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10 Easy RV Tips about cleaning RV floors

| Updated Jun 21, 2023

We have some RV tips for you this week that comes from our Facebook community in answer to a question about cleaning RV Floors.

John was the original poster on our Facebook Group and he asked:

QUESTION: What is the best way or tool to vacuum and mop my RV?

In the first two hours after John posted this, this question brought in 53 answers from members of our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group.

Here are 10 RV tips about cleaning RV floors:

  1. Cindy says: Broom and Swiffer
  2. Debbie says: Good old rag and bucket
  3. Ron uses a Shark vacuum and a mop.
  4. Karen suggests Swiffer wet jet for the hard floors and a small Dirt Devil vac for the carpet noting that the handle collapses so it stores nicely in the camper.
  5. Bob uses Windex and paper towel on floors.
  6. Dhirag recommends the Bissell Crosswave, “I love it so much. Vacuums and washes the floor at the same time. Get the pet pro one, it picks up hair without clogging up.”
  7. Says Bev: “I’ve purchased several different mops/Swiffers etc and none of them were appropriate for the RV. I use a small bucket with water and Pine-Sol and a microfiber rag and wear a pair of rubber flip flops. I take the wet rag and use my foot to clean the floor.”
  8. Jeanette says “I have a round box of Lysol wipes. I just use them for wiping and disinfecting everything..the counter, sink, bathroom, and the floor. (Sweep with Dyson vacuum first). Rinse the rag and repeat. It sounds ridiculous but does the job and no hauling around useless stuff!”
  9. Grady says: “I have the Dyson battery-powered vac and it’s the best thing ever for vacuuming. I use a spray cleaner for the hardwood.”
  10. Cheryl uses “A small dust pan and brush or a Dust Buster. Then a wet soapy rag or paper towel. I use rinseless floor cleaner.”

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Published on 2020-07-30

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