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Easy and fun Florida RV Trip to the Space Coast: Jetty Park Campground & Kennedy Space Center Reviews and video

| Updated May 31, 2023

We just finished a remarkably fun Florida RV trip to the Space Coast, staying at the Jetty Park Campground and visiting the nearby Kennedy Space Center.

For a long weekend, this trip can't be beaten. The Space Coast has an exciting vibe all its own,

The biggest disappointment of our Florida RV Trip to the Space Coast was how dog unfriendly the otherwise very nice Jetty Park Campground was. The most pleasant surprise was how accommodating the Kennedy Space Center was for dogs in offering free air-conditioned kennels for their guests to use as they toured the complex.

Please note: We did our Florida RV trip to the Space Coast at the end of February 2020, just before the area was shut down because of the COVID-19 fear. As out RV Lifestyle YouTube video of the Space Coast is released in late May 2020, the Kennedy Space Center and Jetty Park campground were both about to reopen. But be sure to check first before heading out.

Here's the video of our Florida RV trip to the space coast, showing you the Jetty Park Campground and the Kennedy Space Center.

Let's start this more detailed review with where we stayed on the Space Coast:


Jetty Park Campground is where we stayed on Florida's Space Coast
The Jetty Park Campground is where we stayed on our Florida RV trip to the Space Coast

Review of the Jetty Park Campground during our Florida RV trip to the Space Coast

This is one of the most popular Florida RV trip camping destinations on the space coast. The campground is nestled along the Atlantic Ocean and inside Port Canaveral, where giant cruise ships arrive and depart throughout the day. In addition, submarines can also be spotted docking there. And from the park itself, rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center and Canaveral Air Force Station can easily be seen.

Those rockets are why this area is known as the space coast.

The Jetty Park Campground has rustic spots with no amenities ($27 in the summer, $37 during snowbird winter time), semi-improved sites with water and electricity ($34 summer, $44 winter) and improved sites with water, electricity, and sewer ($39 summer, $49 winter). There is a free dump station.

With no reservations at the end of February, we were able to snag a Jetty Park Campground spot with water and electricity, a grill, and a very weathered wooden picnic table. There was plenty of room and it was relatively flat.

But when we set off with Bo for a walk, we soon realized our options for him were very limited. A fence runs all the way around Jetty Park Campground, isolating it from the 4/5 acre beach, the sprawling 35-acre Jetty Park around it, and a small pier that offers great views of fabled space coast rocket launches.

But no dogs are allowed outside the campground.

Taking care of Bo on our Florida RV trip to the Space Coast

Our solution was to take Bo to the nearby Lori Wilson Dog Park in Cocoa Beach.

We also show on the video the tool we most rely on to give us peace of mind that when Bo is in the RV and we are working out or out to dinner or taking a hike where pets are not allowed, that we can know that the temperature is safe for him. 

We use a device called the Nimble Pet Safety Temperature Monitor. It uses a cell signal on the Verizon network to send me text alerts if the temperature exceeds the limits I set (85 degrees F). That way I can return to the RV and address the issue by turning on or adjusting the AC. The device also works through an app and I can call it up to display the RV interior temperature on demand.

Florida RV trip to the Space Coast visit to the Kennedy Space Center

Our other Space Coast visit was to the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA and SpaceX launches are conducted. 

(NOTE: The Kennedy Space Center was scheduled to reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown on May 28, 2020)

Admission at the Kennedy Space Center is steep. $50 for each of us, plus $15 for parking. There was plenty of parking available for RVs and that free air-conditioned kennel where Bo could chill out while we were touring the center.

The vehicle assembly building at the kennedy space center
Our Florida RV Trip to the Space Coast had us visit the Kennedy Space Center. The most impressive building we saw is the Vehicle Assembly Building. It is HUGE!!!

Allocate at least half a day to fully explore the Kennedy Space Center, which takes visitors from the dawn of space exploration to current and ongoing missions. This is a working space center and rocket launches happen frequently. 

Bo chilled out in the AC at a free kennel at the Kennedy Space Center
While we toured the Kennedy Space Center, Bo chilled out in the AC at a free kennel. This is a must-see attraction if you do a Florida RV trip to the Space Coast

If you visit the space coast, we highly recommend the bus tour, though it was not expected to be immediately available after the center's reopening. But if it is open when you visit the Kennedy Space Center, take the tour. It goes behind NASA’s gates to show you mission-critical areas of Kennedy Space Center from an air-conditioned bus, areas like launch complex 39B and the Vehicle Assembly Building.

If you plan a Florida RV trip to Space Coast, the best time of the year to visit is during the winter and early spring months. Alas, that is when the Jetty Park Campground charges the most and the space coast crowds are the busiest. The Kennedy Space Center crowds are lowest in the summer, but the heat and humid is always high.

Want to plan your own Florida RV Trip? 

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Florida is a great state for RVers, any time of the year!

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Published on 2020-05-23

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