Our new 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB – Complete walkthrough and review

 Our new 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB – Complete walkthrough and review

tour of our leisure travel vans wonder

Welcome to the complete reveal and walkthrough of our brand new 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB model, an RV that Jennifer and I have totally fallen in love with!

We bought this RV on June 24, 2020, and ever since we drove it home from Holland Motor Homes in Holland, MI (our nearest LTV dealer), we have been pinching ourselves.

Yes, this really is ours!

Over the eight years, we’ve bought and used a bunch of different Class B and B+ RVs. But this one – marketed as a Class B+ but legally for titling and insurance purposes a Class C motorhome – is the one that pushes more of our most-wanted RV features than any other coach we have had.

CLICK HERE to read a description on what a Class B+ RV has to offer

Photo of our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder on the road
This is our Leisure Travel Vans on a recent boondocking trip

We just released a mega-video walkthrough tour on our RV Lifestyle YouTube channel.

The video is almost 32 minutes long but we tried to cover every major feature of our new home on wheels.

In this article – meant to be a companion read – I’ll offer some other details about the things we show and tell in the video, specifically focussing in on 5 things that persuaded us to buy the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB.

For starters, here’s the video.

Now, let’s talk about our most-wanted features that we found in the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB.

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB feature #1: Rear Twin Beds

leisure travel vans rear twin beds
The rear twin beds set up as two separate beds in our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder


The beds in our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder made into a Queen sized bed
The beds in our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder made into a Queen sized bed

Rear Twin Bed is what RTB stands for. After years of converting a sofa into a bed and, most recently, setting up and taking down a Murphy bed on our previous LTV Unity FX model, the idea of having two beds in the rear of our unit all made up and ready was something we both really wanted. Those twins, by the way, can easily be pushed together into a Queen, as seen in the video.

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB feature #2 – The “Garage”

The garage on the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder can hold two bicycles
The garage on the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder can hold two bicycles

We like small motorhomes because they are small. Meaning maneuverable. But all of our previous RVs just did not have enough storage space to bring along all the things we wanted. I’m not talking about a crazy amount of stuff. I’m talking a couple of gravity-style lounge chairs.  Maybe some inflatable kayaks. Golf clubs. Cross country skis and poles.

Jennifer shows off the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder garage
Jennifer shows off the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder garage area

Our new Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB model has a huge pass-through storage area in the rear that we call “the garage.” It can hold up to 500 pounds of cargo! I can even get a couple of bicycles in there.  (The RTB model is the only LTV Wonder model that has the garage.)

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB feature #3 – The Ford Transit AWD chassis

Photo of the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder parked
The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder is on the cutaway 178 in wheelbase Ford Transit chassis

I wrote a detailed blog post that you can read about why we whose Ford Transit chassis versus the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis that our other RVs were built on. You can read that HERE. But let me just say that as an RV journalist, I feel I need to know and experience the Ford Transit as an RV because it is becoming so popular in the industry.

Add to that All Wheel Drive, which assures great traction on snow and ice (we love winter camping) and navigation over backcountry two-tracks (we love boondocking), and you can see why we jumped at the chance to get a Leisure Travel Vans Wonder with AWD.

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB feature #4 – A standup dry shower

Look at the video and you’ll see how the self-contained, standup dry shower in our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder can accommodate someone 6’2″.  It even has a sunroof to let in lots of natural light. The RV comes with the Truma Aqua Go instant hot water heater which means water is always hot and you don’t waste by having to leave it running to warm up.

Turn it on and it’s instantly warm, and because the shower is totally separate from the rest of the RV, there’s nothing that needs to be toweled off and dried. Except you, of course. The “wet” showers on the Class B RVs we used to have always required more time to dry the bathroom than it took to shower.

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB feature #5 – Separate areas for sleeping, working, eating and lounging

The door on the shower has a double function. It can be used to seal the bedroom area at the rear of the coach from the front galley and lounge area. I’m an early riser. I get up about 5:30 AM. Jennifer (and Bo) like to sleep till around 7.

I can block off the back (check the video to see how that works) and make my morning coffee, read, work, and putz around the front of the RV without disturbing them.

10 Other things we like about our Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder picnic table
The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder picnic table

You’ll have to check the video but they include:

  1. The stowaway picnic table
  2. The two 100 amp lithium batteries
  3. The 400 watts of solar panels
  4. The 2,000-watt inverter
  5. The touchscreen Firefly control center
  6. The massive inside storage under the beds
  7. The large bathroom
  8. The rooftop Winegard ConnecT2 Wifi Extender and 4G LTE antenna
  9. Being prewired for satellite TV
  10. The heater to warm the lithium batteries in cold weather

Finally, I know a lot of you are curious about how much the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder on the Ford Transit chassis costs. It starts at $119,210. Options are extra. If you want to price out one with the options you’d like, go to https://leisurevans.com/build/wonder/

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  • Where is the part 2 video? This is the best review I ever have seen. I wish to see the cockpit area. The video was A just a “little” long, the completeness was great. What is the msrp and do you have a preference dealership that maintains your unit? Do they extend your discount to your referrals?

    Or SMS 909.896.3944

    Ps: please complete the video. The length will be AOK
    I have watched over 100 RV videos & am a sound/Video engineer at my church. I hope my review is valued by you. Thanks for for your good work.

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