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The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024)

| Updated Dec 29, 2023

Using the best RV wash brush makes cleaning less of a chore!

Rub a dub dub, it's time for a scrub! For your RV, that is.

To extend the life and beauty of your RV, you need to wash the exterior on a regular basis. Consistently removing dust & debris from the walls, roof, and awning should be part of your maintenance routine.

But, whether you have a big Class A or Class B, washing an RV is a big chore. And big chore are made easier with the right equipment. The following list of RV wash brushes has great options for deep cleans as well as regular washes.

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What is an RV Wash Brush?

Simply put, an RV wash brush is one designed to clean recreational vehicles from top to bottom. They are usually compact and light but attach to long poles to reach tall places. They are usually outfitted with a soft bristle brush head that can scrub stains well but won’t scratch delicate paint.

Best RV Wash Brush Reviews

Here we explore different brands and the important factors so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 1

The best RV wash brush to top our list is this 10-inch soft bristle Camco wash brush. It comes with an adjustable handle that can be extended to reach up to 71”. That is capable of cleaning most Class A to C RVs and 5th wheel trailers! 

The Camco RV Wash Brush also has rubber corners to prevent scratching and gouging. Its on/off switch easily controls water flow through the head of the brush.

2. Unger Professional Hydropower Wash Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 2

This 9” soft bristled brush can be paired with a lightweight, aluminum pole to extend your reach up to 48”. The pole is also designed to be used with a standard garden hose to provide maximum cleaning power.  

The brush features a protective bumper to prevent scrubbing damage. 

3. CARCAREZ Car Wash Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 3

Another one of our picks for the best RV wash brush is one of the best for paint protection. It is a 10-inch quad all-sided wash brush, meaning that it has bristles on all sides. The soft bristles wrap around all sides so that you won’t scratch your RV’s paint job.

Despite the softness of the bristles, they still pack a cleaning punch! They are tough and can clean dirt, grime, and dust quickly from your RV. 

This brush can be paired with a pole, making it a flow-through brush.

4. Car Wash Mop Mitt Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 4

This car wash brush features a 62-inch lightweight handle, making it useful for RVs as well as cars. Also, it has an ergonomic handle design to ease the strain on your hands and arms. 

The scratch-free microfiber brush is soft and provides lint-free cleaning. It can also double as a wash mitt for interior vehicle cleaning. Its super absorbent design can easily remove grime and dust build-up. 

So, this is a great option to clean both an interior and exterior surface.

5. EVERSPROUT 7-to-19 Foot Scrub Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 5

This brush comes complete with no-scratch, soft bristles, and a protective bumper. You do not have to worry about scratching your RV’s delicate paint! 

You can also save time by keeping the ladder in the garage! The EVERSPROUT pole extends seven to 19 feet, making it reach heights of 25 feet! That is why we added this as a fifth possibility for the best RV wash brush!

6. Carrand 93062 Car Wash Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 6

This 10-inch super soft bristle brush with the 65-inch telescopic pole is a great choice. It provides foam grips for extra pole control. It also includes a rubber bumper on the wash head to protect your paint. 

7. Docapole Soft Bristle Scrub Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 7

The Docapole is our best RV wash brush pick for smaller RVs. Why go bigger than you need to? 

It is designed to remove dust, dirt, and grime from hard to reach places. It features an agile 6-inch wide brush so that it can easily clean tight spaces and corners. 

Its no-scratch soft bristles won’t hurt the paint, while the 5-12 food extension pole is perfect for smaller RVs. 

Docapole stands by its product, offering a 100% guarantee.

8. Carrand 93303

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 8

This circular wash brush offers 360-degree cleaning. This soft, microfiber wash mop comes complete with a 48-inch extension pole. 

A microfiber glove is made from a soft chenille to lift and trap dust. It can be removed easily for interior vehicle cleaning.

9. Mofees Pro Car Scrub Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 9

The Mofees Pro Car Scrub Brush comes complete with a 10-inch brush featuring super soft bristles. In addition, it has a quad all-sided brush head. That means double protection for your RV's exterior paint job!

Although this brush does not come with a pole, it can fit most standard-size broom handles. Since you can use one pole for two purposes, it can save valuable storage space in your rig! Who can’t use that? 

10. Shurhold 1960 Marine Mate Soft Brush

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 10

Another brush for smaller RVs, this small 6-inch design will be able to reach into tight space easily! Comes complete with a 48-inch pole, reaching 55 inches when assembled. 

The brush features split end fibers, which hold more soap and water. That means you don't have to spend a long time cleaning your RV! Spend your extra time exploring new places, instead of cleaning your rig. 

11. Aero Cosmetics ISMOPBB

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 11

This is truly a unique wash mop system, which is why it might be the best RV wash brush for you. This mop is waterless and can be used easily in most places. Simply spray the mop with their special cleaner, spray your rig, and mop! 

12. TB Anchor

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 12

This mop not only cleans your RV, but is good for our planet! With a telescoping 60-inch handle, and 360-degree mop head, this brush and its long handle perfect for hard to reach places. 

It is also made from environmentally friendly milk fiber, which is naturally odor free. Good for both our planet and your RV!

13. Chemical Guys HOL131

The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024) 13

Made from high-quality chenille, this microfiber mop head will get rid of dust and grime easily. 

It comes complete with a lightweight, but heavy-duty pole to reach most areas of your vehicle! If the pole is too short for your RV, you can pair it with a pole extension to increase its reach.

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Mike Wendland

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4 Responses to “The 13 Best RV Wash Brushes (2024)”

December 17, 2021at9:06 am, Dalton Bourne said:

The Camco Wash Brush is the ultimate brush for our RV washing needs. It makes washing the outside a snap, allowing us to access all areas with just a small stool. The bristles are soft enough to ensure gentle washing while strong enough to remove debris and spots. The extended handle is perfect, allowing just the right length for each area.


December 11, 2021at8:34 am, Samantha Nichols said:

I love Camco wash brush broom! I especially like the button that turns the water on and off. I used this, today, to wash the 2nd-floor vinyl siding. My favorite features on this brush are: on/off lever adjusts water amount with thumb or finger and doesn’t leak, drift, or get bumped. Dense, soft bristles perfect for hard scrubbing without scratching. Squirt dish soap refit into bristles to suds up about 10 feet of RV at a time.


April 25, 2021at7:42 am, Judy Beam said:

We have a 3 horse trailer with full livings quarters. It has both polished aluminum and painted surfaces outside. What wash/cleaner do you recommend?


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