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125 Phrases Only RVers Understand: How Many Do You Know?

| Updated Oct 28, 2023

Do you speak RV? Test your fluency with this list of phrases only RVers understand. How many do you know?!…

In our RV Lifestyle Facebook group, a member challenged fellow RVers to share phrases only RVers would understand. She kicked off the list, and then nearly 300 comments followed!

We got a kick out of the phrases! Some are acronyms or shorthand. Some are relatable. And some are just downright funny.

We know you'll get a kick out of them, too, so we decided to list the best ones. How many do you know?

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125 Phrases Only RVers Understand

125 Phrases Only RVers Understand: How Many Do You Know? 1

The following are RV phrases that real RVers shared in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group. If you're not already in our Facebook group, you should join! It's full of helpful information and amusing posts.

Alrighty, let's jump into the RV phrases. How many do you understand or can relate to? (Psst! We added some helpful links throughout!)

  • A class A toy hauler just arrived. It’s massive!
  • Put it in the basement. 
  • If we are rocking, don’t come a knocking…
  • We can only accommodate certain sizes. How long is yours? 
  • Go outside and shut off the Grey Water and turn on the Black Water so the Rhino can clean it out when you pull it. 
  • Fill the honey wagon and dump. 
  • I demand shade! But satellite friendly. 
  • Do you want to pour the dishwater into the toilet, or should I dump it down the sink first? 
  • Is that campground FCFS with FHU?
  • Are you 30 or 50? 
  • The animals are shaking the trailer. 
  • Baby, am I over the ball yet?
  • A little to the right! A little to the left!
  • I hate making the bed, but it is a great workout!
  • Is the lock on the fridge? 
  • I am going to dump the tank!
  • Are you a toad 4 on the round or a dolly? 
  • Going to my crib.
  • Holy moly! Check it out. This one is huge!
  • Underbelly
  • What is your GVWR?
  • Galley
  • Full-timer
  • Do you have a loft bed? 
  • Does yours come with bunks? 
  • How many slideouts does she have? 
  • Is that a park model? 
  • What is the capacity of your holding tank? 
  • Do you use a sway bar? 
  • What chassis did you get? 
  • What is your rig’s CCC?
  • Mine has an overcab bunk!
  • Are you a 7-pin? 
  • Gotta bungee in the awning. 
  • Clean out the poop chute!
  • Oh, you have a full turd toter. 
  • Ever heard of a duece caboose?
  • Get level first, then hit the slides. 
  • Should we unhook?
  • Test the pedestal. 
  • Did anything fall out? 
  • Love a good pull thru…
  • Just got the toad hooked up. We are ready to roll!
  • What color loofah does everyone put on their golf cart?
  •  Where did that tree come from? 
  • I can run 75 mph all day long. 
  • Sorry for what I said when I was parking the RV. 
  • Use her once, fix her twice. 
  • My wheels are off the ground!
  • Whose turn is it to empty the honey wagon? 
  • We are not stationary. We love to sleep around!
  • It’s finally level. I think.
  • A little more to your left. No, no, stop! Your other left…
  • There’s a cougar. Ope! There’s another one!
  • I am going to take a shower. Are you running water?
  • Black first, then grey. 
  •  How long is your rig?
  • I am shutting off the water. 
  • I am going to need an RV dictionary.
  • Plug in the Watch Dog. 
  • Gotta go outside for a while. It burped me!
  • We’re on!
  • So far, so good. Darn, I spoke too soon. 
  • Is anything on? I gotta blow dry my hair. 
  • There is water coming up in the tub. 
  • Watch out for feral kids. 
  • We can just dry dock. 
  • Our jacks are settling. 
  • I want to crimp my hair, but I am running the Kuerig. 
  • Honey, I need you to come over this way. Just this much. (Gestures with fingers.)
  • Sorry, kids, I forgot to tell you it would be windy last night. 
  • It might be in the underbelly. 
  • If it starts to rain, be sure to dip the awning. 
  • I forgot to lube the slides!
  • What didn’t you stow today? 
  • I cannot slide it back in!
  • Backing up an RV is a marriage tester. 
  • We have a mad dog!
  • Got my TT behind my GMC to go to BLM land for a “vaca.” 
  • Do you want a full hookup? 
  • Where is the sugar? I don’t know but check the shower. 
  • What is that noise?
  • Jacks are up!
  • Here for the yokes, folks!
  • Gotta keep that tow ball greased!
  •  We are snowbirds.
  • Forget what you heard while we were backing. 
  • Does it have a slide?
  • We’re Walcokgin tonight at Walmart. 
  • Super C RV.
  • My dinghy has a flat tire. 
  • My toad is getting dirty. 
  • Do you “heat shrink” or “reflectix” your windows?
  • Switch the tanks, honey. We ran out of propane!
  • Keep coming, keep coming, STOP! That is perfect. 
  • Is that a diesel pusher?
  • Do you have an MH or a TT?
  • Have you disconnected yet?
  • That is a Covid camper. 
  • I didn’t even know that was an option!

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125 Phrases Only RVers Understand: How Many Do You Know? 3
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4 Responses to “125 Phrases Only RVers Understand: How Many Do You Know?”

October 28, 2023at11:34 am, Barbara Wiborg said:

There are only 13 that I haven’t heard before.


October 31, 2023at10:35 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That is VERY good! Team RV Lifestyle


October 26, 2023at7:06 am, Dr. Mike said:

This is a great list and I actually knew about 95%
But, you missed the very first one I learned: 300 miles or 3:30

Be safe

Dr. Mike


October 28, 2023at9:23 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That is one Mike and Jen use all the time and forgot to include! Thanks for leaving this comment – Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


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