If Fuel gets too costly there’s always the Camper Bike

Gas and diesel prices are a drag allright and RV trips cost more and more. But if you don't mind downsizing, there's always the Camper Bike. Designed and built by artist Kevin Cyr , the camper bike was made from scrap metal, painted and inspired from a series of his paintings and drawings. Cyr got the idea […]Read More

Shopping for an RV? An RV show is the place to start

Buying a motorhome or RV is not an impulse move. It takes a lit of time, a lot of fact-finding. Jim Hammill, president of Roadtrek Motorhomes, says the company has noted that from the time a person first contacts them about an RV to the time they register as an owner averages around one year. […]Read More

Jennifer’s Take: Why I don’t drive our RV very much

This is a guest post from Jennifer, Mike's wife. And it comes after Angie, one of this blog's regular readers, asked me to share my experiences driving our Roadtrek Type B motorhome. Mike has noted a couple of times that I dont drive it much so I've agreed to explain why. First, let me say […]Read More

Dual-Anniversary 2013 Roadtrek Rally in Branson Already sold out

The 2012 season is still not over but already, one of 2013's major gatherings is a sell out. It's the big double anniversary rally in Branson, MO May 20-24, 2013 that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of Roadtrek Motorhomes and the 20th anniversary of the Roadtrek International owners group chapter of the Family […]Read More

RVing Brings Unexpected Surprises

Lamb and wool festival from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. We headed up to Northern Michigan this past weekend to look at the fall colors, which were painting the hardwood forests in bright colors. It was close to peak color on the last weekend of September, one of the earliest times we can remember the color […]Read More

Roadtrek’s new RS E-Trek is Perfect for Boondocking

Maybe we should now use a new term for “Boondocking,” or dry camping in the wilderness without hookups or utilities. Maybe now we should call it “Boontreking.” That's my take after a hands-on look at the brand new, high tech and eco-friendly RS E-Trek, the latest addition to the Roadtrek family of motorhomes. I made […]Read More

Boondock RVing makes for the perfect getaway, despite the UFO

Sometimes, it's those spur-of-the-moment getaways that make for the best RVing. So it was this past weekend when we headed to northern Michigan and did some boondocking – camping on our own, in no designated camp space, with no commercial hookups. It was perhaps the best experience we've had in our RV all year, made even more fun […]Read More

Roadtrek’s new E-Trek

Roadtrek has announced a new environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced model on the Sprinter chasis called the RS E-Trek. Boondockers are going to love it. Roadtrek says pricing is forthcoming but it expected to start at about $122,000. Here's the official release: Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc is pleased to announce a new model, the RS E-Trek. This new […]Read More

RVing across America: Popcorn Days in Nebraska

One of the best things about RVing in a Type B motorhome is you can get to a lot of great places far off the interstate…places like the Sandhills of Nebraska, a 10,000 square mile region of grass covered sand dunes that takes up nearly 25% of the state. While we were cruising these beautiful […]Read More

Three weeks in an RV: 12 lessons learned on the road

The RV is washed and cleaned now, squashed bugs rubbed off the front end, clothes and supplies unpacked, rugs vacuumed, fridge emptied. Here's our stats: 5,209 miles driven in 12 states. Fuel cost –  $941; Campground cost – $650 Now, three days after returning from a three-week trip out west – we're both ready for […]Read More

An RVer with his own personal drone

Across the globe, military and law enforcement agencies are using drones for security and surveillance purposes. But did you know that there are now personal drones that tech savvy consumers can use? I found an RVer who uses one as his hobby David Bott is one of a growing number of radio control hobbyists who […]Read More

Aerial shot of FMCA Indy event

We're about to head home from the Family Motorcoach Association Indianapolis 2012 Reunion. I shot several fun and informative videos I'll be sharing with you over the next week or so. But as we get ready to return to Michigan – after three weeks on the road – I wanted to share this cool aerial […]Read More

New Motorhome Showcase at FMCA Indianapolis Event

A highlight of the Family Motorcoach Association's annual reunion each year is the new motorhome showcase and the 2012 event in Indianapolis generated a lot of excited buzz. We spent most of our time looking at the Type Bs and a cool C. Here's our quick video tour of what caught our eye. By the […]Read More

Nebraska’s Sandhills and Popcorn Days cause us to backtrack

The biggest surprise we have encountered on our Open Mike extended road trip for the Family Motor Coach Association has been Nebraska. Yeah, there's a lot of corn. The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers chose an apt nickname. But what has captivated us the most about this state and compelled us to backtrack on our route […]Read More

Buffalo Crossing

Got some great video at Yellowstone National Park of a herd of bison crossing the Yellowstone River at sunset. They are huge, shaggy, magnificent creatures and watching them swim across the river was mesmerizing.Read More

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