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RV Black Tank Accessories: 7 Must-Haves for Dumping & Odors

| Updated Jan 12, 2024

Avoid messy disasters and overcome bad odors with these must-have RV black tank accessories…

We've all heard black tank horror stories. Hose leaks while dumping them. Persistent odor. The dreaded poo pyramid!

Dealing with waste is one of the downsides of RVing, but it is a necessary task. A task, thankfully, that you can make easier with the right products.

We've put together a comprehensive list of must-have products for dealing with your black tank. From connection accessories to cleaning and odor control, we cover everything you might need (and want!) to deal with your waste holding tank.

But first, did you know there's a new breakthrough in RV toilets? It could eliminate your need for a black tank completely. And no, it's not a compost toilet…

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The No Water, No Odor Toilet

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In a recent podcast episode, we interviewed the President of Dry-Flush about their product called The Laveo. It's a waterless RV toilet that collects waste in what looks like a foil-lined toilet.

Each flush tightly wraps the waste in this odor-capturing material, similar to how a Diaper Genie works for soiled diapers. You can watch the above video to learn more about the Laveo Dry-Flush toilet. This no water, no odor toilet is great for campsites, trailers, cans, and RVs without the need for hook-ups.

7 Must-Have Black Tank Accessories & Products

Now that we've learned about an interesting addition to the types of RV toilets, let's move on to the main event. Black tank accessories and products!

Some of these items are simple products while others are more technical. Which ones you'll need depends on your individual circumstances, but all can make your RV life easier!

1. A Quality RV Sewer Hose

Your RV most likely came with a sewer hose, but unless you bought a new RV, you likely don't want to handle a previously used sewer hose. If you need or want to replace your sewer hose, this is what we recommend.

First and foremost, buy from a reputable brand! Don't buy a cheap, imported hose unless you have a good sense of humor. Because if you do, you'll need to be able to laugh through the horror as a sewer hose erupts all over you.

Second, make sure it's long enough to reach didn't campground and dump station setups. 15′ or 20′ is usually best. And third, get one with a clear elbow so you can see if it's flowing properly and a swivel bayonet for easy attachment.

The Camco RhinoFLEX meets all of those requirements, but there are several options on the market.

Camco RhinoFLEX 20-Ft Camper/RV Sewer Hose Kit – Features Clear Elbow Fitting w/Removable 4-in-1 Adapter – Connects to 3” Slip or 3”/3.5”/4” NPT Threaded Sewer Connection (39742)
  • Flexible & Durable: The Rhino FLEX Camco Sewer Hose Kit, is constructed with 23 mils of durable polyolefin construction and reinforced with steel wire. This camper sewer hose is a reliable choice for your RV toilet system needs
  • Effortless Connections: Our RV Sewer Kit with swivel fittings ensures easy hookups. The transparent elbow with a 4-in-1 adapter fits any sewer outlet. The Rhino RV Sewer Hoses kit will become one of your camper must haves, offering worry-free use
  • Convenient & Ready-To-Use: As part of your Camco RV supplies, the two 10-ft Rhino FLEX hoses of the RV sewer drain hose offer quick setup. Four RV sewer cap and a clear elbow connector are included, making this an essential for your camper toilet
  • Convenient Storage: Our Rhino Sewer Hose for RV Camper 20 ft kit, with its collapsible design and swivel fittings, ensures easy assembly and disassembly. Compresses for storage in 4-inch square bumpers, ideal for practical RV camper users
  • Robust & Adaptable: The Rhino RV Sewer Hose is perfect for RV campers seeking reliable waste management. The RhinoFlex RV Sewer Kit adapts to various RV park setups, ensuring long-lasting performance and convenience for your RV lifestyle

2. Clear Elbow for Sewer Hose

clear elbow attachment for your sewer hose.
clear elbow attachment for your sewer hose.

If you don't need a new sewer hose but yours doesn't have a clear elbow, you can buy one. As mentioned above, a clear elbow makes it easy for you to see if it's flowing correctly.

The Camco sewer hose we linked to above already has a clear elbow. But you can buy a clear elbow attachment for your sewer hose. Just double check that it will fit your sewer hose.

3. Sewer Hose Support

A sewer hose support lifts and guides your sewer hose to help waste move downhill. It's a series of “stands” that you set your sewer hose on.

This lightweight accessory helps keep the waste flowing smoothly, avoids buildup, and keeps your sewer hose clean. It's definitely a must-have!

4. Tank Rinser

A tank rinser lets you blast water directly into the outlet. It's a must-have tool whenever you're doing a deep cleaning of your system or if you're dealing with a blockage.

