Find a group of RVers and you’ll find dogs.

And you won’t have to look too hard to find some very pampered pooches.

I was looking through my videos and photos the other day and came across this post I did some time ago while visiting a big RV show in Florida. I thought it was worth tweaking and reposting today.

Long after many RVers have raised their own families, many are back pushing strollers. This time, instead of their own babies or grandkids, they’re pushing strollers with their new babies – dogs.

RV shows draw huge crowds. From the inside exhibition space to the outdoor displays, it can get very congested at times and if you are accompanied by a creature with little legs…you need some help.

The video below shows how we found many RVers solved the problem…

Many of the folks I talked to had two dogs. Some three. Several said the main reason they travel in an RV is so they can bring their dogs with them. “Go to an RV show or rally and if there are 100 coaches there, 90 of them have dogs,” said one man I videoed. His wife had a harness around her shoulders and neck that held a dangling dog in a sling like contraption at her waist.

For their part, the pups sure looked happy. Some had bows on their heads. A miniature poodle wore a Harley Davidson puppy-size T-shirt. Several had fancy collars with lots of doggie bling.

We RVers sure love our dogs. And Jennifer and I love our 55 pound Norwegian Elkhound Tai. But there’s no way I’m pushing him in a stroller.

He could pull me. Not a bad idea, come to think of it. He is a sort of sled dog, after all.