This could be the first Type B motorhome ever – Henry Ford’s 1937 House Car.

ford house carThey supposedly only build a handful of these each year. This one is on a 1937 Ford Pickup frame and was found in a private garage in Minnesota in the summer of 2001 with only 19,000 miles on it.

A collector  named Graham Thickins restored it to original and drivable condition.

Check out this story by Thickins to see lots of photos and get the details but it had an all wood lined interior with a metal skin wrapped around it. The roof is wood framed with heavy, waterproofed canvas, Door frames are solid oak, as are the window frames.

Here’s a pdf of an 1993 story on it.

Thickins took the photos and has since sold it to another collector.

It looks really nice, doesn’t it?