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Must-Haves for Every RV Owner (According to REAL RVers)

| Updated Jul 18, 2023

Our RV Lifestyle community was asked about “must-haves for every RV owner” and our members responded in droves. Here’s what real-life RVers say every RVer needs…

Our RV Lifestyle Facebook group is an incredibly useful resource. Our members span everything from brand new RVers to experienced full-timers, from motorhome users to travel trailers, and from young to… less young. Best of all, they’re all happy to share their advice and experiences with each other.

So, when Amy asked, “What is one thing you believe is a must have for every RV owner?”, she received hundreds of responses. The Facebook post has more than 450 comments and counting.

Now, we’ve written a lot of articles about must-haves. We based many of those articles on our own (extensive) experience and the (very) many people we meet, and also on (in-depth) research. We spend a lot of time and effort compiling the best information. 

But, I have to say, there’s really nothing better than getting advice directly from a large group of RVers. It’s the best poll you can get! So, I’m going to share the most common (and intriguing) responses that our RV Lifestyle members said about what every RV owner must have.

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Must-Haves for Every RV Owner

Must-Haves for Every RV Owner

There were so many excellent recommendations, I wish I had the time to include them all. I can, however, include the most common suggestions and encourage you to read the Facebook post if you’d like to see more.

Most of the suggestions (as expected) are generic recommendations, like “tools” or “fire extinguishers”. Thankfully, we’ve written other articles about most of these recommendations. (Like I said, we’ve been doing this a long time!) So, I can direct you to more specific product recommendations if you need them.

Patience, Money & A Sense of Humor

There were three things mentioned more than any other. According to many RVers, you need patience, a sense of humor, and more money than you expect to enjoy the RV Lifestyle. 

While these are things I can’t particularly help you with, they are certainly fitting. Adjusting from “busy life” to traveling is a transition into a patient life. Not only because things go wrong while RVing, but also because patience allows you to enjoy everything more.

A sense of humor helps you when those things go wrong, too. That, and money. Money also helps you enjoy more things, too (mainly in the form of gas money).

Actually, I do have a few articles to help with this point:

Good Tires & Pressure Monitoring System

Must-Haves for Every RV Owner (According to REAL RVers) 1

Another must-have mentioned repeatedly is a set of good tires. As many RVers have learned the hard way, saving up front on cheaper tires will likely cost you lots of money and time in the long run. 

It’s best to invest in a high-quality set of tires and frequently check your tires and tire pressure s part of your regular RV preventative maintenance.

Many of the commenters also suggested purchasing a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This easy-to-install gadget alerts you if your tire pressure is dropping too low. It can save you from getting stuck on the side of the road or dangerous blowouts.

A Good Warranty

No matter how new or well-built your RV is, things are going to break. Often. 

Frequent repairs are just a reality of the RV lifestyle. It’s really not surprising when you remind yourself that driving a house on wheels down the road is equivalent to a constant earthquake. 

Many RVers invest in an extended warranty that helps cover more of their RV for longer than a factory or manufacturer warranty.

Investing in a good RV roadside assistance membership is also commonly recommended. Especially if you didn’t invest in good tires!

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Must-Haves for Every RV Owner (According to REAL RVers) 2
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You’d be surprised how many newbie RVers don’t carry tools with them. Or, at least, not the tools every RVer actually needs. In fairness, they likely don’t realize they need things like a multimeter (or what that even is!).

So, it’s no surprise that many FB members offered must-have tools every RVer needs. Extra fuses, a multimeter, extra water hoses, and more made their way into the comments. And, of course, good ol’ duct tape and WD 40.

As Eric put it, you need “two things: WD40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and it is supposed to, use the WD40. If it moves and it ain't supposed to, use the duct tape.”

We have a podcast about “RV Repair Horror Stories.” But beware, the stories might keep you awake at night!

Must-Haves for Every RV Owner

Emergency Equipment & Preparation

Safety should always be a #1 concern when traveling. Do not get in the dangerous mindset of thinking you’re leaving all of life’s hardships behind! That vacationing is a “safe space” where tragedy can’t get to you. 

Emergencies happen.

Of course, you don’t want to worry about such things, but you do need to be prepared! Being prepared can lessen or prevent an emergency entirely. Quite a few members of the Facebook group brought this up.

Here are some resources to help you stay safe while RVing:

It’s also important to avoid the pitfall of splitting RV duties down the middle as it can leave you stranded in case of an emergency.

One FB member, David, had an excellent safety suggestion I’d never heard before. He installed “a white board inside a cabinet door. When I arrive at a campground I write down the street address of the campground, my lot number and the phone number of the campground. In case of an emergency at 2am, I want to be able to quickly tell a 911 operator where I am. When you are traveling from place to place, it is easy to forget where you are when your mind is in a fog.”

What a great suggestion, David!

A New Mattress

Must-Haves for Every RV Owner

If there’s one thing that RV manufacturers skimp on, it’s mattresses. Chances are, the mattress your RV comes with is NOT going to provide you with a great night’s sleep. 

One of the first things RVers upgrade is their mattress, and it turns out to be an excellent investment. A well-rested camper is a happy camper!

So, here’s how to replace your RV mattress and also the best RV bedding solutions. While we’re at it, here are practical bedding storage ideas, too.


As I pre-warned, I can’t cover all of the suggestions from the Facebook post, but I at least want to list out several more for you. Here are some other helpful recommendations that came up a lot:

What Are Your Must-Haves for Every RV Owner?

Quite a few people pointed out that “must-haves” are relative. Different people are going to have different needs. What are your must-haves for every RV owner? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

Please also join our RV Lifestyle Facebook group so you can share, learn, and socialize!

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Published on 2022-07-05

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