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How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers!

| Updated May 2, 2021

To organize an RV kitchen you need time and experience, and knowing the space in your RV! But there are a few tips here from our Community to use right away no matter what you drive.

This question comes from Lynn, one of the almost 50,000 members of our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group.

She writes:

QUESTION: We recently purchased a 2018 34’ Keystone Alpine. We retired this past December, but are not FT as yet. You all on this great site have been so incredibly helpful with advice and ideas. Can I ask for some more? I need ideas on how to better organize our kitchen. How do you store pots & pans? Glasses? Foods? Flatware, Etc?

I’m usually super-organized here at home, but I need many more ideas before we take off on our month-long cross-country trip early next month. I’ve already bought museum putty, Command hooks, 3 curtain-type rods to help hold things in place, unbreakable wine and drink glasses, a new cookware set, and a few big bins, etc. I’d really appreciate more ideas and advice! Many thanks!!!

ANSWER – As Lynn noted, she already bought museum putty, sometimes called museum wax. And there was lots of discussion about that. In case you don’t know what museum putty is, it is a removable and reusable adhesive putty used by museums, and others, to secure valuable objects like vases, especially in earthquake zones.

Since an RV going down the road generates enough rattles, bumps, and sways to equal a 4.0 earthquake, the same principle holds true. Put some museum putty on the bottom of anything you will be leaving out on the countertop, like small appliances, the paper towel holder, and other things you don’t want rattling around and following off the counter as you drive.
How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 1

The product we use is called Quakehold and it costs around $10 for a 13-ounce container on Amazon. 

If you want a direct link to this product, go to

One of the things we so appreciate from our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group members is how willing they are to share their knowledge and help out a newbie. And help they did! We've added the Amazon links to help you find these items quickly. Thank you for using our affiliate links – it helps!

Lynn’s question brought 71 different answers from our other members. Here’s a sampling of other tips to organize an RV kitchen:

From Lois: Good luck. It really is a trial-and-error type thing. What works for some won’t work for others. I use a non-skid shelf liner for dishes and glasses. Buy LOTS of non-skid. Not only do you want it on all shelf surfaces, but also small strips between pans, etc.

Smart Design Shelf Liner

How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 2

From Nora: We recently purchased a new ourselves! And in our 1st trip I found that while traveling, some refrigerator stuff including the baking soda fell and spilled. This week I went to Ikea and purchased white bins for the fridge. Their storage items are fantastic and at a reasonable price as well as light.

Plastic Storage Containers

How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 3

From Sarah: I use squares of felt (8x10ish) to put between pans and plates to keep things from rubbing. Nesting bowls are handy. Ikea has nice containers with lids for spices, or whatever. I put things in containers then I can reach up and slide out the whole thing to find what I need.

Thick Flexible Felt Pan Protectors

How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 4

From Katherine: My 2 favorite rules: 1) Less is more- don’t pack your cabinets so full that there is no room for a souvenir. I find that when I open a lightly packed cabinet that my mind is peaceful and the RV FEELS spacious. 2) There is always a Walmart. Very few necessities can’t be purchased at Walmart or ordered online. We pack in quantity things like a specific gluten-free bread or prescription dog food. Things that may be difficult to find in distant cities.

From Marlese: I would try to find little trays, or cut down some cereal boxes or something to corral all the little bottles/containers on your shelves. Also, flip the shelves themselves over, so the lip is up; that will help contain things and keep them from coming forward.

From Jean: I store pots and pans in the oven with towels between them. I ball up bath towels and push them in my pantry to keep things in place. I put childproof locks on my cabinets and doors to keep them closed in transit.

Childproof Locks for CabinetsSO many to choose from

From Nancy: I got magazine holders from the Dollar Tree and put my plates and lids in them. They take up vertical rather than horizontal space that way and it's easier to find what you want. I also use one for my plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and baggies.

Sturdy Magazine Organizer

How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 5

Do you have a question you’d like us to answer or a comment on the things we’re discussing? If so, we invite you to leave us that question or comment on the special voicemail number we have for the podcast – it’s 586-372-6990.  If you are driving and can’t write it down right now, just go to the RV Lifestyle travel blog at and scroll down the page. You’ll see that number prominently posted on the blog.


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How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 6

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How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! 7
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Mike Wendland

Published on 2021-05-02

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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February 14, 2022at6:15 am, How To Keep The Romance Alive While RVing (7 Helpful Tips) | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers! […]

May 03, 2021at10:01 pm, Neeki Smith said:

How to organize your RV: plastic bins everywhere along with baskets you can pick up cheap at the local thrift store. Everything is in a bin. For example I make coffee, my green drink, and a medicinal tea every morning. Everything is in one bin that I can pull out and set it in the kitchen sink so I can do my business and then put the bin back in the cabinet. I have a basket for all of my morning rituals like make up and brushing my teeth. I have another basket for all of my fruit. Easy to pick up and move around or store for travel. Even my cups and plates have bins that not only hold them in place but I can pull the bin out and take it to the picnic table much easier than picking up a bunch of things individually

June 07, 2021at12:50 pm, Dave said:

Good advise on keeping things organized.

May 02, 2021at8:58 pm, Holly smith said:

We always carry a large aatlas
Of US. That way I can look at “blue hwys”, and see route options that gps can’t show, and let me see what interesting stuff is around with a detour. Also to compare going the southern us route compared to the north.

May 02, 2021at7:16 am, Jerry & Jean Cornelius said:

Is there a map helpful in choosing routes other than interstates….we’d like to do that in traveling west this year. Thanks Mike & Jen!

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