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The Stinky Truth About RV Toilet Paper and Black Tank Sensors

This may be an indelicate subject but the matter of choosing the right RV toilet paper and understanding your RV's black tank sensors are critically important to your enjoyment of the RV Lifestyle. So, being as tactful as I can, let's talk about this. If you've been frustrated that your black tank sensors don't seem […]Read More

Ultimate Harvest Hosts Review [with VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Thinking about Harvest Hosts? Here's our complete Harvest Hosts Review that shows what it is really like staying there and what kind of different experiences are available. It's October and the northern parts of the country are hitting those spectacular fall colors. If you can get out, fall is a fabulous time to camp!  However, […]Read More

13 Essential Tips for RV Storage

This article gives you 13 essential tips for finding and using the best RV storage, as well as what kind of RV storage you need to protect your RV.   As the temperatures drop and Summer turns to Fall, some RVers are already migrating South for the Winter.  Others are starting to consider storing their RV […]Read More

Gas vs Diesel: Seven Important Truths About RV Fuels

Which is better for you, gas vs diesel for your RV? That's one of the biggest questions RV buyers need to decide. It’s an important question to ask and answer before buying an RV. That’s why it was a no-brainer to include a discussion on the topic in our book “RV Buying Secrets.” “RV Buying […]Read More

Our Epic RV Winterizing Post [WITH VIDEO!]

As cool fall weather ushers in so does the need for RVers in northern climates to do some RV winterizing. We're going to show you how… No one likes to do it. After all, it means that for many RVers, the camping season is over for a few months. For many, not necessarily most. Take […]Read More

The Best Internet for RV Nomads

Finding the best Internet for RV Nomads is a daunting task but we have the best advice for you in this episode of the RV Podcast from the two experts who know more about the topic than anyone else you can find. With the help of Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, the RV Lifestyle’s top […]Read More

How to Easily Find RV Dump Stations

This is an answer to one of the questions we are asked often: How can I find RV Dump Stations Near Me? There are few things more freeing in life than loading up the RV, and hitting the open road. The RV lifestyle is one that draws in people of all different walks of like–we […]Read More

Our Top 10 Favorite RV Adventures

Our life on the road is filled with RV adventures. Here are 10 of our favorite RV adventures to give you some inspiration about what's waiting out there! As I write this RV Lifestyle blog post, Jenifer and I are starting to pack our RV for our next RV Adventure. And as we do so, […]Read More

11 of the Best Snowbird Destinations for RVers (2020-2021)

Here's our list of some of the Best Snowbird Destinations for RVers as a nervous nation still worries about the COVID-19 pandemic. Most all RV campgrounds in the big snowbird destination states are now open, though most also have normal health procedures in place, like social distancing and masks in public and restrictions on visitors […]Read More

Fabulous Camping in Michiana [Fueled by delicious Amish Crack!]

Curious about camping in Michiana, on the Michigan/Indiana border? You'll love it! You will also love an awesome donut so good the locals call it Amish Crack. We just returned from camping in Michiana, a beautiful rural area of lush agricultural land, old hardwood forests, and sparkling blue lakes. We discovered those Amish Crack donuts […]Read More

RV Podcast 311: Try Moochdocking for cheap RV Overnights

You surely have heard the term moochdocking by now, a variation on the boondocking trend that is so popular with RVers these days. While boondocking is typically off-grid camping in remote areas, moochdocking is camping – usually without hookups – in people’s driveways or the back of their property. This week, we’ll learn about a […]Read More