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7 Best RV Kitchen Gadgets for Beverages

| Updated Nov 5, 2023

Hot coffee, ice-cold drink, a glass of wine… whatever you enjoy, here are the best RV kitchen gadgets for all kinds of beverages!

Whether it is a piping cup of coffee in the morning, an iced cold drink at lunch or an excellent glass of wine after a long day, something so simple can make your camping day better.

I have compiled a list of all the best beverage gadgets you can find for your RV. From coffee and ice makers to the best stainless wine tumblers, you will surely find something you love!

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7 Best RV Kitchen Gadgets for All Kinds of Beverages

The following are the seven best beverage gadgets for your RV kitchen. I have included a lot of my and Jennifer’s favorites. 

For a complete list of our favorite RV kitchen gadgets, check out this RV Kitchen Supplies Shopping List that we compiled for your convenience.

1. Chillout Life Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

I know many of us RVers enjoy visiting vineyards and wineries. If you fit into that category, I think you’ll really like these tumblers.  They’re perfect for when you bring a bottle of wine back to your campsite. 

This set of CHILLOUT LIFE stainless steel wine tumblers is highly rated for several reasons.

First, these glasses are nearly indestructible, which is excellent when you have them stored in a moving vehicle. They are made from stainless steel to prevent breaking when dropped. 

The walls of the tumblers are also double-walled. That means these guys will keep your drinks cold. 

They can keep your beverages cold for up to 9 hours, which comes in handy after a hot day of camping!

2. Igloo ICE26AQ Portable Ice Maker

When we first started RVing, one thing I missed from home was my icemaker. I love having cold drinks on hot days! 

But you must love modern technology. They now make portable ice makers! The good news is several models are compact enough to fit in your RV. 

One model in particular that I like is the Igloo ICE26AQ. This ice maker has a 3-quart capacity and a fun clear lid to view your ice action!

This ice maker can make 26 pounds of ice in one full day. It can make nine cubes in seven minutes when you first turn it on. It’s an excellent thing to set up early when you park at your campsite to start enjoying ice right away. 

Another cool thing about this particular model is you can choose the size of ice cube you want. Many couples have different ice preferences. Who knew that was a thing? 

However, if you're picky about your ice, you should check out our full list of 9 Best Ice Makers for Camping.

 3. Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup

For those who rely on K-Cups but also want to save space while on the road, this model is the best coffee maker for RVs.

This model is designed for easy storage and is sized to dispense coffee directly into a travel mug. You do need to run off AC power for this coffeemaker to operate.

While you can use K-Cups, which run a bit expensive, this coffee maker is compatible with reusable K cups. So, you have the option to use your own coffee grounds and be environmentally conscious.

If you love coffee, you should also check out How to Make Campfire Coffee (7 Easy Ways + Tips). That list shares a new way to brew coffee: a single serve coffee bag! Click and scroll down to Wildland Coffee to see (+ a discount code!)

Preview Product Price
Reusable K Cups for Keurig Mini Reusable K Cups for Keurig Mini $15.99Amazon Prime

4. Chef Craft Travel Corkscrew

When I started camping, there was one overlooked item on our packing list: a corkscrew/wine bottle opener. And boy, was it a disappointing oversight! 

Turns out, I'm not alone. So many people forget to pack a corkscrew that is one of the 35 Little Things to Remember to Pack for Your Big RV Trip.

There are plenty of fancy multi-tool corkscrews you can buy. However, this simple, lightweight Chef Craft Travel Corkscrew gets the job done.

It's compact and easy to store since its handle turns into a safety sheath. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe if your RV has one.

Preview Product Price
Chef Craft Travel Corkscrew Chef Craft Travel Corkscrew $5.18Amazon Prime

5. GOGODUCKS Water Bottle Pump 

Do you like to take gallons of drinking water when you camp? If so, this gadget is for you! 

The GOGODUCKS Water Bottle Pump is a water pump that fits over the top of most two- to six-gallon jugs of water. You simply attach it to your water bottle, transforming it into a spout. 

You can quickly get water from your giant water jugs without lifting them. It's a great kitchen gadget for boondockers!

Preview Product Price
GOGODUCKS Water Bottle Pump GOGODUCKS Water Bottle Pump $9.99Amazon Prime

6. Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler

Drink cozies are okay at keeping drinks cold. Can coolers are amazing at keeping your drinks ice cold for hours! This is especially important when working next to a hot grill or smoker.

The Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler is very highly rated because of how well it works and its universal fit. It fits all 12 oz. and 16 oz. regular or slim cans and bottles. 

This is one of two can coolers we recommend on our sister site, Camping Food Recipes, in a list of 35 Best Smoker Accessories & BBQ Tools for Camping. The list covers everything from prep & cooking tools to keep-you-cool accessories like these can coolers.

Preview Product Price
Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler $34.99Amazon Prime

7. JoGO Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw

This stainless steel straw has a single-serve filter at the end. It provides all the delicious and robust flavors of French-press style coffee in an instant. Plus, it can be used to brew tea.

This zero-waste method gets rid of wasteful paper filters and coffee pods. It also serves as a teeth-friendly straw with a silicone tip, so you don’t stain your teeth or burn your lips.

It has a removable filter and is dishwasher safe.

Your Favorite RV Kitchen Gadgets for Beverages 

Don’t forget to check out our full shopping list of RV Kitchen gadgets. Plus, share your favorite RV kitchen gadgets for beverages and anything else in the comments below. Your recommendation might just make our next list!

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Published on 2023-11-05

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September 08, 2022at2:08 pm, Robert Benito said:

Just wanted to let you know about the water purification system by Berkey. They have a great Travel Berkey System bundle which has a great discount now.
We first used a Berkey system while volunteering for the National Parks where they had a unit for our water supply on Devil’s Island ( in the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior). We spent three weeks on the island and this was our source for drinking water.


September 09, 2022at9:49 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you, Robert, for sharing this. Berkey is wonderful! We wrote about it in this story – it really does make a difference. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


September 08, 2022at9:16 am, John Gonzalez said:

Hello All,
Looking for best recommendations to replace my Norcold double door RV fridge with a residential fridge.
I’m not looking to make any modifications to the opening the existing fridge fits in but will if need be.
Thank You All in Advance.


September 09, 2022at9:47 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi John – This would be a good question for our Facebook group. Are you on it? People ask questions like this there and everyone shares their tips and experiences – it is a wonderful community. Here is a link – Team RV Lifestyle


May 24, 2022at11:48 am, Ivan Cooper said:

Looking for a good compact RV sized vacuum that will fit in a 5 gallon pail space. Interested in what everyone using. Our little Dirt Devil hand held has given out on us.


May 25, 2022at11:54 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Ivan – here is a link to a different story Mike and Jen did on vacuums. Hope it is helpful. Team RV Lifestyle


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