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Starlink RV Update: Starlink RV vs Residential Portability

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

There's a lot of hype around Starlink for RVs, especially now that RVers have 2 options to choose from. So, here's what you need to know about Starlink RV vs Residential Portability…

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starlink no longer offers Residential Portability. This big change is one of Starlink's broken promises and other disappointments with Starlink.

Jennifer and I have been using Starlink for several months now in our RV. In some cases, it's great! In others… not so much.

So, we're going to answer the above questions and more by comparing Starlink RV vs. Residential Portability.

Note, I have another recent article on my 5 Big Disappointments with Starlink. I'll also share those disappointments at the end of this article. For this article, I'm going to focus on the two Starlink internet options for RVers.

My Starlink for RVers Install

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The biggest perk about Starlink is also one of its biggest inconveniences: you can take it with you. The perk is obvious for RVers traveling around.

How is that an inconvenience? Well, you have to put the satellite dish up and take it down every time you drive your RV somewhere new.

Thankfully, the satellite dish (which SpaceX calls “dishy”) is quite small and lightweight. So, carrying it isn't a major inconvenience. However, getting it mounted high enough to get reliable service can be.

That's why you need a good install to safely and easily mount your Starlink RV dish to your RV's roof. Or, better yet, higher than your roof on a telescoping pole.

Starlink RV vs Residential Portability: What's the Difference?

As an RVer, you have two Starlink service options to choose from. The first is Starlink RV and the second is Starlink Residential + Portability.

Warning: Starlink is evolving incredibly fast. There's been big update, price hikes, and more within the past couple of weeks. So, be sure to double-check the Starlink website for the most up-to-date information.

The Cost (as of this writing)

Comparing the Starlink for RV cost to Residential Portability is easy. They are the same price. The monthly cost of Starlink RV is $135. Residential + Portability is $110 + $25, bringing it to $135.

The one-time hardware cost is also the same. Brace yourself, though, because it's $599.

Starlink for RVs

The Starlink FAQ page does a great job outlining the differences between Starlink for RVs and Residential Starlink + Portability. I'm sharing their bullet points here and in the next section.

  • Pause Service: Provides the ability to pause and un-pause service, allowing users to customize their service to their individual travel needs. 
  • No Waitlist: At this time, there is no waitlist – all orders will be shipped shortly after the order is placed. Supply is subject to network and equipment availability. 
  • Best Effort Service: Network resources are always de-prioritized for Starlink for RVs users compared to other Starlink services, resulting in degraded service and slower speeds in congested areas and during peak hours. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed. Service degradation will be most extreme in “Waitlist” areas on the Starlink Availability Map during peak hours.

Example Use Cases for Starlink RV:

  • I want to travel with my RV.
  • I want to go on a weekend camping trip.
  • I have another home that I use for one season a year.
Starlink RV Update: Starlink RV vs Residential Portability

Residential Starlink + Portability

  • Prioritized Service Address: Starlink prioritizes network resources for users at their registered Service Address. The Service Address on your account will receive priority whether Portability is enabled or not. When you bring your Starlink to a new location with Portability, this prioritization may result in degraded service, particularly at times of peak usage or network congestion. Service degradation will be most extreme in “Waitlist” areas on the Starlink Availability Map during peak hours. 
  • Multi-Purpose Internet: Starlink with Portability allows you to use the same Starlink for both your home internet and when you travel.

Example Use Case:

  • I want Starlink at my home and travel with Starlink a few months a year.

Starlink RV vs Residential – Which Starlink Internet Is Right for You?

Let me sum up what Starlink outlines in the above bullet lists. There are key advantages to each type of internet service.

Advantages of Starlink for RV

There are two big perks of Starlink RV over Portability. The first being that there is currently no waitlist for Starlink RV!

That's a BIG deal right now. You could be waiting a long time to get Residential service in order to add portability to it.

The second perk is that you can pause Starlink RV. This is a big perk if you already have (more affordable) internet at your permanent residence. When you're home, you can pause service and not pay for Starlink.

Advantages of Starlink Residential + Portability

Starlink Residential Portability has one big advantage over Starlink for RV: prioritized service address.

When you're at home (aka your “service address”), you get prioritized service. This means you do not get degraded service as you do when you're using portability or Starlink RV.

You'll get great, reliable internet with fast internet speeds whenever you're at your service address. That's perfect for anyone who wants to use Starlink both at home and while they travel.

Now, some of you savvy RVers may have already asked the question, “Can I change my service address as I travel in my RV?” This is especially a great question for snowbirds.

The answer is yes, you can change your service address. However, Starlink must be available in that new location and even if it is, there could be a long waitlist.

But, if you're going to spend all winter in Florida, for instance, it could be worth changing your service address from Missouri if you can. That way you get prioritized service while you're there.

Prioritized service is what you want.

That comes by operating in your home areas.

The speeds you'll get with the RV or portability options are way slower than prioritized home service. I've found that cellular Internet is usually better.

Starlink Availability Map

starlink availability map Starlink RV Update: Starlink RV vs Residential Portability

SpaceX is launching more satellites into low earth orbit every month. So, satellite coverage is quickly expanding.

You can check to see if your service address or travel destination is available on the interactive map on Starlink's site.

It's important to note that this map shows where SpaceX's Starlink is available to order. NOT where you can get satellite coverage.

However, RVers have reported (and Starlink says it in their FAQ) that there is a correlation between where Starlink is available and where they get good coverage. So, you can use this map to estimate how much internet access your Starlink dish will provide in different destinations.

When it comes to actual coverage, I will tell you from my own experience that Starlink Dishy does not like trees! The more open a space (wherever you are in the country, especially the West), the more reliable internet service you'll have.

Is Starlink for RV Use Worth It?

Starlink is very promising, but it hasn't reached its full potential… yet.

Right now, we still rely on our cellular service for the most reliable internet service. But Starlink is an excellent backup to cellular networks, especially in remote locations where cellular connectivity is impossible.

But, as I mentioned, they're expanding and improving at lightning speed. So, we're sticking with Starlink (in conjunction with cell coverage) despite our disappointments with Starlink thus far.

Starlink RV Update: Starlink RV vs Residential Portability

My 5 Big Disappointments with Starlink

After being Starlink users for several months, I wrote an article on the biggest disappointments with Starlink. I recommend reading that article to help you decide to become a Starlink customer or not.

In summary:

  1. Starlink download speeds are not consistently fast. In fact, Starlink speeds have decreased as much as 54% over the past year, according to a recent study by the network research firm Ookla.
  2. Starlink upload speeds are abysmal. They, too, have been dropping as more users join the service.
  3. Starlink Dishy doesn't like trees

Click here to continue reading about all 5 disappointments

Mike Wendland

Published on 2022-09-29

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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I’ve created 3 attach pointsnon my 38 ft 5th wheel on the roof with the cable up top to connect when I arrive at my parking spot. This has helped in a couple of places this summer. My attach points are 4 bolts and washers taped to the roof. Then I set the base of the dishy on the bolts and put on wing nuts. (I have a hard RV Armor roof)

I’m planning to buy another cable this winter so that when the house is under trees but I can get a bit more sky on the ground.


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