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11 Fun Camping Party Games for Adults

This list of camping party games for adults includes card games, board games, campfire games, and active games!

Whether you have a small group or large group when camping, it’s always fun to play some games. It’s one of the best ways to help friends and family members bond. And, they are a ton of fun!

Some of the best games are versions that have been around for eons. You can adapt them to your trip, or purchase versions that have an outdoor theme. I have a bunch of great new ones for you, too.

The following is my list of fun camping games. I have organized them into card games, board games, campfire games, and active movement games.

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Best Camping Card Games

Camping Party Games for Adults
Camping Party Games for Adults

We all know the classic card game Go Fish. But what are some other fun games to try on your next trek in the great outdoors?


If you enjoy fast-paced card games, then you will love this one!

The round deck of cards features a series of random and colorful images. Two cards get placed side by side and the players quickly try to figure out what two images match.

The winner calls out the image first and keeps both cards. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins the game.

UNO Wilderness

I am sure you have heard (and played!) this fun game. The reason it is so popular is that it is fun for the whole family: adults, teens, and even younger kids. So, yes, this certainly makes the list for camping party games for adults.

Did you know they even have a wilderness version? It is played the same way as the original, but each card features brilliant, adventure themes.

It is very compact and can be easily tossed into a cabinet.


Hanabi is a fun twist on most games: each player works together to try and beat the game. Players do not play against each other. Talk about teamwork!

Basically, the goal of the game is to create a perfect firework display using the game’s set of cards. They are colored and numbered differently, and must be placed in a certain order to beat the game.

However, one twist is that everyone sees your cards, except for you! The other team members give you hints to help play the right cards to win the game.

Best Camping Board Games

Camping Party Games for Adults
Board games

While card games are a lot of fun, you may also want to break out an interesting board game. The following are a few to consider for your next trip!


This is no ordinary game. Those folks that appreciate visual games will love the aesthetics of Azul. That is because in the game you get to create your own Portuguese Azulejo, combining art and game into one!

Players collect small times before placing them onto their board. Each player tries to score the highest amount of points possible in each round. You will either create an amazing tile or have to “smash” the tiles because you cannot place them.

Even though this game comes in a lightweight box, you can save room by storing the tiles in a wallet folder or small zipper canvas bag.

Quarto Mini

If you like to play connect four, then you will love this more grown-up, complex version. The best part is that the pieces are made from durable wood and stored in a canvas bag, making them an excellent option for camping. Not to mention there’s a min-version, which I linked to above.

Using the game board, players try to line up four of the same piece in a row to win the game. But there is a catch. You do not get to choose the piece to play- your opponent does!

Travel Yahtzee

Everyone seems to love this classic dice chance game! Especially those that love numbers. Yahtzee is a staple in most game closets but just in case you’re not familiar with it, here’s a quick rundown.

The first player rolls the dice and tries to earn points for different dice combinations. Then the next player does that same thing until the last person has rolled.

You continue the same way in the next round until all players have rolled as much as they can. The person with the highest points wins.

There is even a Yahtzee National Parks Travel Edition! Instead of using numbered dice, there are images of a canoe, tree, deer, hiker, and binoculars.

Best Campfire Games

Camping Party Games for Adults
Some fun ones around the campfire

Take your campfire fun beyond campfire stories. These are some of the best campfire games to play on your next camping trip. If you don’t have one already, check out the Best Portable Fire Pits.

Name That Song

This is a fun campfire game for musicians in the group. There are many different variations, but in general, the rules are the same.

To play, one person in the group plays an instrument or hooks up a music app to a speaker. Then, that same person plays a few notes or a few seconds of a popular song. The rest of the players try to guess that song.

The first person to guess correctly earns a point. You can also break into teams. The first team members to guess get a point.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is an excellent game and an easy way to get to know everyone in your group. It is also really fun!

Each person tells the group two truths and one lie about him or herself. Then the group of adults tries to guess which is which.

This game is also a good way to get great conversation starters long after you are done playing.

Best Active Camping Games

Camping Party Games for Adults
Adults enjoy these, too.

Some of the best camping games are ones that get you out of your lounge chair and moving around in a fun way. The following outdoor camping games are a good option when you want to increase your energy, especially in the late afternoon. Just be careful around the fire pit!

Relay Race

Relay races are lawn games that have been around for years, and are not just for kids!

The object of the game is to have people or teams race against each other to try and accomplish a task faster than everyone else, while the rest of their team watches. Then a new member of the team starts the “racecourse.”

There are many different variations you can try! Some people have sleeping bag races where they hop in sleeping bags from one point to another. But you can incorporate any number of camping themes.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go on a treasure hunt with nature! This classic party game can easily be adapted to anything – especially camping in the great outdoors!

Create a list of nature items that each player must search out. Of course, as nature lovers, make sure that they are items that can be freely collected. After all, you want to preserve the gorgeous landscape as much as possible.

You can include items like a pine cone, rock, wood, and leaf.

It can also be a great way to meet other campers (and recruit people to play these camping party games for adults!). You create a list of RV-related items, then go around campsites asking for them. You can then ask the campers to join you in finding the next item!

One fun trick is to list food and drink items that you can then all enjoy together at the end like an impromptu potluck.

Share Your Camping Party Games for RVing Adults!

We’d love to hear about the games you play while camping. Please share them below in the comments!

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11 Fun Camping Party Games for Adults 1

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11 Fun Camping Party Games for Adults 2

4 Responses to “11 Fun Camping Party Games for Adults”

January 25, 2022at11:27 am, Jim & Patty Siler said:

We began to play”FasTrack” 2 years ago and now find groups playing most RV parks here on the Left Coast. All game boards are custom and usually bought on Etsy. Boards allow 2 to 8 players and is based on the old game”Sorry” with each player having thier own deck of cards. Some versions use marbles but the best versions use colored pegs. You will love it.


January 20, 2022at8:58 am, susan Macdonnell said:

Washer toss and corn hole (bean bag) for outside. Cribbage,5 Crowns and Golf for card games


January 20, 2022at8:58 am, susan Macdonnell said:

Washer toss and corn hole (bean bag) for outside. Cribbage,5 Crowns and Golf for card games


January 20, 2022at7:24 am, Jack Sanders said:

One of our favorite games is”Farkel”.


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