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What Campers Look For in an RV Campground (109 Things)

| Updated Dec 7, 2022

Are you considering opening an RV park? Here's what campers look for in an RV campground (according to REAL RVers)…

If you are interested in opening your own RV park or campground but need help knowing where to start, you are not alone.

One of our members recently had the same question. Kayla asked for advice on this very matter in a recent post. She wrote: 

“I am going to open an RV park. Best advice and tips for an amazing campground with your favorite amenities?” 

When opening an RV park, asking this question is a great place to start. By polling real RVers you can get a sense of what the majority of campers look for when finding a palace to park their trailer. 

So, I've summarized all of the responses from REAL RVers in the list below. I hope it helps you plan the next best RV campground around!

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What Campers Look For in an RV Campground (109 Things) 1

Growing Trend to Own RV Land

Over the past couple of years, there has been a growing trend of owning RV land, whether for personal use or to open an RV campground. With campground reservations so hard to get and house prices soaring, people are resorting to living in an RV on their own land.

There are pros and cons of owning RV land, but one big pro is being able to make money off it if zoning allows it, of course.

A lot of thought must go into developing RV land, and most of it revolves around what campers look for in an RV campground. If you know what campers want, you can give it to them!

What Campers Look For in an RV Campground

What Campers Look For in an RV Campground (109 Things)

There are many things that real campers want when traveling. The following is a list of the top-rated suggestions for an ideal RV park or campground. 

1. More space! The #1 thing that RVers want is more space between campsites. Campers want to avoid being right on top of their neighbor when spending time outdoors. 

2.  Shade trees or shade structures

3. Pet friendly 

4. Level ground in campsites

5. Privacy between campsites (like bushes)

6. On-site restaurant and bar

7. Age restrictions for older adults

8. Laundromat

9. Accommodate large rigs

10. Be mindful of sewer placement for neighboring campsites

11. Pool and adult-only hot tub

12. Stable WiFi

13. Clean restrooms

14. Card-operated laundry facilities (preferably with app notifications)

15. Local recommendations for things to see, places to eat, etc. 

16. Dog park

17. Playground

18. Activities for all ages (such as ice cream socials, bingo, etc.)

19. Sports areas (like pickleball courts)

20. Fire ring

21. Picnic table

22. Pull-through spots when possible

23. Trash collection

24. Full hookups

25. Trash can 

26. Water attraction (such as a pond, slash pad, or lazy river)

27. Sewer hook-up

28. Separation of adult and family-friendly campsites 

29. Space between campsites (this was mentioned many, many times)

30. Paved campsites

31. Neighbor’s sewer located away from neighbors (also mentioned a lot)

32. Camp store

33. Clear signage

34. Wide roads

35. Shrubs or other vegetation between sites (another one mentioned often)

What Campers Look For in an RV Campground

36. Larger concrete pad to accommodate canopy

37. Enforced pool or hot tub hours (including a curfew and adult-only times)

38. Snacks or Treat Options On-Site

39. Children-free and Pet-free zones

40. Accessible Sites and Areas for the disabled

41. Less expensive spots with no hook-ups for single-night stays

42. Pet washing station

43. Good water pressure

44. Pet sitting or “check-in” service

45. Cable TV 

46. Pleasant staff members

47. Nice pool lounge chairs

48. Fishing pond or lake feature

49. More space between campsites (did we mention this? :-)…)

50. Fenced-in play area or playground for children

51. 30 & 50 amp hookups

52. Nicely maintained grounds and roads

53. On-site dump stations

54. Low-to-the-ground sewer connections

55. Not too close to the freeway or highway

56. Limit political flags or signage

57. Food trucks on weekends

58. Limit full-time RVers

59. Add a few buddy sites

60. Keep rates reasonable

61. Open pet areas or dog runs

62. Griddle in a fire ring

63. Campground fire pit for the weekends

64. Have hot water (versus lukewarm water)

65. Accommodate larger RVs that have multiple slide-outs

66. Level ground (this was mentioned quite a bit!)

67. Grass areas

68. Different types of foliage

69. Dog potty bags

70. Small gated patio areas that are dog-friendly

71. Separate long-term and short-term renters

72. Enforced pet rules (i.e., dogs on leashes)

73. Quiet hours enforced at 10:00 pm

74. Propane tank service (i.e., pickup and delivery)

75. Offer multiple recycling and garbage stations

76. Community BBQ or entertainment space

What Campers Look For in an RV Campground

77. Cornhole or other yard games

78. Offer shower rooms that are separated 

79. Keep sites away from storage areas, garbage sites, and propane tanks

80. Keep roads free from potholes

81. Have an on-site manager 

82. Extra hooks in shower areas

83. Offer a sturdy and dry place to sit after showering

84. Pillow jumping pads for kids

85. Live music on the weekends

86. Ample parking near the laundromat

87. Washing machines and dryers that accommodate oversized bedding

88. Lots of laundry machines so that many people can wash at once

89. Keep the on-site water spigot above ground (vs. in the box under the ground)

90. Try to arrange a public transportation stop to visit local sites 

91. Offer online reservations

92. Provide clear photos of each site online

93. Provide small storage units

94. Clubhouse for community activities and rainy days

95. Hot tub (this suggestion was received A LOT)

96. Dog park (this was also suggested A LOT)

97. Be mindful of how to reply to suggestions online (be positive)

98. Angled parking for RVs

99. Doggie daycare (this was suggested multiple times)

100. Gym or another workout area

101. Laundry facilities that accept cards (mentioned frequently)

ebikes bike trail what campers look for in an rv campground
Bike path ebike ride – photo by James Massey

102. Bike paths

103. Hiking or walking trails

104. Indoor pool for chilly areas

105. Shade for playground areas

106. Space between sites (One more time – mentioned the most!)

107. Shrubs or separation between sites (yep, listing this again since it was commented on so many times)

108. Stock the store with emergency items (bandages, water, flashlights, firewood and starters, lighters, garbage bags, and wine…)

109. Have an “on-call” number when management is not on-site

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2022-12-06

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

7 Responses to “What Campers Look For in an RV Campground (109 Things)”

November 12, 2023at12:05 am, Alice Carroll said:

Thanks for the tip about how I should look for the ample shade when planning to stay in an RV resort. I want to look for a good RV resort soon because I want to go camping with my cousins next year. Perhaps, we should go right away on early January after the New Year’s Eve festivities of our family.

[Link deleted]


November 14, 2023at4:15 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for the encouragement, Alice, and hope you find the perfect place to camp with your cousins – Team RV Lifestyle


December 09, 2022at2:24 am, Shelley Cuevas said:

It was mentioned that they want a site large enough to accommodate a camper with slide outs but don’t give dimensions. I am building a site on my farm and could use as much input as possible.


December 06, 2022at12:24 pm, Donald Haskin said:

The wishes people have come down to three things, more space, more amenities, and more upkeep; which all means more expense. At the same time people are complaining about high campground prices and looking for more boondocking spots. You can’t have it both ways, if you want more space, more amenities, and spotless facilities, expect and be willing to pay for them.


December 07, 2022at7:32 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Excellent point, Donald – Team RV Lifestyle


December 06, 2022at11:35 am, Melanee McCann said:

Great suggestions. I would like to add one more…allow us to lock in our sites. Some places won’t allow that. We get switched to another site. Then when I arrive the site is too short or won’t accommodate slide outs or awnings.


December 07, 2022at7:31 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Locking in a site is a great suggestion – thanks for sharing, Melanee! Team RV Lifestyle


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