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Where to Get Your RV Washed (6 DIY & Pro Options)

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

Whether you want to wash it yourself or get it professionally done, here is where to get your RV washed.

Who doesn’t love the clean and fresh feeling of a newly washed RV? The good news is that washing your RV doesn't have to be difficult. 

You just need to decide one thing: do you want to wash it yourself or pay someone else to do it? 

The following is my guide to finding a place to get your RV washed, both self-serve and professional services. I also include some quick tips at the end for those washing your RV yourself. 

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Where to Get Your RV Washed
Maybe a Truckstop wash is the place to go.

If you are looking for a good place to wash your RV yourself, there are a few places you can go. 

1. At Home

The first one is obvious: wash your RV at your own home! If you have the room and a good spot to wash your RV, then you can treat it sort of like washing your car. Hook up your garden hose, grab a bucket and RV wash, a good RV brush, and get to scrubbing! 

(Read below for my tips and tricks on washing your RV yourself!)

2. Self-Serve Car Wash Station

Another great spot to wash your RV is a local do-it-yourself car wash location. Many self-serve car wash locales have large stalls that accommodate your RV. Just make sure that the stall has clearance for the height of your RV. 

You can search “self serve car wash station” on your GPS or Google. A lot of times they’ll note if they accommodate RVs or have pictures where you can see for yourself. 

3. Truck Stop

Another great place to wash your RV is at a truck stop. These locations usually have facilities designed to wash big rigs, which can easily accommodate your RV. 

Best of all, they’re usually located right off the interstate or main roadways. Plus, they’re easy to search for on GPS. If they don’t specify whether or not they have a wash, you can give them a quick call to ask.

Professional RV Wash

Do you want to pay someone to wash your RV for you? I sure don’t blame you. Washing an RV or even a camper van can be quite the chore. Even if you normally wash it yourself, it’s nice to have it professionally done once in a while.

Here are some great options and how to find them.

1. RV Repair Shops & Dealers

Quite a few RV repair shops and dealers have on-site RV washing stations. Some offer washing services to the public, including detailing options. 

But, even if they don’t wash RVs on-site, they are one of the best resources to find a washing location nearby. A quick call to a local RV mechanic or dealer can save you a lot of searching online.

2. Mobile RV Wash & Wax

You know how there are mobile pet groomers that come to you? Well, guess what! There’s a version of that for RV grooming… I mean washing.

They are most commonly known as “Mobile RV Wash & Wax” or “Mobile RV Detailing” so I recommend searching for those terms specifically. 

Just be aware of campground regulations if you’re hoping they’ll come there. Some campgrounds allow it, while others do not. This actually brings me to my next suggestion…

3. Ask Your Campground

Just like dealers are a good resource, so are campgrounds. They’ll likely be able to direct you to both self-serve and professional washing locations.

Better yet, many campgrounds have a go-to mobile RV washer and detailer. Oftentimes, you’ll get the best deal going with their guy than anyone else. 

Pro Tip: Before calling a mobile RV wash service, ask nearby RVers if they want a wash, too. You might be able to get a group discount.

How to Wash Your RV: DIY Tips and Tricks

Where to Get Your RV Washed
Just like washing a car?

Are you interested in washing your own RV, but do not know where to start? Whether you want to save the money or were unable to find a place that will wash it for you, don’t worry. You can easily wash it yourself! 

The following is my guide to the best way to wash your RV.

What You Need:

  • Soft-bristle brush or sponge
  • Water source 
  • Bucket (optional)
  • RV Cleaner that is safe for your metal, paint, and fiberglass RV body
  • Non-abrasive towel or chamois
  • Step ladder 

We found a terrific product that gets bugs off our RV! Join us as we share our favorite way to clean off 5 states' worth of bugs from our LTV Wonder. For info on the product, go to

Washing the RV body:

  1. Rinse off your rig to remove any debris or loose dirt.
  1. Apply your cleaner, per its directions. 

Not all cleaners are the same. Some you simply spray onto the vehicle, while others you have to dilute with water in a bucket. 

  1. Use your soft bristle brush to gently work in the cleaner. Be careful not to scratch the paint, but be sure to work the areas where the dirt is thick or hard to rinse off. 

         It is best to work in sections. Clean and dry one section, and then  

         move onto the next section.

  1. Rinse the RV, then towel dry immediately. 

Washing the Roof:

RV roofs are tricky. Some you can walk on, some you can’t. So before ever stepping foot onto your roof, check first with your dealer or manual. 

RV roofs come in two types: fiberglass or rubber. For cleaning a rubber roof, use a rubber roof cleaning product. 

Fiberglass roofs can be easily cleaned. And most likely by the same product that you use on the rest of the vehicle. 

If you are unsure of the type of RV roof you have, refer to your manual or contact your dealer to find out. And check out this post: Best RV Roof Cleaner (3 Top Picks 2022)

Where to Get Your RV Washed

Washing the Awning:

Washing your awning is pretty simple, but you do want to be careful. Most awnings only get dusty from camping, so they just need to be hosed off. 

Scrubbing it can loosen the fabric or finish of the awning, so it should be avoided. 

If you have a stubborn stain, many cleaners can sit on them for a while to loosen that dirt. Then you can simply rinse it off. Just be sure to check the cleaning instructions so that you do not damage the awning fabric. 

I have a list of the Best RV Awning Cleaners you should check out.

Washing the Wheels:

To wash the wheels, it’s best to buy a wheel and rim cleaning product. Most RV wheels usually have aluminum wheel covers, painted rims or chrome rims. Be sure to find one that can work for your vehicle’s wheels.

Washing Gaskets and Weather Seals:

Doors, windows and slide-outs all come with flexible weather sealant or gasket. They are made from rubber, and are meant to keep out the elements from your RV. 

Cleaning these gaskets and weather seals can help keep them from deteriorating. 

To properly clean these, use a silicone-based cleaner. This can help extend their life by preventing them from drying out. Many of these cleaners are sprays, and do not require any wiping. 

Where Do You Wash Your RV?

Do you have any tips or tricks on where to get your RV washed? If so, please share them in the comments below.

And if you are just in the mood for cleaning — check out some of these posts:

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Loved this post! I had no idea there were so many options for getting my RV washed. Definitely going to try the DIY method with the soap and water next time I’m at a campsite. Thanks for the tips and suggestions!


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Do you have any recommendations for RV cleaner? (Outside for the body?)


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