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Tired of Burnt Food? 7 Tips for Cooking in an RV Oven

| Updated Jun 13, 2023

Don’t let your RV oven become a glorified storage cabinet. Use these tips for cooking in an RV oven…

RV ovens are notoriously inconsistent. They often burn the bottom of food yet leave the top undercooked. Or require the food to be constantly rotated to ensure everything gets cooked through.

This inconsistency leads to so much frustration that many RVers give up trying to use their RV oven at all. Instead, it becomes a glorified storage cabinet.

If you can relate, don’t give up on your RV oven just yet! Try the following tips and tricks that real RVers use.

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7 Tips for Cooking in an RV Oven

A Top Contributor in our RV Lifestyle group reached out to our community for this very problem. Joey posted:

“Is there a trick to cooking in an RV oven? seems to never come out the same as a regular home oven. When I cook the top is always undercooked and the bottom is always burnt…”

His fellow RVers jumped in to help with over 100 comments. They shared their tips and the solutions that have worked for them. 

Let’s take a look at the most common suggestions…

1. Put a Pizza Stone in the Oven

This is the most popular trick that can work wonders for your RV oven. A pizza stone helps even out the heat distribution. Thus, preventing the bottom of your food from turning into a charcoal briquette while the top remains uncooked. 

Simply place the pizza stone below the wire rack in your oven. You can leave it in there all the time. 

Be sure to get the right size! This square 12”x12” pizza stone fits in most RV ovens.

2. Cook On Top of AirBake Cookie Sheets

Say goodbye to burnt bottoms and undercooked tops by using Airbake pans in your RV oven. These clever pans have a special layer of insulation that regulates the oven's temperature, ensuring your food cooks evenly. 

They act like a buffer, protecting your food from direct heat and reducing the risk of uneven cooking. You can cook food directly on them or place other ovenware on top of them.

3. Install an Oven Thermometer

RV ovens often suffer from a case of inaccurate temperature readings, which can lead to frustratingly inconsistent cooking. Don't fret! You can solve this problem by installing an oven thermometer inside your RV oven. 

This handy tool lets you keep an eye on the actual temperature and make any necessary adjustments. By knowing the true temperature, you'll be able to fine-tune your cooking times and temperatures for better results.

And don’t worry, installation is easy! You simply hook it onto a wire rack.

4. Allow Plenty of Time to Preheat

Don't rush the preheating process in your RV oven. These little ovens often take longer to reach the desired temperature than their larger counterparts in regular homes. 

Be patient and give your RV oven ample time to preheat properly. By doing so, you'll help stabilize the internal temperature and minimize those pesky temperature fluctuations during cooking.

5. Raise the Rack Higher

To avoid those burnt surprises at the bottom of your dishes, try moving the oven rack to a higher position. Placing it closer to the upper part of the oven will reduce the direct heat exposure to the bottom of your food. 

This simple adjustment can save your meals from unnecessary scorching and allow for more even cooking.

6. Cook Slower at a Lower Temperature

Since RV ovens are smaller than most, higher temps can more easily scorch the bottom. Thus, many commentators suggested cooking “lower and slower.” 

By reducing the heat and extending the cooking time, you give your food a chance to cook more evenly. 

All the above tips should make a world of difference! But if all else fails…

7. Replace RV Microwave with a Convection Microwave

If you've tried all the tricks in the book and your RV oven is still causing you grief, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Say hello to the convection microwave! 

These popular appliances combine the functions of a traditional microwave and a convection oven. 

With a built-in fan that circulates hot air, they ensure even heat distribution and faster cooking times. It may require some adjustments to your RV kitchen setup, but the upgrade can significantly enhance your cooking experience on the road.

You can read more about RV convection ovens here.

Recipes to Try in Your RV Oven

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This video is about Vegetable Lasagne, a meal we prepare ahead of time and then freeze to take on our RV trips.

PLUS! Did you know we have a sister website called Camping Food Recipes? We share all kinds of great camping recipes that you can cook on the grill, over the campfire, and yes, in your RV oven.

Here are three favorite recipes you should give a try making in your oven:

Squash Casserole

Tired of Burnt Food? 7 Tips for Cooking in an RV Oven 1

This easy recipe uses cream of chicken soup to create the perfect combination of a tasty squash mixture and stuffing mix. the perfect side dish for summer months or, really, any time of year. See why this recipe is a favorite…

Leftover Hamburger Patty Casserole

When camping, you often end up with leftover hamburgers. The cooked patties aren’t great for making burgers the next day, but they are great for making this casserole! It’s also a great option if you have leftover ground beef. See why this recipe is a favorite…

French Toast Casserole

You can make this French toast casserole in a slow cooker OR the oven (the recipe gives instructions for both). It’s the perfect way to start your camping day. Simply prep it the night before, refrigerate overnight, & pop it in the crockpot. See why this recipe is a favorite…

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Tired of Burnt Food? 7 Tips for Cooking in an RV Oven 2

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Published on 2023-06-11

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