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RT66 Why you Need to be in Perry, GA in March

| Updated Jul 13, 2023

In this week's episode, we talk about  an RV gathering that will teach you more about RVing in three days than most people learn in a lifetime.

The Family Motorcoach Association's upcoming gathering in Perry, GA is the kind of event every RVer should attend at least once in their lifetime. In this episode, Mike talks to Doug Uhlenbrock of the FMCA [spp-timestamp time=”20:38″] who describes the seminars and activities available for owners of all sorts of RVs.


But there is so much more in this episode. Here are the shownotes with links and resources.

Jennifer's Tip of the Week: The LifeStraw

Jennifer shares a tip about a $20 gadget that belongs in every RV, especially if you like to camp and hike in wilderness areas [spp-timestamp time=”7:10″]

It’s very practical and handy for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, which Mike and I certainly do, especially as we boondock far off the grid more and more in our RV adventures.lifestraw

Now let me first say we are NOT preppers… we are not survivalists, though this little product I am sharing would be a staple n every good prepper’s bug out bag.

It’s the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and it lets you drink clear and clean water from just about any source you will find, even puddles of rainwater on the ground. Really!. It Removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns. That’s as claen as the bottled water you buy.

lifestrawinuseEach LifeStraw Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine or other chemicals. That’s 264 gallons of water, in case you wondering.

The LifeStraw was a Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner and contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out. It features a high flow rate and weighs only 2oz. It is perfect for the Ultralight backpacker, camper, hiker, traveler, boy scout, hunter or for emergencies.

We have two of them…one for Mike, one for me. We have it in our motorhome all the time and if we’re going on a long hike, we stuff it in our backpacks. It’s about nine inches long by an inch around so they don’t take up much space..

Unlike many similar filters on the market today, LifeStraw has met EPA standards for water filtration in independent testing. LifeStraw has been used around the world under extreme conditions for humanitarian relief. In fact the Lifestraw has been standard gear for most NGOs for worldwide humanitarian relief since 2005. A portion of sales goes to support clean water projects worldwide.

Filtering your drinking water could not be simpler. With LifeStraw you can drink directly from puddles or streams, or you may find it easier to scoop water with your wide-mouthed water bottle and drink from it using the LifeStraw.

We got ours through Amazon at They cost just under $20 each

Audience Question: Satellite Internet

Listener Larry asks for more info on the cool Internet Satellite system Campskunk hinted at in episode 65 [spp-timestamp time=”11:32″]. Mike shares how its a system based on the Ka band, instead of the slow and spotty Ku band. Here's a fresh post Campskunk wrote that explains all about it.

Audience Question: Fording Streams in an RV

Listener David inquires about taking his RV across streams and worries about shorting out his electronic gear [spp-timestamp time=”16:10″]. Mike suggests a talk with his dealer, but notes we're talking about an RV, not an ATV and those are situations most RVers never need to worry about. David, though, plans some pretty rugged travels planned and he has ordered a 4 x 4 RV. If you ave some suggestions n how he can protect his electronics, leave your feedback as a Voice Message by clicking the black banner on the far right side of the blog.

Traveling Tech Tip: Pocket Light Meter

Mike loves to take photos. Sometimes, it's not apparent what the aperture, shutter speed and ISO should be set. He uses the free Pocket Light Meter app for the iPhone [spp-timestamp time=”41:55″].

Off The Beaten Path: The Great Okefenokee Swamp

Listeners Tm and Patti Burkett check in with another Off-the-Beaten-Path report, this one about The Great Okefenokee Swamp, one of North America’s most unspoiled, fascinating and precious natural resources – the largest, intact, un-fragmented, freshwater and black water wilderness swamp in all of North America [spp-timestamp time=”46:13″].



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