storage Solutions

We all know that RVs have limited space. While supplies for roadschool are important, smart storage solutions are a must to keep your sanity. 

I have outlined some creative ways to store your kid’s school items. 

Underbed Storage Solutions

If your RV has space under the bed, then one great way to store school supplies is in an underbed container. Your child can keep items in the container and then pull it out when it is time for school. Then, easily pack them away at the end of the day.

Wall Solutions

You can utilize your wall space, or even the area beneath your RV’s door window, to store items. 

Adhere the organizer to an area with free space; your kids can keep their items there when they are not in use. 

Over Door Hanging Solutions

There are also very lightweight and simple to use over door hanging solutions. 

They come with slots that can easily be used to house notebooks, reading books, and other supplies when they are not being used. 

Under Table Storage Solutions

Another idea is to attach drawer storage under your kitchen table. When the drawers are closed, they are out of the way and don’t take up much space. 

These are great spots to keep scissors, rulers, glue, and pencils when they are not being used. 

Roadschool Desk Set-Up

Now let’s talk about desks. There are many different desk solutions out there for those traveling by RV!

You first need to decide where you think your children will complete most of their work. Will they conduct it indoors or outdoors? 

Another factor is your child’s age. That will determine where they are most comfortable completing their work. 

Outdoor Camping Table

This table is a lightweight yet durable camping table. It can provide a sturdy surface for your child to do schoolwork. 

This is a great option for children who do their school work outdoors. It gives them an individual workspace and can be moved around when needed. 

One downside is that it does have slats. Your child will need to have a notebook or something solid underneath paper in order to write. Otherwise, their pencil might break through the paper. 

You could also check out these other portable tables for camping.

Adjustable Laptop Tray

This tray doesn’t have to be used only with a laptop. It is a small, portable desk that can be moved around an RV, both indoors and out. 

It provides a nice simple area for your child to work or use a computer. 

Flexible Seating Desk

This flexible seating desk is great for young kids. It provides them with a small desk to use anywhere they want to, including the floor! 

They can sit on the bottom seat and use the small table to write or draw. 

Portable Child’s Lap Desk

This lap desk is a great option for children that need access to their supplies all at once. It has a table surface with storage on either side. They can keep their pencils, crayons, and books all in one spot. 

Lap Desk for Older Kids

This is a great portable desk for older kids or teens. The LapGear Desk provides a comfortable pad with a flat table top on the surface. It also comes complete with a phone holder, which is great for teens that always like to have it nearby. 

Your Roadschool Classroom Supplies Suggestions

We’d love to hear what roadschool classroom supplies you use in your RV. Please share your recommendations in the comments below!

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Published on 2022-08-07

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