Camco has a great product for this as well, called the Rhino Blaster RV Tank Rinser. You'll notice a lot of Camco products in this list because they really are one of the most-trusted RV brands.

5. Swivel Stick Rinser

Speaking of rinsing the tank, you may want to get a swivel stick rinser, too. Especially if you're dealing with blockage or the dreaded poop pyramid.

You connect a water hose to this stick and feed it down into your holding tank. Turn the water on, and this swivel sticks whips around to dislodge any buildup.

6. Black Tank Cleaners

black tank cleaners

There are several types of black tank cleaners on the market. Let us save you some time and narrow it down to the best two holding tank cleaners.

The first is Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment. The second is The Thank Tank.

Both products will help prevent clogs and waste buildup. And thus, help prevent odors, too!

7. Sanitation Gloves

Trust us when we tell you that you should always wear gloves when dumping your black tank! Don't make one of the dumbest RV camping mistakes by not wearing gloves.

Sometimes a connection isn't secured or a hose springs a leak. And you'll really wish you had gloves!

But you also want to keep your hands clean regardless of any gross incidents. You are dealing with human waste, after all.

Camco (yet again) has good reusable dump gloves.

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7 Responses to “RV Black Tank Accessories: 7 Must-Haves for Dumping & Odors”

February 21, 2024at3:40 pm, Bud Henry said:

Hello mike and Jennifer first of I love your channelyou have a way of making us feellike family’s informative and good informATION WE ARE WAITING ON OUR UNITYtband looking forward to itiwaswondering how big did you make your concert pad also thinking of making two in case of a guest I will be putingin a electrical pedastal30-50how far apart should they balsa what do you recommend for a security system for the unity hope to meet up with you some day it would be fun thanks for getting back to me your friends rose and Bu henry from Winnipeg Manitoba Canadathank you


February 22, 2024at11:06 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Bud – will make sure Mike and Jen see this question – might be a good one for their podcast questions. Take care and congrats on your soon-to-get Unity! It is a GREAT RV- Team RV Lifestyle


August 30, 2023at3:20 am, Bill Maceri said:

I agree with all the tips you mentioned. I never want to walk into my motorhome and smell the black tank. I’m always very thorough when dealing with emptying my tanks. I used all the tools you mention and would just add a few things I do to ensure a clean tank. First thing I would do is always empty my tanks late at night to avoid the crowds. I remember early on waiting in line to use the dump station, the guy in front of me pulled into position attached his hose and opened the T valve and let it go. In less than 5 minutes, he was driving away. That convinced me to dump late at night or very early in the morning, I never want to be rushed. I would always drain the black tank first and then the gray, like that the gray would flush the hose with a sudden burst so it could rinse the valve and hose. Before draining, I would use the rear leveling jack to jack up the opposite side of the coach to create a down ward slope. I would then close the valve and put plenty of Dawn dish soap down the toilet and fill the tank with water until I could see the soap suds in the bottom of the toilet. Then rinse and flush with the built in tank sprayers until the water ran clear. After disconnecting, I rinse the hose and fittings with clear water. Then and only then I can say it’s clean. I always recharge the tank with fresh chemicals even if I know I won’t be using my motorhome. I always ware gloves and also add a few of those fresh scent tablets in the the tank, and continue to add more while in use. My Southwind came with a sprayer used for dishes mounted right to the toilet. I can’t imagine not having the the sprayer. It can be used at every flush if necessary. The entire process takes me close to 2 hours, but you can be sure my tanks never smell.


August 14, 2023at2:27 pm, Tony Jeffry said:

Like many newer RVs. My Leisure Unity came with a macerator pump and a smaller hose that is directly connected to the macerator. Do you know who makes these smaller sized replacement / back up hose? Thank you for all the informative videos you share.


August 13, 2023at4:39 pm, Greg Knapp said:

I would never use reusable gloves when handling my Black and Grey tanks. They defeat the purpose. Something splashes on them, where are going to wash them that’s sanitary? Where are you going to store them that’s sanita? Disposable rubber gloves work great and you throw them away when the messy task is done.


August 13, 2023at9:13 am, Julie Knowlton said:

Great info, as always! I’ve been RVing for two years now so I still consider myself a novice and appreciate all the advice and tricks you share. One thing I learned recently is to flush a little of the gray tank first to make sure all the connections are secure. Then, if there is a leak or weak connection, it’s gray water on the ground, not black. Once everything is secure, close the gray tank, empty the black tank, and then finish the gray once the black is empty. Happy camping, Everyone!


August 15, 2023at10:05 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this, Julie! Happy Trails – Team RV Lifestyle


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