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Workamping for Singles: Camping Jobs for Solo RVers

| Updated Feb 3, 2023

Attention Solo RVers! Work camping isn't just for couples. Here are great resources to find workamping for singles…

Work camping (aka workamping) is one of the best ways to pay for traveling WHILE you travel! You can find temporary paid positions throughout the country at great places like national and state parks, private campgrounds, retail stores, visitor centers, amusement parks, or RV resorts.

There are positions for every personality, including people-oriented places and remote work where you can be alone. Some positions may pay you in-kind with a free campsite, while others give you a paycheck. Still, others might offer a combination of both!

Thankfully, many websites are specifically designed to help RVers find workamping jobs. You can join multiple work camping sites to increase your job findings. The following are the best resources to help you locate work camping jobs all over the country!

Workamping for Singles: Types of Jobs

The good news for a single person looking for workamping job is that there are positions for every age and skill set.

There are many types of seasonal job listings. You will find positions for food preparation, fulfillment centers (Amazon is well-known for this), or Christmas tree lots during the winter season.

The National Park Service is another organization that offers seasonal positions at different locations. You can find a place in a cafe, as a park host, or answer questions at historic sites. All you need is a positive attitude for these gigs.

Many private and public campgrounds need campground hosts. They usually oversee the campground operations in exchange for a free campsite. You might need to clean up the grounds, manage laundry facilities or collect camping fees as part of your duties.

Another option is finding employment at one of Amazon's warehouses across North America that need help during the holiday season. They offer various positions that vary in the number of hours, like a full-time job with extended hours to short, part-time work.

Do Workamping Jobs for Solo RVers Pay Well?

Most workamping for singles jobs that you will find are temporary positions. Many do not require a high skill set, so they tend not to pay very much. Despite that, quick work is an excellent way to offset your traveling expenses.

Most paid positions are at minimum wage, but it varies depending on the work type and labor demand. Another factor affecting pay is the location of the job. For example, working camping jobs in Michigan will most likely pay less than in California.

5 Best Resources for Workamping for Singles

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Several excellent resources are available to help you find temporary work on the road. I think the best way to find the best match for you is to check job listings and post an online resume to multiple workamping websites.

The most popular site is one that took the term “work campers” and turned it into a single word…

1. Workamper News

Workamper News is probably the best website to help RVers find temporary work. It was also its first website, which is why work camping is often called “workamping.” More campgrounds use this website than any other, making it a vital resource for anyone looking for temporary travel work.

The website is easy to use and is home to one of the most extensive databases. It offers many different workamping opportunities for those who seek them.

2. Pet Sitting

Becoming a pet sitter is a great way to make extra money while RVing.  For the most part, doesn’t require any special skills. (Unless, you’re offering dog training).

Much of the job is feeding, playing, and cleaning up after the pet. If you are or have been a pet owner, then you already have the foundation needed.

The easiest way to become a pet sitter is to sign up on popular pet-sitting apps. Every site or app is different, but for the most part, the signup process is the same. You create a profile, write a bio, select services you’d offer, and types of pets you’d care for. 

The most popular pet-sitting apps and websites are:

To determine which platform best suits your needs, it is recommended to evaluate various aspects such as fees, insurance coverage, and the process for matching. It may also be beneficial to consider registering on multiple platforms to increase job prospects.

3. is another good resource for you. This website lists volunteer positions for the United States (US) Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Society, National Parks Service, National Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

You can filter results to narrow down search criteria in the following areas: activities, host housing, keywords, and difficulty level. 

4. Kamper Jobs

The fourth website on my list is called Kamper Jobs. It is pretty popular because it is 100% free.

However, you will want to be aware that because the website is free, it does not provide a user experience that is as good as the previously mentioned sites. It is an excellent resource for those wanting to find work without an additional cost.

Kamper Jobs offers hundreds of job listings in several states across America. The nice thing is that the website shows previews of the newest positions right on its home page. You can quickly and easily see what is immediately available without digging.

5. is my final inclusion. It is another free website that was created by RVers for RVers. The website creators Jerry and Cynthia Winegard designed to allow a place for traveling workers and businesses to find each other for free. 

The following is a message from the couple on their website: “We don’t use this site to make a living, so we don’t need to charge our visitors anything. We offer the site as a service to our RV friends. As long as ad revenue covers the hosting costs, we are happy.”

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Workamping for Singles: Camping Jobs for Solo RVers 1

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Workamping for Singles: Camping Jobs for Solo RVers 2

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