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Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle?

One of the most common questions we get has to do with age and RVing: When is someone too old for the RV Lifestyle?

This specific question comes from Diane via our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group/ 

QUESTION: “Hubby and I are 64/62 and we were thinking we want to get an RV to start doing some traveling. But, we’re wondering if we’re too old to do it!

We’ve recently started making day trips with our dogs. It’s exhausting – lol! By the time we pack for the day, drive 2-3 hours, hike with the dogs, and then drive back, we need a nap!

How do people our age do it? Did we miss the window to travel due to our age?”

Answers about Age and RVing and being too old for the RV Lifestyle

ANSWER: The answer to this is an unequivocal NO! Age and RVing is not an issue – unless there are health or physical reasons that would make it dangerous to drive.

Before we hear from a bunch of other senior RVers, I want you to meet a friend of mine. He's 89 years old and he still travels cross country in his RV. Here's an interview I did with him a couple of years ago:

I had Loren on the Podcast two years later to catch up with him about his travels these days. He is still going strong.

CLICK HERE for the latest on Loren and the issue of age and RVing

So, with Loren offering us his perspective, let's hear from others .

Diane’s question on our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group brought a huge response from members. More than 400 came in within hours on just the first day!

And the answers are awesome:

Answers from Senior RVers about age and RVing and being too old for the RV Lifestyle

Jerry: We're 73 & 70 love it. Take longer trips with some do-nothing days. Take a drive, then a nap.

Henrik: My dear, I'm 60, my wife 65.. we are currently prepping our house to go on the market in the spring.. plan is to get a 30′ TT and get out! Never too old! If your body can tolerate the adventures, I say go for it! I can not imagine starting our retirement doing this.. it's our dream. And it will come true! Good luck and hope to bump into you and some of the great people in this group next year!

Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle? 1
Age and RVing has few limits and hiking is a very popular activity.

Larry: Diane Alverez your only too old if you think you are. I am 63 tomorrow and will be taking off in my MH in March with a friend who is turning 62.

Lindsay: Your not. Do it and do it now. So many older people wait till the last minute and can’t. Do it while you can enjoy.

Amy: I'm 64 and a widow. I'm doing it!

Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle? 2
Senior RVers enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle outdoors is a big draw

Carol: We are 69 wife, 65 husband. Husband and wife good health …feel our age… hubby still works own business retires in July. I have a very bad back and use a walker or electric trike. I wanted this lifestyle but hubby thought I was nuts. We have never camped out, know no one who did this. Reluctantly he agreed and we bought a very nice new Class C. From day 1 to now, 5 yrs later, we love it. We still stay 1-2 hrs from home until retirement, then we will do our long trips and we can’t wait. We are not athletic, adventurist or very social. We do as we please, always meet new people and there are weekends I don’t leave our now Class A. Do it ….

Senior RVers speak out

Patricia: We are 73 and just bought a 25ft class c. Use to have a 40 ft diesel pusher for twenty years. We got rid of it a year and a half ago. Missed the freedom to travel. So bought something smaller.

Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle? 3
Lots of senior RVers are able to make special memories with their grandkids

Ann: I'm 68 & my husband is 73. We bought a used motorhome 4 years ago & have been heading South for 3 months in the winter. We do not pull a car. We have ebikes. We previously stayed in about 20 different places, shopping or doing laundry between campgrounds. We stay mostly at state, county, & municipal campgrounds with a few “ Boondockers Welcome” spots thrown in. This year we only have reservations at 7 campgrounds. Hard to get reservations, even 11 months in advance, when you have a budget. We have enjoyed it immensely! I know there will come a time when we may not be able to do it. Enjoy it while you can.

Vicky: Are you kidding me? I didn’t even start full-timing until I hit 62! 2 cross country trips in my class A motorhome towing my car behind. My only travel companions were 2 Dobermans and a cattle dog. I’m 72 now, down to 2 dogs and just completed 3400 mile trip to Maine, again, towing my car behind my motorhome, just me and my dogs. After this last east coast trip, I’m pretty much going to spend 5 months in the winter in Vegas, 5 months on the coast of Oregon and or Washington in the summer, and 2 months down in San Diego area visiting my family. I still have a few good years left in me to keep those wheels rolling!

Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle? 4
When you ask when is someone too old to RV, this senior could will tell you age and Rving go hand and glove

Charis: My parents are both 80. They don’t full time but we (my siblings and I) can never keep up with them. Every time we talk they seem to be in a different location and/or state. We think it’s great, it has definitely helped keep them young. I only ask.. they let me know what direction they’re heading in so I have a general sense of where they are in case I need to go get them for whatever reason (which has never happened).

Debra: 64 & 65? Too old? Please! I’m 63 and I’m having more fun in my life than EVER! I pace myself though. I don’t drive 12 hr days like I used to. I take 2-3 days to go where I used to go in one day. And I take care of myself. Good food and exercise help keep my energy level up. AND I make checklists for prepping to go, setting up, and breaking down. Go for it!

Cary: But let me say, 64 & 62 are YOUNG!! I’ll be 77 in another month, and although it’s not as easy as it once was, I’m still enjoying the RV life and plan to continue for many years to come.

Bev: I’m over 80 years old and a Solo RV traveler. My little dog goes everywhere with me. I check in with my kids, when on the road, every night so they know where I am. Keeps me young and active 

So there you go. The RV Lifestyle has no age limits. As long as you are healthy and have the desire and physical health, don't let your age slow you down!

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Published on 2020-11-16

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