At the Oregon Meet Up

 At the Oregon Meet Up


On the way through Wyoming.
On the way through Wyoming.

I left KC 6 days ago and drove like mad, across 4 states to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It’s just below Portland in the Santiam state forest.  I usually don’t like marathon driving, but I did 33 hours and 1, 846 miles in 4 days.  Why, you may ask?  It was to participate in the Yan Seiner, annual Get Together.

It’s not a “sanctioned rally”.   We aren’t exactly cast offs and renegades, but there aren’t any seminars, speakers or agendas. Just hang out and get to know some fellow Treksters.  There were 50 vehicles boon docking,  and lots of wonderfully interesting folks.  I met Yan and his happy  family and their Spanish foreign exchange student. Yan is one of those over achieving guys who has about 20 projects going at a time. He is an engineer by trade and teaches fitness. He likes to take his Roadtrek to wilderness areas, park it and go backpacking for a few days. He says he likes to come back out to cold beer and a hot shower in the RT.

There were Wilma and Keith. A wonderfully feisty couple in their second Roadtrek. They are retired from owning a general contracting business where Keith did all the grunt work and Wilma called the shots in the office.  She makes these wonderful little fire starters, 3 for $1,  from Keith’s wood shavings, wax and adds a pinecone on top for decoration. Of course I bought some to take home.

Wilma's fire starter
Wilma's fire starter

I ran into several of my Facebook compatriots! Sandy and Jim Moran from Seattle who are about to go full time in their rig as soon as Jim retires in December. They are also veteran back packers and Jim regaled me with some of their wonderful adventures.

Susan Adame Artist! Yay! I have wanted to meet her as we have swapped our art work websites and have mutual admiration. Her DH retires in 4 days from dentistry, while she will keep painting as long as she can.

Enjoying the area
Enjoying the area

Dr. Kitty was here from San Francisco. I had met her at the Branson corporate rally and was impressed by her chutzpah.  Stephanie and Dennis from CA, Lana, Jacqueline, Obie, Laurie, Chris and so many others.

Bench and 12 volt freezer/fridge modification!
Bench and 12 volt freezer/fridge modification!

And of course, I have hooked up with my gal pal Ginny Evans, who went full time in her RT last May. We have stayed in touch by email and phone since we met in Branson and are going to spend a couple of days together after the get together here. She's a lot of fun and I expect to have another story or two when we get done.

Then, Ta Da, drum roll please, curtain up and spot light on.  There was the ubiquitous RT Campskunk live and in person! The man who is everywhere and nowhere. Who advises from the air waves and updates us on the Famous and Fearless Fiona the cat, who waved her delicate but deadly paw at us through the windshield. (Campskunk graciously kept her inside to protect the canine population.)

We gave the secret Road Trek Reporter nod and hand sign to each other across the camp ground as I couldn’t get near him. We had to meet in secret during the early dawn hours to jaw about the state of things and compare observations.

The minute he pulled in and got out, sporting his pony tail and tie dye, he was mobbed by frenzied Trekster fans. They would scarcely let him set up his satellite dishes.  Paparazzi pictures were taken of him and Fiona, while his lovely, sweet wife Sharon, calmly avoided the hub-bub.

Yan Seiner, sporting the cool tie dye shirts he had made for us!

We finally got down to the serious business of meeting everyone, eating, imbibing and checking out each others’ rigs.  Last night was the big potluck and campfire, which lasted into the wee hour of 10:30.  After all, we are serious Treksters and need our rest for the adventures that today will bring when we pack up and head out; who knows where.

Ginny- I’m ready.  Let’s rumble!


Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson is a photographer and writer from Missouri and loves to travel in her Roadtrek RS Adventurous motorhome with her dog Ruka. She's also a naturalist and birder and says she plans on touring until she can't see over the steering wheel.


  • Thanks Laura….quite a marathon to get there. So nice to hear about some of these trekkers. Hope to meet next year.

  • Great update. Have fun on your travels today (and everyday)!

  • Have a great time!

  • Fun! Thanks for the update. I love the freezer/ref. mod. I have one exactly like that and love it.

  • It was so great to meet other Trekkers and make new friends. Laura, remember you can park at our curb and use our shower. I would love to see you again. This is the best time of year to visit the SF Bay Area and you are just a day away in Oregon. 😉

  • Sounds like so much fun.

  • Sounds like you guys had an awesome time visiting with all. How was the weather, looks like at least one of the days might have been cool. Don’t you and Ginny make the news with your antics while traveling around. Check out the Columbia Gorge and some beautiful old historic homes in Portland. 🙂

  • looks like i got out of there just in time – if questioned by law enforcement i’m gonna maintain that i never heard of either laura or ginny.

  • Great report Laura! Safe and happy travels to ya.

  • Laura Thanks for the interesting report.
    It will be nice to meet you in Oregon. We are now on Coast of Southern Oregon. In a couple of days we are going to move out of shore to East

  • We camp at that group spot every year! It’s great and very beautiful!!

  • Is so nice

  • Will there be one again this year?

  • Third one from the left was me! Such fun! This year is the first one I will miss. I’ll be

  • on a cruise to Alaska

  • What part of Oregon is this ?

  • My dream!! 🙂

  • It’s on for this year. – don’t wait to get your tickets. Theyy went on sale on the 1st and there’s less than half the spots left.

  • The event is held in Silver Falls State Park, OR, at the group sites. We rent both sites and fill them. The state park is just outside Salem, OR.

  • It’s on for this year. – don’t wait to get your tickets. Theyy went on sale on the 1st and there’s less than half the spots left.

  • Je m’ennuie de celui qu’on avait….

  • The wagons are circled! Are you defending against Class A or Class C?

  • I would love to own one of these.

  • Coo, no snow….

  • I was just there a few week-ends ago … take the hike of 10 Waterfalls .. It’s only 8 short miles ‘n well worth it ! 🙂

  • How would a single person joint this group?

  • Oh that looks so fun, I want to do that!

  • Hey….this was last year. What’s up with the post? Are you recycling!

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