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Spooky Shirts! The Top 10 Camping Halloween Shirts

| Updated Oct 14, 2023

Don't want to go full costume this year? Still participate in the spooky festivities with these great camping Halloween shirts…

We recently made a list of 13 Hilarious Camping Halloween Costumes for Adults, but not everyone wants to wear a full costume. If that's you, you can still participate in your campground's festivities wearing one of these comfy camping Halloween shirts.

The following list has a variety of clever, funny, and cute Halloween shirts that are perfect for campers, and especially RVers.

Sometimes an additional prop can turn these shirts into a full-on costume (you'll see how!). And some of these shirts can be comfortably and appropriately worn year-round.

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1. Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Shirt 

This shirt is perfect for fans of the Friday the 13th movie franchise. Fellow fans will be sure to give you a nod of approval once they recognize the t-shirt's reference.

The blood splatter on the shirt will catch everyone's attention, and Jason fans will realize it's not a general summer camp t-shirt. Rather, it's a camp counselor shirt for Camp Crystal Lake, which Jason returned to haunt.

2. “I’m Fine” Bloody T-Shirt

This funny shirt merges a bit of horror with the standard “I'm fine” response people often give when they're not actually fine. The shock of seeing the blood is countered by the simple two words that say it all.

This t-shirt could be easily turned into a couple's costume or family theme by pairing it with any creature or monster costumes. Just picture yourself wearing this shirt while your spouse wears an inflatable bear costume!

Preview Product Price
I'm Fine Bloody T-Shirt I'm Fine Bloody T-Shirt $18.99Amazon Prime

3. Cousin Eddie’s RV Maintenance Shirt

Most RVers will immediately get this reference! This Cousin Eddie's RV Maintenance shirt is officially licensed Christmas Vacation movie merchandise.

It works great as a camping Halloween shirt but can be worn year-round (and especially at Christmas!). If you want to complete the costume, pair it with this Cousin Eddie Trapper Hat.

Preview Product Price
Cousin Eddie Trapper Hat Cousin Eddie Trapper Hat $24.09Amazon Prime

4. Witches with Hitches Shirt

This Witches with Hitches shirt is perfect for a group of women RVers to wear around the campground on Halloween. Or, you can proudly wear it as an individual or perhaps you have a little one who wants to dress up as a witch this year.

The shirt is perfect on its own, but your group can take it up a notch by pairing it with a broom or a set of witch's hats.

Preview Product Price
Witches with Hitches Shirt Witches with Hitches Shirt $14.95Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Set of Witch's Hats Set of Witch's Hats

5. Spooky Happy Camper Halloween Shirt

This shirt puts a spooky twist on the popular “Happy Camper” shirts you often see RVers wearing. The black camper on this shirt is decorated with Halloween decorations and is parked in a spooky setting.

It comes in men and women's sizes and several different colors. Perfect to wear the whole month of October!

Preview Product Price
Spooky Happy Camper Shirt Spooky Happy Camper Shirt $16.98Amazon Prime

6. Happy Halloween 5th Wheel Shirt

If you have a 5th wheel, this may be the perfect camping Halloween shirt for you. The simple message is underneath a truck and 5th wheel parked in the forest among bats and ghosts.

It comes in several colors, as well as in men, women, and youth sizes. So, it's a great go-to for any happy 5th wheeler.

Preview Product Price
Happy Halloween 5th Wheel Shirt Happy Halloween 5th Wheel Shirt $18.99Amazon Prime

7. Happy CAMP-O-Ween Shirt

Put a pumpkin on wheels, and you've got yourself a great Happy Camp-o-ween shirt! This fun, colorful shirt comes in all sizes and several different colors.

The spooky details surrounding the pumpkin camper really finishes it off nicely. We especially like the campfire at the bottom.

Preview Product Price
Happy Camp-O-Ween Shirt Happy Camp-O-Ween Shirt $16.99Amazon Prime

8. King of the RV Shirt

Here's a shirt you can wear year-round, but also works great at Halloween. To make it more of a costume, you can wear a crown with it.

If you want to go all out with the least amount of effort, tie a red or purple towel or blanket around your neck. Then you're officially the king of the RV!

Preview Product Price
King of the RV Shirt King of the RV Shirt $19.99Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Plastic Crown Plastic Crown

9. Unhappy Camper Shirt

This unhappy camper shirt is another nod to the unhappiest camper of them all: Jason from Friday the 13th. The poor guy did drown at a summer camp as a child.

In this shirt, you can see his mask emerging from the water as he heads off to torment the counselors that let him down. If you look closely, you'll see how the eyes, nose and mouth of the mask are images of the camp.

No products found.

10. Happy HalloThanksMas

Tired of holiday shirts you can only wear once a year? Here's a Halloween shirt you can also wear for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

This Happy HalloThanksMas shirt cover the end-of-the-year holidays represented by cute festive lattes. Since it's long sleeve, it'll also keep you warm in those cooler months!

Preview Product Price
Happy HalloThanksMas Shirt Happy HalloThanksMas Shirt $19.99Amazon Prime

13 Hilarious Camping Halloween Costumes for Adults

You know, you could always wear the above shirts throughout October and still dress up for Halloween night! There are plenty of comfortable yet fun camping costumes you can wear.

Here is a list of our favorite costumes, including for couples! Keep reading…

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