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Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks)

| Updated Dec 6, 2023

Here's a guide on what to look for in the best cheap fishing sunglasses, and four great options to choose from…

Do you like fly fishing, inshore fishing, or fishing in the open ocean? Or maybe like me, you enjoy fishing right from your kayak on the open water?

It is especially important to protect your eyes when you fish. Sun rays reach the eyes directly and bounce off the water surface, exposing your eyes to additional UV rays. It is like a double whammy!

The Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses

Did you know that even on cloudy days, the harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your eyes? So, it's recommended to wear a quality pair of fishing glasses any time you're day-fishing.

But, if you're like me, you probably lost your last pair of sunglasses… and the pair before that. That's why this article is focused on affordable fishing glasses. Next time your glasses fall off and disappear into the water, you won't be quite as angry (maybe).

The following are my top picks when shopping for the best cheap fishing sunglasses.

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1. Costa Del Mar Men's Tuna Alley

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks) 1

These Costa sunglasses are a good choice since they offer high-quality lenses with polarization. In addition, they have 100% protection against UV rays and a lifetime warranty.

These glasses, made right here in the United States, are scratch-resistant. And provide a comfortable, snug fit.

2. Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks) 2

Smith optics are high-quality sunglasses in a reasonable price range. Not only do they offer a lifetime warranty on this stylish pair of glasses. But their superior lenses are made with Italian hinges and eco-friendly materials!

This near-perfect pair was designed with fishing in mind, providing anti-glare, polarized lenses to help provide excellent clarity and depth perception.

This is an excellent option for sight fishing.

3. KastKing Skidaway

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks) 3

Not only do these affordable glasses offer a stylish design. They also come complete with TAC lenses with a mirror coating.

They also offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays and include zero optical distortion. That means you will have no depth perception issues when out fishing.

The KastKing Skidaway's are lightweight, made with an amorphous plastic frame. They are durable and offer some flexibility before breaking.

In addition, the nose pads help implement an ergonomic design so that the glasses can rest on the bridge of the nose without leaving indentations. Or causing any uncomfortable pressure points.

4. Strike King Polarized Okeechobee Sunglasses

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks) 4

These reasonably priced, anti-glare pick come complete with dual-layer polarization. This pair are some of the best polarized sunglasses you can find at this price point!

Not only do they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, but the stylish glasses also come complete with no glare, polycarbonate lenses.

You can also choose from several different frame colors, which means you'll find a style that suits you perfectly.

What to Look for in the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses
Look into this.

A good pair of sunglasses should of course protect your eyes, but there's more to it when it comes to fishing glasses. Here are some of the important features you'll want to consider.

UV Protection

The most important factor when looking for sunglasses is the UV factor. That is the rating of protection that the sunglasses has against the harmful light waves that damage your eyes.

Make sure that the sunglasses you purchase have a strong UV rating. You want a pair that blocks 99% of both UVA and UVB rays. That translates into a UV rating of UV400 or greater.

Lens Material

There are two different lens types out there: glass or polycarbonate lenses.

Polycarbonate lenses tend to be the better option these days because they are lighter and more resilient to impacts.

Lens Curvature

Look for glass that has some curvature, but only around the edges of the lenses. The front part of the lenses needs to be straight so that you can adequately focus on the task at hand. But the side edges should curve around to protect you from side sun angles.

Try on the glasses, and then look around in different directions with your eyes. You want a pair that allows you to see in different directions without having to turn your head. If you have difficulty focusing on small objects, then you may need a pair that has slightly more curvature.

Color of Lenses for Different Kinds of Fishing

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses
Yellow, Grey, Green, Blue…. which do you need?

Did you know lenses come in a wide range of different colors? From yellow to green, gray, and blue, there are several options to choose from. Different lens colors serve different purposes and can help protect your eyes in various conditions.

Yellow lenses are a great choice in low light conditions. They are a great option if you like to fish in the early morning or just before sunset.

If you fish midday in bright sunlight, your best option is grey lenses. They are an excellent choice because they can also be used in other conditions, which can be of great value if you fish at different times of the day.

Green lenses are a good option for inland fishing because they have an amber or copper-colored base. These are great for inland fishing, in shallow water.

And pairs with blue lenses are the best sunglasses for open water, ocean fishing. Blue mirror glasses do an excellent job of deflecting

Manufacturer for the best cheap fishing sunglasses

Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses
Where do you fish?

While name brand is not always everything when it comes to sunglasses, a company's reputation can speak volumes. That is because there are a lot of scammers out there online. They may claim to be selling high-quality sunglasses with good UV protection, but that is not always the case.

Low-quality lenses can not only lead to unwanted UV exposure. They can also negatively impact your eyes in others ways after prolonged use.

Go with a reputable company when shopping for glasses. Many out there have been around for a long time, and have a good reputation for making high-quality sunglasses that protect you well. Top brands may be sold at a higher price point, but are worth it in the long run.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are basically advanced lens technology. There is a chemical filter that is placed on the lens to block harmful light from all directions except vertical.

Polarized lenses can reduce glare, as well as strong glare coming from the surface of the water. That makes these lenses ideal for outdoor sports, especially fishing.

They can also help define color contrast.

Overall, polarized lenses provide clear vision in bright light conditions, and minimize glare, reflection, and eye strain.

These lenses used to only be available as, glass lenses. But you can find polarized plastic lenses nowadays.

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Do You Need the Best Cheap Fishing Sunglasses? (4 Top Picks) 6

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