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Stroller Dogs: RVers love their dogs

| Updated Apr 22, 2017

Find a group of RVers and you'll find dogs.

And you won't have to look too hard to find some very pampered pooches.

I was looking through my videos and photos the other day and came across this post I did some time ago while visiting a big RV show in Florida. I thought it was worth tweaking and reposting today.

Long after many RVers have raised their own families, many are back pushing strollers. This time, instead of their own babies or grandkids, they're pushing strollers with their new babies – dogs.

RV shows draw huge crowds. From the inside exhibition space to the outdoor displays, it can get very congested at times and if you are accompanied by a creature with little legs…you need some help.

The video below shows how we found many RVers solved the problem…

Many of the folks I talked to had two dogs. Some three. Several said the main reason they travel in an RV is so they can bring their dogs with them. “Go to an RV show or rally and if there are 100 coaches there, 90 of them have dogs,” said one man I videoed. His wife had a harness around her shoulders and neck that held a dangling dog in a sling like contraption at her waist.

For their part, the pups sure looked happy. Some had bows on their heads. A miniature poodle wore a Harley Davidson puppy-size T-shirt. Several had fancy collars with lots of doggie bling.

We RVers sure love our dogs. And Jennifer and I love our 55 pound Norwegian Elkhound Tai. But there's no way I'm pushing him in a stroller.

He could pull me. Not a bad idea, come to think of it. He is a sort of sled dog, after all.












Mike Wendland

Published on 2017-04-22

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

16 Responses to “Stroller Dogs: RVers love their dogs”

January 31, 2014at10:32 am, Marjorie Stewart said:

My dog is to big for a stroller so I bought a trailer for her and it joins to my bike and away we go 😀 /*

January 31, 2014at7:02 am, Linda Thomas said:

Wonder how their kids were treated? I love dogs, cats, etc. but this over the top stuff really gets to me. Not sure who is the lazier.

January 30, 2014at9:04 pm, Bob Eid said:

Just leave your pet at home

January 30, 2014at5:34 pm, Dewayne Walker said:

Why? I could see if he was handicapped but I’m pretty shure that’s what the mf got legs for! IJS…….

January 30, 2014at5:16 pm, Erik Albrecht said:

A doggie stroller? Are you kidding me?

January 30, 2014at2:45 pm, Juanita Franco said:

Got one we keep our doggie safe

January 30, 2014at2:16 pm, Dawn Smith-Sprague said:

So cute post might keep our friends safer

January 30, 2014at2:09 pm, Jane Lange said:

We have traveled everywhere with our doggie stroller!!! Wouldn’t live without one! I even take him in walmarts!

January 30, 2014at2:01 pm, Jo Russ-Keller said:

We have a buggy for our dog that hooks to our bikes, so he can go on bike rides with us.

March 11, 2013at11:15 am, Cajunville said:

Nothing against dogs and we see very pampered RV dogs, we travel with our two cats, Missy Elliot & Noel. Our cats never venture outside but love to view the world from our many RV windows. And what a world they get to see!

February 17, 2013at7:36 pm, Caroline said:

my refrigerator keeps freezing everything, even on the number 1 setting. Any tips? Do I need a new frig? Where is the best place to get one? Or how can it be checked to see if it’s a simple fix? Mine is a 3 way. Propane, AC, and DC.

January 18, 2013at4:56 pm, Sal said:

We have two min pins and they love being pushed around in their stroller. We too got onto RVing because we wanted to travel with our pets. Our kids teeze us that they never had it so good when they were growing up. We just laugh.

January 18, 2013at8:40 am, Kiki Dunigan said:

I never camp without my dog, but since he weighs 120 lbs. I could not put him in a stroller, though sometimes he just stops walking, sits down, and refuses to budge! Once that happens, I have no choice but to sit down next to him and wait it out.

I have only met one person who brings her cat with her in the RV. She travels alone and keeps her cat with her for company. Then again, I never once saw her step outside her RV, so maybe a dog wouldn’t be happy with her!

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