What Makes a Good RV Salesperson?

 What Makes a Good RV Salesperson?

Roadtrek in the Redwoods

Roadtrek in the Redwoods
My Roadtrek SS Agile

Yesterday I took my cute little Roadtrek SS Agile to the Service Department at Holland Motor Homes in San Marcos, CA. It is at the RV hospital. I have been having issues with a leak behind the bathroom that very inconveniently drips onto my bed. Recently I discovered rust spots on the roof. Rust on the roof, really? I live in southern CA where we are in the middle of a severe drought and it is dry.

I have had a bit of a problem with the service writer at Holland in past visits and after speaking with him on the phone I realized I might be up for another battle with this grumpy guy.  What did I do? I called Dean, the man who sold me my RT. After I voiced my feelings about this service writer he promised me he would be there when I came in. And he was.

Dean is a cool guy and a good salesman and a friend. I first met up with Dean when I was researching RV's and went to my first RV show. In comes Dean, who is the husband of a woman I sometimes dance with. We are folk dancers. He has been terrific from the start and I want to acknowledge him. He never pushed me to buy and has been extremely patient and kind since this process began.

the_worlds_greatest_rv_salesman_cards-rc55eb7d64bc24faabeeff90ee9952b82_xvuak_8byvr_512After yesterday I decided he is the best. The service writer was very different with me with Dean's presence. Now, I know that, I should not need Dean, yet this is real life. Dean inspected the Roadtrek, took time to talk to me and made me feel like my opinions and observations were worth acknowledgement. He also promised to check in next week and see how the work was progressing. He stayed the whole time I was there and then drove me to the train station. Wow!

I am sure we all have our opinions on what makes a good salesperson. Here is what is on my list, so far.

1.  They are honest. Dean was the one who told me that they were selling a luxury item not a necessity and I needed to give myself permission to own something I did not truly need.

2. They are not too pushy or even better not pushy at all. Dean gave me the time I needed to decide whether I would buy.

3.  They present me with the facts and offer guidance in my personal research.

4.  They are friendly…truly friendly not forced.

5.  They know their vehicles inside and out and underneath as well.

6.  Even after buying the RT the sales person is in my corner. I even called Dean and other Holland personnel on-the-road last summer.

7.  They are flexible and can bend to the needs of client.

8.  They make me feel comfortable calling and asking questions.

9. Like yesterday, they go the extra mile to support and help.

10. When I leave I feel that my RT is in good hands.

What is on your list of a good salesmen and even better, a good service department?

Still treking. Well not right now, she is in the shop.



  • Maybe we had the same Holland salesman. Dean K*? We ordered our LTV Serenity through him at the 2013 Pomona RV show. He is a great salesman!

  • Thank you, Janet, for a well-written article. If this were printed and distributed to all the Roadtrek sales people across the US and Canada, I am certain more “lookers” would turn into buyers.

    Fifteen months ago I was 5 minutes away from a handshake agreement on a factory order 2013 RS Adventurous, but the “old school” salesman was wasting my time going back and forth on a price, and I finally had to leave.

    I knew he’d call in a few days and I’d eventually get my price, but in the meantime a salesperson at a dealer in Kansas City just happened to send me an email, asking if I might still be interested in the 2012 they had with low miles. (I had called to inquire about 2 weeks earlier.)

    Good timing! I asked for her lowest price and she gave me a number that was reasonable. I think I could have haggled for more, but I respected her professionalism and it was a very fair price. A few days later I flew to Kansas City and drove “Adele” 1700 miles back to southern California.

    Sure enough the local RT salesman did call back about a week later. He acted like he didn’t care that I had purchased elsewhere, and maybe he really didn’t. But I hope he learned something from me; don’t waste a customer’s time, and respect what they know about pricing.

  • You might check out this shop in your area.

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