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13 Best Country Road Trip Songs

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

Here's a great mix of the best country road trip songs for your next trip!

Good music is one of those road trip essentials! That and good snacks. And there's something about the open road that draws people to country music.

These great songs are perfect for a long drive. They'll accompany the scenery on a long road trip and take you down memory lane. Just be careful that you are not cowboying out too much to notice a change in the speed limit!

Best Country Road Trip Songs for the Open Road

13 Best Country Road Trip Songs
Got a favorite singing companion?

The following is my list of the best road trip songs you can add to your playlist for any epic road trips you plan to take!

It's a Great Day to Be Alive – Travis Tritt

Every day you're on the open road is a great day to be alive. You can't help belt out this song and feel better for it.

“It's a goofy thing but I just gotta say, hey I'ma doing alright!”

Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver

Do not forget to add this song to your great road trip playlist! This road trip song is bittersweet but is the perfect soundtrack to scenic country roads. Especially for any trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains or the surrounding area!

This hit was released in 1971 and described a journey through the great states of Virginia and West Virginia.

On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

Many consider this classic driving song the best country song around. That is because Willie Nelson sings a catchy, fun tune about being on the open road. His twangy tone sets the mood for anyone looking for a good country sound!

The song, released in 1980, earned Willie Nelson a Grammy for Best Country Song. It was later named one of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time!

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This great road trip song is one of those songs that can fit into two different genres: country and classic rock.

Many people do not know that this song, released in 1974, was written in response to Neil Young's song called “Southern Man.” Young's music had been released four years previously.

Young later commented that he agreed with Lynyrd Skynyrd's “call out” and said that they wrote an excellent record.

Sweet Home Alabama reached number 8 on the US music chart in 1974 and has remained the band's highest-charting song!

Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

This song is famous for a reason. So, be prepared to have a good time and sing at the top of your lungs!

Originally written by a Canadian songwriter, the song talks about how the road can help mend broken relationships.

Rascal Flatts covered this tune for the Cars movie soundtrack. That means kids and adults alike love this song!

Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) – John Michael Montgomery

This song is a '90s classic that is so fun to sing along to. See if you can keep up with the lyrics!

“She's got ruby red lips, blonde hair blue eyes and I'm about to bid by heart goodbyyyyyye!”

Days Go By – Keith Urban

This 2004 hit describes that carefree feeling of having one hand out the window, blowing in the wind. Who doesn't remember doing that at least once before? This song will take you down that memory lane, helping pass by the hours on the open road.

Keith Urban co-wrote “Days Go By,” which was coincidentally the first single from his record Be Here.

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show (also performed by Darius Rucker)

Wagon Wheel is one of the best songs you can add to your song list.

The beautiful crooning is soothing yet also fun to sing along with. It is one of those songs that will get your fingers snapping. You will also find yourself belting out the chorus!

For an updated version, try Darius Rucker's cover. It is an excellent remake of this classic country favorite.

American Kids – Kenny Chesney

This excellent country song was released in June 2014. Kenny Chesney once said that the song “grabs you and holds on.” And he is not wrong.

The fast beat makes you want to clap your hands and get out of your seat to dance. Just be careful not to speed in your rig while listening!

Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean

This song has an interesting origin. Originally recorded as a 2008 mid-tempo country rap song, Jason Aldean later covered it. It references Georgia's dirt roads in the song.

I've Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash has one of those unmistakable voices. You can instantly recognize his music! He also performs with a mid-tempo twang in many of his songs.

I've Been Everywhere was recorded and released in 1996. This fun town has a catchy tune but includes four fun verses that name over 90 different cities.

Highway Vagabond – Miranda Lambert

This is an excellent song for a long road trip. You qualify as a ” highway vagabond ” if you are driving halfway across the United States, you qualify as a “highway vagabond.”

Two More Road Trip Classics Just for Fun…

13 Best Country Road Trip Songs
Beach trip anyone?

Yes, you love country songs. But sometimes, you may feel like singing along to other genres. Check out my list of a few other great songs that are fun and can help make your playlist the perfect soundtrack for your next road trip.

Good Vibrations – Beach Boys

Not a typical country song, but still a goodie to include! This fun, “beachy” vibe is the perfect song to lift your mood on a long drive.

Love Shack – B-52s

Another one of the all-time favorite road trip songs is Love Shack by the B-52s. Released in 1989, this fun, upbeat song is one of those that you cannot help but sing out loud—all while tapping that steering wheel!

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Published on 2022-03-12

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