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How We Roll: Tech Use While on the Road

| Updated Sep 17, 2014

Every week we get at least one question about how we use technology while traveling. In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, you get to see the way I stay connected all the time. Updating this blog, our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, plus the newsletter, means I need a reliable connection to the Internet.

cell phone booster extended magnetic mount antenna

I've written before about my tech gear and the the MiFi card I use from Verizon Wireless to create a 4G network in my Roadtrek Class B motorhome. And some time ago, I added a cell phone booster. This report shows you the extended length magnetic antenna I recently upgraded to, how I stuck it up on the roof and how I handle all the gizmos that need charging.

Jennifer talks about her main tech activity, too.

Here's the video:

We'd love to hear how you use tech.



Mike Wendland

Published on 2014-09-17

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

32 Responses to “How We Roll: Tech Use While on the Road”

November 22, 2014at11:36 am, Jose Cruz said:

Wow something new to me. Mmm rubber or. Metal

November 22, 2014at7:33 am, Karen PT Miller said:

At least it doesn’t have a rubber roof!!!! I hate rubber roofs on RV’s!!!

November 22, 2014at7:08 am, Paul Wedding said:

lol another use for duct tape I see

November 05, 2014at9:42 pm, Sandy Lafave said:

We did that years ago. Smart Husband

November 05, 2014at7:12 pm, Cam J. Cornett said:

Westgate RV Campground in London, KY has digital cable tv at no additional charge! 🙂

November 05, 2014at11:04 am, Mark Miller said:

Can you put your mifi device in the cradle of your booster to get internet service?

November 05, 2014at7:24 am, BudandAnn Wardecke said:

Mary Kathryn and Steven , what do you know about cell phone boosters? Sounds interesting. Talk to me!

November 05, 2014at5:43 am, Bob Holliday said:

What is the make and modal of your cell phone booster?

October 10, 2014at8:20 am, Janet Poell said:

My husband and I are new at owning an RV….. We just bought a 2012 210 popular and love it! We are enjoying reading through all of your info and saw your rave reviews of a Rand McNally gps. Sounded like you thought it was a must have…..then I found another comment that all gps don’t work. So, now that you had the Rand McNally one, what do you think?

June 26, 2014at2:08 pm, Barbara Wieland said:

I understood about your cell phone booster providing phone access. What do you use for Internet access? Did I miss something?

June 26, 2014at12:34 pm, Brian Kee said:

I like to solar panel . Is that providing direct power to something or just trickle charge to batteries?

June 26, 2014at5:12 am, Brian Barker said:

Difficult to find metal on top of a 190 🙁

June 26, 2014at12:47 am, Harry Gephart said:

Love the duct tape cable strap.

June 26, 2014at12:14 am, Andrew Constant said:

Looks like its missing some sealant

June 25, 2014at11:58 pm, Denise McAfee said:

What am I supposed to be looking at?

March 03, 2014at2:04 pm, Doug Onstad said:

Mike – Where did you get the extended antenna?

July 30, 2013at5:18 pm, Jim Langley said:

Great video and tips, Mike. One quick question. I tried using the cigarette lighter style jack in the back of our Agile SS where you have your cell phone booster plugged in, but it didn’t seem to put out any power. I was trying to charge my iPhone with the car lighter cord. Since I obviously don’t know how to use it, what do you have to turn on on the Roadtrek to get that lighter plug back there to power the booster? I’m assuming you don’t have to be plugged into shore power since you use it boondocking. Thanks again. Really enjoy your newsletter and videos,
Jim Langley

July 30, 2013at11:31 am, Dave said:

Great article Mike and Jennifer! Your site has become my go to site every morning. Have a great family trip, Bigfoot Dave

July 30, 2013at10:53 am, Melanie said:

What do you do about your regular postal mail while you travel?

July 30, 2013at10:59 am, Mike Wendland said:

We fill out a stop mail request with the Post Office. They will hold your mail for as long as 30 days and then deliver it on the day you return. We picked up a supply of the little yellow cards so we always have one handy. We fill it out for the mail carrier a couple of days before we take off.

July 30, 2013at4:18 pm, Sherry Hooker said:

Mike, you can also do a “hold mail” on line. Go to You can schedule 30 days in advance or by 2:00 a.m. on the start date, Monday-Saturday. This is great when it hits you after the mail has ran or after hours and you remember what it was that you forgot, lol.

March 03, 2014at10:45 am, Sherry Hooker said:

Mike, you can go online to and do many of the things you would do at your post office, including holding your mail. This comes in very handy if you forgot to do it before you left home or you decide to extend your trip.

July 30, 2013at10:30 am, Stu said:

Great tips, thanks

July 30, 2013at10:00 am, Jim Pickett said:

I never thought of using a power strip. Duh! I, too, have lots of camera gear that needs recharging. Good tip. Thank you.

July 30, 2013at9:58 am, Bob and Cathy Huber said:

What wireless provider do you use? Do you ever wish you had satellite Internet instead?

July 30, 2013at10:58 am, Mike Wendland said:

I use Verizon Wireless. As a tech reporter for NBC, I have tried all the networks and Verizon consistently delivers the best coverage for me. I have only been without any wireless signal at all once or twice and then very briefly. We go to some pretty remote spots and usually there’s always some sort of signal I can pull out, especially with out cell phone booster. That said, if we were to boondock for extended periods of time in remote spots like Campskunk does, I would probably use satellite Internet. We move around a lot and rarely stay in the same place for more than two or three days. We are not fulltimers, though it may seem like it. We typically go two or three weeks at a time and then return home for a week or so.

July 30, 2013at1:15 pm, Dave and Cindy said:

If you’ve only been without internet a couple of times, you’re obviously staying near cities, and away from wide open spaces. While travelling from the gulf coast to Alaska, we experienced so many outages we got rid of our WiFi subscription altogether. It only works well if you’re in or near an area with cell towers, which isn’t all that often when you live on the road. (Yes, we had Verizon).

July 30, 2013at3:41 pm, Patrick said:

What is the Cell phone booster you are using?

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